Euonymus room – a little-known but promising plant


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Euonymus room is a fairly common houseplant that can reach a height of one meter. For the full development of this plant you must plant it in a pot of medium size. Euonymus room loves pretty frequent watering, which in summer is held twice a week in winter reduce watering and the plant is enough for one watering a week. As the Euonymus is very fond of fresh air, it is necessary to conduct regular airing of the room, but do not create drafts, as he does not tolerate.

The room Euonymus is an evergreen deciduous tree or shrub that has shoots quadrangular or rounded. This genus has over 200 species, but only 130 of them are evergreen. Despite the fact that the flowers of the spindle tree is fairly nondescript, with the appearance of the fruit, it looks very elegant. When ripe, the fruits become bright red and purple colour, they have a kind of leathery box.

Euonymus room a great decorative plant that is quite unpretentious in the content, but while the popularity of our gardeners did not win. It should be noted that some types of Euonymus can easily tolerate low temperatures is suitable for growing in the middle lane.

In ornamental horticulture Euonymus dwarf has spread due to the presence of beautiful crown, which is very dense, the leaves are opposite and planted so they create a mosaic effect. Although the flowers in this plant are not very beautiful, but on the background of dark green leaves they look very impressive.


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With the arrival of autumn Euonymus not to know, leaves gresivaudan in a variety of colors, and on the same plant you can see yellow, red, pink, Carmine, purple, white and orange shades. Approximately in October predominate red color, but even after a full fall foliage this plant before the frost-resistant will delight the eye with their bright and beautiful fruits.

As already mentioned, the spindle tree has fruits in the form of boxes, which in summer is almost imperceptible on a background of foliage. But towards the autumn they are painted in bright colors, which can be pink, crimson, yellow, dark purple or Burgundy shades. At this time the fruits are very attractive, and when viewed from afar, the impression is that the plant blooms again. Later the unraveling of the boxes and of them on little legs hanging down the original seeds of Euonymus. Despite the fact that many go on about the toxicity of these fruits, it is not so. They really are composed of some toxic Alcaide, but to get serious poisoning, adults need to eat a lot of them.

This plant, due to the large number of species, has different dimensions. Some species can grow up to 5 meters in height, whereas other species do not grow above 2 metres, but well grow in width, reaching 2.5 meters. Despite the relatively large size, any gardener will be able to form of the spindle tree was the form which suits him, as they are very well tolerated circumcision. Because of this, they are often used as hedges.

There are types of creeping Euonymus. They have flexible leaves and trunks do not have, so quickly and densely cover their designated areas. Due to the fact that they grow well in the shade, any gardener will be able to find a use for them in your garden.

Euonymus tolerates air pollution, so in urban terms feels great. It has a root system that spreads on the surface and thus can be grown even on poor soils, which have little fertile layer.

This plant may be damaged by such pests as the Apple moth and aphids. The plant is fairly resistant to citedly and pledoarie.

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