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Lovers of Russian art knows the name of this great Russian artist, Boris Kustodiev. Consider this article creative biography of this man.

Boris Kustodiev: a brief biography, stages of creative maturity

The future painter was Born in Astrakhan, Tsar of Russia, in 1878. He came from an educated family of teachers. His parents loved Russian art and passed this love to his children. The artist's father taught philosophy, logic and literature at the Seminary. When Boris was 2 years old, his father suddenly died.

However, the family was able to provide the boy a good education: he studied in parish school, then in high school. The first lessons of painting Boris Kustodiev received it in local Astrakhan gymnasium.

In 1896 he went to a prestigious branch of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. From the second year his teacher was the famous artist Ilya Repin.

In the last year of the Academy Boris Kustodiev, working on his diploma painting in Kostroma province, met his future wife, Y. E. Poroshinskiy. Graduated from the Academy he brilliantly: with a gold medal and great prospects.

Boris Kustodiev

Early successes

After the wedding and the end of the course, the artist Boris Kustodiev goes on tour in foreign countries, to get acquainted with all colors of European life. He visited Paris, and in Germany and Italy. Met with the famous European artists of the time, sat down to attend many craft shows and galleries.

Back in Russia, Kustodiev continued to work on genre paintings. He created a series of works “Village festival” and “Fair”. The talent of the young man drew the attention of contemporaries. To view Repin Kustodiev was elected Professor of the Petersburg Academy of arts, became a member of the Union of Russian artists began to collaborate with many literary and art journals.


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Portraits Kustodiev: feature genre

Boris Kustodiev entered the history of Russian art primarily as a very talented portraitist. He has created a series of portraits of his contemporaries, and his works are still considered to be masterful works.

Critics have noted that his art found its expression and the power of colors and themes Repin, and subtle psychology of paintings by Serov. However, the artist was able to create your author's style: his portraits of the person characterizes not only his face and appearance, but also all the surrounding circumstances.

Let's Consider from this point of view, the famous “a Merchant's wife at tea”, written in the troubled year of 1918.

Boris Kustodiev painting

Everything in this painting is permeated with a sense of contentment and peace. Full face widow, her bright clothes, the surrounding everyday objects, even the cat who cuddles up to her mistress in all there is a certain thought: gentle humor, and an attempt to understand the essence of the Russian soul.

The artist's works In a lot of Russian folk lubok art, from the ancient Parsuna, and fabulous from the ancient images of people and animals.

The Most popular

In addition to the above-mentioned “of a merchant's wife at tea”, the most popular are the following portraits Kustodiev: portrait of Fyodor Chaliapin, written in 1921, portrait of Maximilian Voloshin (1924), painting «Bolshevik» (1920), the work “Russian Venera” (1925), the picture “Fair in Saratov”.

All these paintings are imbued with sense of beauty of the national spirit, a deep sense of patriotism, their characteristic has become a riot of colors and monumental images.

Boris Kustodiev's biography

Russian athletes are represented in the paintings of Kustodiev, the great Russian singer Fyodor Chaliapin and writer Maximilian Voloshin. Chaliapin is in the fur coat wide open, he dressed like a dandy, but at the same time in the something popular, powerful and inspirational. As huge and majestic Voloshin, the head of which rests in the clouds.

In the picture «Bolshevik» the main character is shown against a bright red banner, ready to wipe the temple. The growth of the Bolshevik equal to the height architectural structures. Thus, the artist disassembles the man of the new era that perceives itself the winner of the old order and the Creator of new life.

A Lot of his paintings he wrote during his creative life of Boris Kustodiev, his paintings strike the audience with its scope and grandeur.

the artist Boris Kustodiev

Illustrations to literary works and theatrical works

Kustodiev became famous as an excellent Illustrator. During his life he created many works for journals who transferred them understand the appearance of the main heroes of works of Russian classical literature. It is wonderfully illustrated by the work of Leskov, painted engravings, and even cartoons.

Different types of Russian art valued Kustodiev, his paintings were widely used in the theatrical environment. Especially clearly embodied the talent of the artist when creating scenery for the plays of the Moscow art theatre. This work works by Ostrovsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin, and even Zamyatin (by the way, brush Kustodiev owned and one of the most famous portraits Zamyatin). His work like his contemporariessimplicity, power of the embodiment of the image and a great selection of colors.

Recent years

A Lot had to do during his creative life of Boris Kustodiev's biography of him - a direct confirmation.

The Last 15 years of his life the artist was confined to a wheelchair. The fact that he suffered from dangerous and severe tumor on my spine, which did not respond to surgical treatment. Kustodiyev was forced to write first sitting and then lying down.

Boris Kustodiev brief biography

However, he continued to pursue not only artistic but also social activities, and even in 1923 joined the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia.

Arrested M. in 1927 and is buried in Leningrad at the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky monastery.

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