Hugh Laurie: from Comedy to seriousness. Review of the best work of the actor


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Hugh Laurie

British actor, who played more than 170 roles throughout his career since 1975 has been widely recognition for starring in cult TV series “house”. A bit grim but witty diagnostician has the ability that distinguishes him among his colleagues. He became a kind of prototype of how to make the medicine, using not so traditional methods. The series has gathered millions of fans. And the actor himself hastened to change roles, not to stay in a single image. It remains to remember what other films he managed to play.

First steps

Hardly little Hugh could have imagined that medicine throughout his life will go next. The father, a doctor by profession, saw him the successor of the family business, but doctor Hugh did not intend to become. At least not on television. In his childhood he was an obedient child – had a calm personality, did well in school, attended Church. He enrolled in the University of Cambridge which he graduated from. Bachelor's degree in archaeology, he quickly realized that the selected specialization will not bring the desired satisfaction. Because he became fond of theater: community theater for many years embodied his dreams, and later made its President. Many performances, scripts which Hugh Laurie wrote personally led to the television – the first appearance in the series "Black adder", where he got more roles allowed to talk about him as a promising young actor.

Communicating roles

The end of the 80-ies of the last century were marked by a succession of diverse, but not memorable paintings. Running Prime-time series with the hunt called episodic images of Hugh Laurie. Filmography actor of the time recalls the most famous show: “Younger generation”, “Pure English murder”, “Alfresco”. In addition, beyond a few television movies: a fantastic Comedy “Crystal cube", where partners Hugh Laurie become colleagues at the University theater Emma Thompson and Stephen fry, the political drama "Restless heart", where the main role is played by Meryl Streep, and the Comedy “the Laughing prisoner".


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“Jeeves and Wooster"

The fate of many artists sooner or later there is a project that is fully unfolding their future career. Was no exception and Hugh Laurie. Filmography of the actor includes the popular Comedy sitcom "Jeeves and Wooster". It was filmed tale, Packed with music in the style of ragtime. It is noteworthy that the title of the composition he played Laurie, and it is possible to hear his good vocal. After he becomes seriously engaged in music. And the role of Bertie Wooster, frivolous aristocrat, spoke about the abilities of Hugh as a fine comic actor.

Hugh Laurie filmography


This was the second project that changed the career of Hugh. In order to get into the series, the actor had to transform fully, because such images, he has not played. Misanthrope, perfectionist, simulated with a surprisingly American accent, which is not recognized even by the producers, it quickly and thoroughly conquered the hearts of the audience. The series gathered a variety of awards and helped to get recognition in the States where the actor himself was little known.

The Most vivid movies with Hugh Laurie

In the entire filmography of an actor there are some significant works: "Peter's Friends" in 1992, the famous “feelings”, “101 Dalmatians” and “Man in the iron mask". A cameo appearance, he must TV series “Friends”, “Tracey takes up the challenge”, “All or nothing”.

movies with Hugh Laurie

With the completion in 2012 "Dr. house" career of the actor is not stopped. Fortunately fans. In 2008 he performed one of the main roles in the crime Thriller “street Kings". The painting was warmly received by critics and fully paid for the budget.

Special mention deserves the preferences of the actor to dubbing. Throughout my career, Hugh Laurie has given voice to many characters, including animated orientation: “Monsters vs aliens”, “unstoppable”, “the Secret service of Santa Claus”, “the valiant: feathered special forces”, “the adventures of a pig", "the Ugly duckling”, “the snow Queen”, “family Guy”.

As an experienced actor, Hugh cleverly can combine genres. In 2012 came the Comedy “Love the cover", where he played a major role. In the same year he appears in the independent drama "Mr peep”, a year later – documentary of music history. "Bayou Maharaja". For 2015 planned out a science fiction film "future Earth" where Laurie played together with famous Hollywood stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Judy Greer, Kathryn Hahn, and others.

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