Restaurants Chelyabinsk with entertainment: the names, addresses, reviews


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Even fleeing away from the capital to Chelyabinsk, you can spend time with family and friends, noting a meeting or celebration in the local schools. If you go to the restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment, never be bored. Local chefs prepare no worse and maybe even better, but prices are much lower.


If you want to get a taste of luxury and gentility, restaurant “Titanic”. Chelyabinsk takes on the ship in the last century, with its elegance and attraction to a chic an idle pastime. Interior careful attention to detail, recreating the atmosphere on Board the legendary liner. Unique interior design items and authentic antique pieces add a personal flavor and special style.

restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment

Took Care about the comfort of the visitors: if you want to sit in a private company, you can pre-book a booth with call function a private waiter. In addition to the VIP service, there are well-appointed, cozy Banquet hall with a small dance floor. On Fridays and Saturdays live music.

The Kitchen, according to the testimonials, also at altitude. Restaurant “Titanic” (Chelyabinsk) has positioned itself as a fish, but meat dishes are also very delicious. The portions are not small, the staff is very polite and unobtrusive, bring order quickly. So if you want to spend the evening in an unusual setting, have a look at the street Timiryazeva, 30.

The Best beer restaurant

“restaurant Dom Spiridonova" (on Lenin Avenue, 21-b) have the liking of all lovers of quality of beer, because when the restaurant has its own brewery. The drink is made according to secret recipes, specially developed for “home Restaurant”. The school offers four varieties of beer: the ladies of cherry and dark and more strong wheat and light.


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The Regulars and guests celebrate the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and attentive service to every customer regardless of order size.

the restaurant of the Titanic Chelyabinsk

The Menu consists of dishes of European, Russian, Czech and German cuisine. Celebrate delicious kebabs cooked on the coals, and mouth-watering German sausages, always juicy and hot. For those looking for something less caloric, there is a large selection of light salads and fish dishes and seafood.

On weekdays from noon to 6 p.m. you can order a business lunch. For a very affordable price will bring you a wonderful lunch of two or three dishes and asked to choose one of three drinks. While everything is fresh and the servings are a decent size.

If you're for the event consider the Chelyabinsk restaurants with entertainment, pay attention to this. At weekends there is an entertainment theme parties with the participation of acrobats, trapeze artists, go-go girls. Live music by invited well-known artists.

Oriental tale Chelyabinsk

If you prefer a languid and enigmatic atmosphere of East, you will surely come to taste restaurant "Saffron" (Chelyabinsk) on the street Communes, 120. It is located in extraordinary picturesque place-in a pine forest of the Central Park of culture and rest. Here you can celebrate the event in a big way, and sit a small company – two Banquet halls are a quiet and cozy area, and a place to feast. Summer terrace with a beautiful view of the pond.

The Interior is luxurious, immersing in the Eastern tale, but it is very nice and not pretentious institution.

saffron Chelyabinsk

The menu, too, according to visitors, is well thought out. Of course, first and foremost, it's Oriental cuisine (Uzbek, Chinese, Uighur, Vietnamese). Here you can enjoy soup, Pho Bo oxtail with veal tenderloin and rice noodles, duck Magret and Choi-Bau seafood. The desserts attract even the same names, the wine list beckons a large selection of drinks. A good hookah.

For the youngest visitors of the restaurant has a separate menu, do not forget about vegetarians.

In the evenings, live music, and on weekends live entertainment. For children there is a children's room with animators.

The Average check per person excluding drinks is about 800-1200 rubles.

In addition, the restaurant "Saffron" (Chelyabinsk) offers a nice extra bonus: a private closet, lounge area and the opportunity to take a favorite takeaway dish.

Budget restaurants

Sometimes you want instead of home gatherings or stop in a bar or cafe to go "to white people". However, prices in some restaurants to make a substantial impact on the budget. However, in Chelyabinsk there is a good place where you can spend the evening in the company of friends or to celebrate a holiday without much damage to the wallet.

Jackson’s bar & grill

If you are looking for Chelyabinsk restaurants with entertainment, but more affordable prices, please note this place is on the Prospekt Lenina, Dom 64-D.

The Interior of the two halls is made in American theme: one for groups and another for those who want to be in a more relaxed atmosphere and talk. Huge bar and professionalthe bartender expertly mixing cocktails, a large selection of whiskeys and Beers. The menu offers dishes of Mexican or American cuisine. Of course, different types of steak: beef, pork or fish. Do not go around the side signature salad of the restaurant “Jackson’chef salad”, most of the visitors recommend to try to enjoy the amazing combination of juicy beef and tender shrimp.

restaurant Dom Spiridonova

On weekdays can be a good lunch, taking a business lunch at a ridiculous price (from 150 to 210 rubles). Lunch menu is different every day.

Friday at the restobar with live music and themed parties with dancing. At the entrance guests are greeted by a cute skeleton, which can be a picture.

The Average check per person ranges from 500 rubles.

Das kolbas

Another beer restaurant of Chelyabinsk, but, in contrast to the «Restaurant the house Spiridonova”, with more budget prices, located on the street Artillery, 136.

The Interior is pleasant, all the waiters in traditional German costumes. But, as confirmed by numerous reviews, the place is ideal for large and noisy companies.

The menu includes German dishes. Especially popular are sausages and burgers. It is noted that always serves excellent cold beer, and the size of the ordered dishes is huge.

restaurants of Chelyabinsk reviews

In the restaurant, live sports matches, and when no play is not expected, Das Kolbas, like other restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment, entertain guests original show productions.

In the evening by local bands. There is free Wi-Fi and Parking for visitors.

The Average check per person is about 600-800 rubles with drinks.

“Mr. X"

The Chelyabinsk Restaurants with entertainment are varied. Request a free should go to this restaurant-cabaret on the Avenue of Victory, 312. A pleasant evening with great entertainment guaranteed. There is a spacious dance floor, always live music, and on weekends, well done show program that anyone will not get bored.

If the soul asks for something more relaxing-you can order a hookah or play Russian or American Billiards, at least to select the cards.

If there is a desire to not sit in the common room and privacy from the prying eyes of his company, the restaurant offers to book cozy booths.

das kolba

The European Cuisine and vegetarian menu. For reviews, the food good, the portions are decent sizes (hungry just will not leave), staff are polite and efficient.

It is noted that the ventilation works well, even if there are a lot of people. There is free Parking and Internet access.

Prices are reasonable, the average bill per person is about 1000 rubles.


A Very peculiar institution from the list of “Chelyabinsk restaurants with entertainment programme”.

A Small family run establishment on the street of Kirov, 163, the main highlight of which – Ukrainian dishes with funny names, which is a pleasure. A few where to be found. In addition to national food, a buffet and traditional dishes. But they say that it is better to order Ukrainian – they are prepared with the soul. Here you can enjoy the taste of the soup "Been" aromatic garlic bread, fish-soup made from fish or mushrooms, stewed pea soup. Delight and a selection of hot and salads. Large selection of both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic, there's even tea from a samovar.

jackson's bar grill

The Interior is very original: if you find yourself in a classic Ukrainian village, such as in the movies. Weekend guests pleased with not only delicious food, but also performances of local talented bands.

On weekdays from noon to five o'clock you can order a business lunch. Every day the menu changes.

Do Not forget about the youngest guests: for kids there is a special menu and animation.

In addition, the restaurant has its own Parking.

The Average bill per person would be about 800-1200 rubles.

Instead of an epilogue

If you intend to visit the restaurants of Chelyabinsk, customer reviews will help you make an opinion about the institution. If a greater number of negative, pointing to the unfriendly staff and poorly cooked food, it is better to trust to public opinion, as tempting as photos of the establishment. It's nothing compared to the disappointment of a spoiled holiday.

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