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The Patient gets familiar with the instructions for “Fromilid UNO" (500 mg) on the recommendation of a gastroenterologist, if the survey was identified pathology of microbial nature. The tool belongs to a number of antibiotics. Maximum efficiency shows as part of the comprehensive treatment. “Fromilid UNO” prescribed, if diagnosed with infections caused by mycobacteria. However, to independently appoint their own means, even if accurate diagnosis is categorically unacceptable. “Fromilid UNO” is used for special therapeutic scheme, combined with other specific drugs, otherwise, instead of improving, the patient will be faced with a worsening condition.

fromilid UNO manual

General idea

As indicated in the instructions for use, “Fromilid UNO” belongs to a number of antimicrobial substances semi-synthetic origin. The drug belongs to the category of macrolides. Getting into the human body, the active compound inhibits protein synthesis in the cells of microscopic life forms. The tool has a pronounced bacteriostatic effect, slightly weaker than observed bactericidal. The main compound that promotes the activity of “Fromilid UNO”, is called clarithromycin.

Instructions for use “Fromilid UNO" (the drug is currently – about 300 rubles) lists all names of bacteria against which the drug shows efficacy as part of combination therapy. Among these forms of life include gram-positive, gram-negative species. “Fromilid UNO” shows good results in the treatment of infections by anaerobic microorganisms. But with respect to the mycobacteria causing tuberculosis, the drug is not used – the result will be.


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What happens in the body?

In the user “Fromilid UNO" (the price-about 300 roubles) describes in detail what processes occur in the body of the patient after receiving the funds, through which time period should be expected, what can be a negative reaction. In particular, it is indicated that clarithromycin – the substance is perfectly absorbable through the intestinal tract. Somewhat slower the process proceeds, if the drug is taken simultaneously with the meal. But bioavailability does not depend on to have an antibiotic during a meal or take a pill on an empty stomach.

fromilid UNO 500 instruction manual price

Instructions for use “Fromilid UNO" (the reviews say that the drug is well tolerated) it is specified that in a particular release tablets belong to a group of drugs prolonged action. If a tool of this class, this is indicated on the cardboard box. Adsorption several of them slowed down in comparison with the conventional tablets, the figures correspond to similar capsules with immediate effect. Choosing between prolonged and normal, you should consult with your doctor to determine which option for a particular case the most suitable.


As indicated in the instructions for the application “Fromilid UNO” 500 mg, the maximum concentration of active compound in the patient's body is achieved more slowly if you make the decision in favor of prolonged release. Once the tool has reached the greatest number, the kinetic processes of clarithromycin occur in exactly the same way, and it does not matter what form was used for therapy.

Instructions for use “Fromilid UNO” 500 mg indicates that stable concentrations of the active compound reaches the third day of admission. Bioavailability of the active component is one-third lower with ingestion of the extended form, if the use on an empty stomach. Choosing a medication, it should be taken during meals to enhance the effectiveness of therapy.

What's inside?

As you can see from the instructions for use “Fromilid UNO" 500 (the price of the drug), the active compound can easily penetrate into the organic liquid, fabric. Serum concentration of clarithromycin below about ten times compared with the tissues of the patient. Up to 20 % of the total volume of active substance is promptly processed, which allows to obtain 14-hydroxy-clarithromycin. This substance has high potency against certain forms of microscopic life.

fromilid UNO 500 instruction manual price

In the instructions for “Fromilid UNO" 500 (feedback on the price mostly contain the opinion that the cost of drug accessible and justifiable) is specified, that when used in food half pills is the time required for half the active ingredient, is four hours. If you use the same tablet period shall be extended to seven hours. Approximately 20-30 % of the main substance leave the body in an unchanged form. If the selected form of slurries, this proportion reaches 40 %. Not subjected to metabolic volumes derived from urine, other – as by-products.

Special occasion

As follows from the user, “Fromilid UNO”(reviews indicate that physicians also pay attention to it in the appointment of therapy) in the prolonged form is not intended for the treatment of those with diagnosed liver and kidney failure. If creatine clearance less than 0.5 ml per second, it should refrain from the use of the drug in this form. If you want a clarithromycin, “Fromilid UNO" of the prescribed format of the drug instantaneous efficiency.

When to use?

Instructions for use “Fromilid UNO" (reviews about 500 mg of the form confirm the effectiveness of the medicament) provides guidance on the use of the medication, if identified otitis media and infection of soft tissue, skin, upper and lower respiratory tract. “Fromilid UNO” effective for sinusitis in acute form, is indicated for tonsillopharyngitis. You can use if infection triggered by the bacteria (except in certain cases).

fromilid UNO 500 manual price opinion

Good curative effect “Fromilid UNO” has a and in several other pathologies, bearing the inflammatory nature provoked by the infection. As indicated in the instructions to “Fromilid UNO”, the main criterion for the choice of this tool – the sensitivity of the malicious disease-causing agent to clarithromycin.

How many needed?

As follows from the instructions for “Fromilid UNO" 500 (counterparts often require the same rules of admission), the tool should be used in pill form as a whole. You do not want to chew, to grind the drug. To improve absorption it is necessary to wash down the medication with a small amount of liquid. If the release long-acting forms should not use it while eating, this increases the effectiveness of treatment.

Minors over 12 years and adults on the day it is recommended to take one tablet in milligrams is 500. “Fromilid UNO” according to the instructions for use (and the analogs listed below) should be used in larger amounts, if the infectious disease is a very severe form. Under the control of a physician may increase the dose by half. Duration of therapy – at least a week, but not more than two. Possibility of adjusting the duration of the course of treatment in an individual case, if the doctor will see the prerequisites for this.

Unpleasant consequences: what to prepare?

Instructions for use “Fromilid UNO" 500 (the price of the drug already know) stated that in some cases there is a possibility of side effects. Although the tolerability of drugs are good, in some cases, however, there is a negative reaction, most – from the digestive system. It is known that patients faced with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, stool disorder. If the diarrhea is severe, prolonged, you should consult with your doctor and cancel the antibiotic – perhaps this phenomenon is triggered by a form of colitis. There is also the possibility of stomatitis, distortion susceptibility taste buds. In a very small percentage of the time under the influence of clarithromycin can become more active liver enzymes, there is a risk of development of jaundice.

In the user “Fromilid UNO” is mention the possibility of a negative response of the CNS to clarithromycin – head ache, less frequent are dizziness, sudden and unpredictable panic attacks. Rarely recorded negative reaction from the heart, and vascular system. There is a risk of allergic reaction if the patient is sensitive to any of components used in the manufacture of the composition. Medical statistics allows to make conclusions that side effects, if observed, only a weak, characteristic that only a small percentage of patients. Locking himself described the sensations, you should consult with your doctor, it may be replaced with another drug.

When not?

In the user “Fromilid UNO” indicate that the drug is not suitable for persons who have suffered from hepatitis in any form. We must not use this medicine with hepatic insufficiency, severe. The tool is not intended for treatment of pregnant women in the first trimester. You can't use the medication porphyria, during feeding of the child breast milk, in case of intolerance to any of the ingredients, as well as any macrolides.

fromilid UNO instructions for use price reviews

Certain restrictions are imposed on the possibility of using this drug. As indicated in the instructions to “Fromilid UNO”, it cannot be combined with compounds with astemizole, terfenadine, pimozide, cisapride.


Like many (including price) equivalents, ‘Fromilid UNO" (instruction manual confirms this) is not intended to treat pregnant women. In the first trimester clarithromycin is strictly prohibited. In later periods occasionally the doctor may advise to stay on this medication if the risks associated with its use, less than the obvious benefit for the patient.

Lactation take into account that the active compounds enter breast milk. If you need urgent therapy, “Fromilid UNO” appointed, temporarilystopping breast-feeding. Upon completion of therapy you should check with your doctor if immediately to return to the previous practice of feeding a baby, or need to withstand a certain time period.

Care – security Deposit

As follows from the user, “Fromilid UNO” is prescribed if the benefits exceed the harm. We are talking about chronic diseases in which this drug is prohibited. In this case, requires observation of the patient, his well-being and functioning of vital organs. In particular, if the identified chronic liver disease, should continually analyze the blood serum, testing the performance of enzymes. If the patient is forced to use medicines processed by the liver, check the concentration of active ingredients in the blood. You may need to adjust the dosage.

Concurrent use of tablets “Fromilid UNO” and warfarin, other medicines that have an indirect effect on the clotting of blood requires constant checking of the prothrombin time. If diarrhea in patients receiving “Fromilid UNO” runs hard and does not stop, there is a possibility of pseudomembranous colitis in the form. If this is suspected, stop treatment and consult a doctor.

If to focus?

Medical tests have shown that tablets “Fromilid UNO” do not interfere with driving, work requiring high concentration. The tool has no effect on the Central nervous system of the patient, so you can not introduce additional limitations in daily life at the time of taking the medication.


You can Suspect an overdose “Fromilid UNO” in case you have diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes headache may state of confusion. To prevent more severe consequences, you should quickly wash out the stomach. There is no specific antidote, therefore, is a symptomatic treatment. Hemodialysis shows no qualitative change in the situation.

What to replace other forms of release

The closest analogue – drug "Promised”. Instructions for use “Fromilid UNO" of the reviews and the price is similar. “Promised” presented at the pharmacy shelves tablets 250, 500 mg active substance. This is usually light yellowish capsule-shaped. You can purchase pellets designed for suspension. This version of release needed for treatment of minors, as it includes the flavoring. Themselves granules are small, the hue varies from white to light yellow. Slurry oral use.

You Can find other anti-microbial names, the main component of which – clarithromycin. The most well known are the ‘Baltika” and “Clarithromycin”. The number of registered in the country of titles includes “Leaker”, “Romilar” and “Clawback”. In some cases, the doctor recommends to stop at “the Klacid” or “Clabassi”. A good reputation of “Pilobakta”, “Biomedicine”. Possible replacement by some other name, if the doctor will recommend to stay on them. Presented for sale and such medications which contain clarithromycin and additional substances, which makes them complex, especially useful in certain diseases.

We Treat the kids

“Fromilid UNO” is not designed for therapy of children under the age of 12 years. Another limitation is caused by the weight – the drug is prescribed only in case if the child is heavier than 33 kg. But in the form of a suspension “Promised” can be used from six months old. Regarding earlier applications there is no precise information that would confirm the effectiveness and safety for the patient, so the drug is not recommended for appointment.

Popular counterparts: “Klacid”

Although this drug is not the cheapest (per packaging in pharmacies are asking up to 400 rubles), but is considered safe and effective. The product is suitable for the treatment of both children and adults. The medicine is also based on semi-synthetic antimicrobial compound the clarithromycin. The performance of the drug is observed upon infection with Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Mycoplasma, mycobacteria, gonorrhea. The tool will not help if the causative agent of tuberculosis, but shows good efficacy against Haemophilus influenzae. Use “Klacid" you can if you campylobacteriosis. The active compound shows good results in the pathologies provoked by Helicobacter pylori.

fromilid UNO 500 usage instructions reviews

“Klacid" suitable for the treatment of young patients, but only under strict supervision of a doctor. Clerk selects appropriate dosing, evaluating not only the age and diagnosis, but also the weight of the patient. On the basis of General information about the patient's condition fails to choose the optimal form, as “Klacid" produced in several variants.

When will help?

“Klacid" has established itself as an effective remedy in certain forms of gastritis, skin infections, and mycobacterial infection, however, is not used against tuberculosis. You can apply “Klacid" in the lung, bronchial diseases,caused by sensitive active compound infections. Especially effective the drug is when staph and other bacterial diseases, pathogens of which are sensitive to clarithromycin. Appoint “Klacid" and in diseases of the nasopharynx, nose, if identified infectious nature. You can use the drug and when provoked by such violations complications, if the microflora is sensitive to clarithromycin.


“Klacid" presented tablet form. One capsule contains 250 or 500 mg of active compound. The exact number indicated on the carton. Also on sale is a lyophilisate. Dosage-500 mg. Medicine designed for preparation of solution used parenterally. There are vials with the means for suspension. Dosage – 125 mg, 500 mg. the Volume – 5 ml.

fromilid UNO 500 usage instructions reviews

How to treat children?

In suspension “Klacid" can be used from six months old. Usually the drug is taken twice daily. The specific amount of portions, calculates a doctor, focusing on the disease, age, body weight of the patient. So, if the weight less than 8 kg, one times you need to take 7.5 mg of active compound per kilogram. If the weight is above the specified limit, prepare a suspension in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Judging by the reviews, "Fromilid UNO" is a really effective drug that has a minimum of contraindications and side effects, it is relatively inexpensive, is available in a convenient form. It is recommended for use.

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