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In 2013, the line of smartphones HTC One series added another sample – the HTC One Max. If you consider the fact that the company's flagship HTC One is one of the very successful smartphone ever produced by the Taiwanese manufacturer, to undertake a review of the new HTC One Max is a must. By the way, the term “max” is used by the company only for the second time. The first phone who got this title was HTC Max 4g, Yota.

htc one max

External specs

The Phone has a screen diagonal of which is 5.9 inches. For this reason, it can be confidently attributed to the so-called “optional”. The idea of a phone with such a big diagonal is not a new. Many competitors, among which and "Sony" with "Samsung" and "Huawei" with "ZTE" has already released similar phones that were popular among buyers. Dimensions of the phone is 82.5x164.5x10,3 mm. That is, it is not only large in appearance, but it is “thick”, which is the reason heavy to control with one hand even for people with large hands. A very positive point for this model is the body material. Aluminium stands out among competitors in its segment. However, if the same HNC One Mini is the whole case aluminum, with its big brother a little differently. Banding trims the edges and on the back panel is made of plastic. Perhaps the only negative in the external characteristics of the phone lies in its slim back panel. In order to properly lock it, you need quite press hard on the panel a hand.

What is attached as a configuration with a smartphone?

Here the old fashioned way. After the company refused Beats headphones as a headset mandatory for lower cost devices in the kit are the standard headphones from the Taiwanese company. By the way, in the box HTC One Max headset quality is quite good. In addition, here you can find USB device in order to have the ability to pair the phone with the computer and charger, which should always have with yourself. For those who first encountered the use of touchscreen smartphones, specifically provided the textual documentation with a full description of all functions of the one max review


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Feature iron

The Phone uses almost all the elements that allow us to call HTC One Max top-end. The only question arises only with respect to the processor. If almost all competitors are using the most powerful Snapdragon 800, the Taiwanese company decided to save money and put in his creation little inferior to him Quad-core Snapdragon 600 with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz. As for the rest no issues. The HTC One Max has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage of which 10 GB can be used for file storage. It may seem that the phone memory is too low, but do not forget that there is the possibility of using additional memory cards MicroSD, the volume of which does not exceed 64 GB. And this is more than enough. The battery of the camera more than his brothers HTC One and HTC One mini. Its capacity is 3300 mAh. The only downside of this battery is its “removable”. In case, if you need repairs batteries, it will be quite hard to one max

Smartphone Camera

Taiwanese manufacturer of high-tech phones first decided to focus not on the number of megapixels in its camera, and its quality. Therefore, HTC One Max, a review about which you can read chetyrehmagnitnoy equipped with a camera UltraPixel with the function. The developers of this innovation was to beat the competition, camera up to 13 MP. But things happened otherwise. To say that the camera of this phone has some advantages, it is impossible. Rather, it is even inferior in picture quality to the same representatives of the companies Samsung and Sony. The pictures, which are obtained when using the camera, characterized by poor clarity and brightness. As for the front camera smartphone, its two megapixels is quite enough to be able to use it as a mirror and in communication with one max

Unique smartphone experience

If HTC Sense is no surprise, the developers have found something new, what can surprise new users of HTC One Max. It is, of course, about the fingerprint scanner, which is located on the back panel under the main camera. The essence of this function is the safety of using the phone. The holder can set your fingerprint as the entry point and nobody will be able to use a smartphone. Another innovation is the ability to use your phone as a remote control. They can turn on and off any home appliances and electronics, which can be controlled remotely.

Software platform

The HTC One Max is equipped with operating system Android 4.3 from Google, as well as firmware HTC Sense 5.5, which allows to distinguish phones of this company from any other smartphone. The idea is that having suchlarge size, the phone must be adapted to the application in order to more simple their use. But no, that is quite a significant drawback. The fact is that having the phone in hand, hard to manage applications in the menu, and the ability to control the phone with one hand and does not. Very interesting built-in program is the new BoomSound. It was developed with the aim to playback any sound from the phone was perfect. To tell you the truth, they did it with a vengeance.

 htc max 4g yota

HTC One Max: price

Before you can understand what price to buy this machine, you must decide for yourself how much additional memory you would like to purchase as a peripheral element. To date, excluding the additional purchases you can buy HTC One Max for about 700-720 USD. In case you want to purchase a memory card MicroSD, 64 GB, you will have to pay about $ 750. It should be noted that not every lover can be like the standard headset that comes with the phone. In the case of buying a new headphone plug from the "Beats Audio" will need to pay another $ 70-80 one max price

HTC one Max: the reviews of the customers and experts

First, let's talk and find common ground among buyers. In General, almost every user satisfied with our machine. Still, after he had spent almost a fortune. But among them you can find those people who, in addition to numerous advantages, was able to find and disadvantages. For example, not everyone liked the fact that the developers didn't try to adapt your UI to the big screen. Among other defects, was marked by a bad camera and a removable battery, although the volume was a pleasant surprise. Among the obvious advantages of the phone users are credited with the perfect sounding smartphone in the headphones, and without them. They also did not remain indifferent to the efficiency of the phone, claiming that it runs very fast.

The Experts also shared their opinions about the HTC One Max. Reviews of the leading specialists in this industry are more comparative analysis against competitors. Knowing that in this category at this unit there are alternatives, experts claim that the main drawback of this phone from the company from Taiwan is its camera. They say that at this stage the quality of the megapixels is not yet won their number. However, the ratio price/quality of this phone, according to experts, is a very good one max reviews

To Summarize

HTC has released its first smartphone, which has a diagonal of 5.9 inches. In addition, this smartphone has some very interesting additions. What is one indicator of fingerprints. Do not forget that with this phone you can also remotely control various appliances, and new music program will make the phone even more sonorous and interesting. How was the HTC One Max? The review shows that it is highly ambiguous. Of course, there are a large number of customers who are satisfied with the purchase. But there are also people who will be sorry you bought this model and not something from the company "Sony" or "Samsung".

A Stylish aluminium shell distinguishes this smartphone from the crowd of plastic machines and is the perfect musical sound will attract the music lovers. But will buy this phone are people who prefer the camera and the photo quality? The big question.

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