A Means Of "Magnerot". Indications for use


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Drug "Magnerot", which is assigned exclusively by the doctor belongs to the category of metabolic means. Active substance – the dihydrate of magnesium orotate. From 160 to 770 rubles – that means "Magnerot" price. Tablets – the only dosage form of the drug. magnerot price pill

Mechanism of action

A Means of "Magnerot", indications of which will be discussed below, is the drug of magnesium. Mg – an essential trace element required for normal energy for different processes. This element is involved in the process of neuromuscular stimulation. Magnesium is a physiological calcium antagonist, regulating stable functioning of cells in the myocardium, controlling its cutting ability. When a stressful situation appears a large number of ionized free Mg. In this regard, additional receive enhances resistance to emotional stress.

Means "Magnerot". Indications for use

The Drug is indicated in combination with other medicines for the treatment and prevention of heart attack, cardiac failure (chronic), arrhythmia, spastic conditions (vasospasm). Recommended means patients with dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis. magnerot indications


Do Not prescribe the drug for urolithiasis, liver cirrhosis, hypersensitivity to its components. In connection with unknown safety and effectiveness has not allowed therapy of patients up to 18 years. In the pre-Natal period and during breastfeeding remedy can be administered. However, the admission of his need to control the doctor.


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The dispensing means of "Magnerot"

Indications for use, the nature of the pathology, and the portability are the main criteria in the selection of regimens of the drug. Take the medicine three times a day on 2 tab. The duration of intake – week. Then take 1 tab. 2-3 R/day. Tool drink every day. Duration of treatment-4-6 weeks. The specialist can assign the re-use of the drug. Patients with night cramps recommended to take the remedy at night 2-3 tab. The duration of therapy is set by the doctor. magnerot drug application

Side effects

A Means of "Magnerot", indications of which were given above, is transferred satisfactorily. Patients rarely complain about occurred during therapy complications. Tool can cause diarrhea and unstable chair, allergic reactions. Found that these negative effects are usually caused by intake of the solution in high doses or hypersensitivity. These side effects usually disappear after dose adjustment.

Additional information

Drug "Magnerot" can be administered over a long period. In overdose there is a growing side effects. In the case of undescribed annotation of complications, worsening of the condition should immediately visit the doctor.

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