How to prepare for the winter a very delicious jam from Rowan


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Jam from Rowan is a simple and useful preparation for the winter. To do it any owner, especially since the berry is quite cheap or you can collect yourself with trees that grow in the woods or in suburban areas. They are good fruit, and every Bush you'll have about one small bucket of fresh berries. From them, we are going to make jam - how, read more in our article.

jam from Rowan

Jam from Rowan is a classic recipe

The Only drawback berries - it's extremely kisla, so collect it it is necessary after the first frost, then the Sahara to the workpiece will take significantly less. And for preparation you will need:

  • Kilo Rowan;
  • 300 ml of pure filtered water;
  • Kilo of sugar.

To remove possible bitterness, wash the berries and then soak it for a day in simple water. Sort and blanch in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drain the liquid, put the berries in a bowl or pan. From the specified amount of water and sugar boil the syrup, strain, pour to the mountain ash and boil for a quarter of an hour. Then jam from Rowan ought to stand for half a day, and only after that you can bring it to readiness. Check out her just - spoon a little liquid, pour on a flat plate and see if thin, cook a little, you can remove from the heat and to protect the banks.

jam from Rowan recipe

Jam from the Rowan tree: a recipe with apples

To a pound of berries you will need:

  • 1 or a little more than a kilogram of sugar;
  • A pound of sweet apples;
  • 400 ml of clean drinking water.

Wash the berries, if desired soak for a day, went to the bitterness, and then cook them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Apples peel, cut into slices or cubes, as you prefer. Blanch them in hot water for a few minutes. Cook sugar syrup specified in the recipe quantities of ingredients, let it simmer for a bit, and then dip into it the berries and apples at the same time. Cook jam from Rowan 8-10 minutes, then let stand for 10-12 hours, and again boil not more than a quarter of an hour. Ready - lay in sterilized jars, roll up lids and remove for storage in a cool and dark place.

Jam red ash: a recipe with honey

This billet is not only delicious, but extremely healthy. In winter, you can dissolve a spoon of jam in warm water and drink - a dose of vitamins and mineral substances contained in the berries and honey will support your immune system and prevents Contracting colds. Prepare:

jam from red ash recipe

  • A pound of honey;
  • 2 glass of plain filtered water;
  • Kilo frozen red ash.

Put the Berries in cold water and let them thaw. Med connect with water and boil the solution put Rowan and cook until tender. Again boil is not necessary, this jam is welcome. So simple and fast you can restock delicious home preparations for winter - compotes or fruit drinks made from Rowan are a great alternative to juices from packages. In the same way as any other jam, Rowan can be used for filling in pies or rolls.

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