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In this article we'll talk about the most famous adventure novel – “captain blood". Summary of the work will be considered in particular detail.


captain blood summary

Rafael Sabatini wrote his book in 1922. The work had so great a success that the writer had to write the continuation. It happened two novels: “Chronicle of captain blood” and “good Luck captain blood". The popularity of the novel is not reduced, so the work was several times filmed.

‘captain blood" (a brief summary is illustrated) talks about the events that took place in England of the 17th century. After the establishment of the country's constitutional monarchy began the formation of the British Empire. And the first thing she had to start a war with Spain, the largest colonial power of that time.

"captain blood": book summary

Peter blood – the protagonist of the piece. His adventures begin before the battle of Sedgemore in the town of Bridgewater. In the rebellion of Monmouth Lord Gildoy is wounded, and blood, bachelor of medicine, is helping him. In the house of Gilboa, where the hidden rebel, soldiers barge in and arrest the master, the doctor and Jeremy pitt.

captain blood summaries for the chapters

And in September, 1685 before the court is Peter blood, who is accused of treason. In the end, blood is sentenced to death by hanging. However, at this time king James II was required slaves for the heavy work in the southern colonies. So the rebels, among whom was blood, send it there.

Peter blood arrives at Barbados on “Jamaican merchant”. In Bridgetown it is sold into slavery for £ 10 to Colonel Bishop. But due to its medical abilities blood soon became the personal physician of Governor Steed and his wife. Peter meets a young girl named Arabella Bishop. She's cute niece of Colonel Bishop, aged 25 years. The hero falls in love with her.

In 1686 Blade manages to capture the Spanish privateer, on which he and the team head to Tortuga, a refuge of pirates.

Coastal brotherhood

Continues "captain blood". Brief contents by Chapter talks about how Peter decides to join the coastal brotherhood. And in 1687, blood first goes to sea on the ship "Arabella". Even before his return his fame spread all over the Caribbean sea.


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Blood decides to attack the largest Spanish destination of gold Maracaibo to unite with Levasseur, French pirate. And in 1687 squadron blood carries out his plan and attacked the richest city in Spain.

the Odyssey of captain blood book summary

However, due to the mistakes of Cahuzac, the squadron is trapped, which suits don Miguel de Espinosa, the worst enemy of Peter blood. But the hero develops a desperate plan and he manages not only to break free, but to capture three enemy craft out of 5. In the end, he goes with a rich booty.

French Service

The sea Abounds in adventure and battles "captain blood". A brief summary depicts another appointment blood with Spinoza, which occurred in September of 1688. The main character once again managed to win, despite the enemy's superiority, and even sank the flagship of the enemy.

Bullard also saves Lord Julian, envoy of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and Arabella Bishop, who had been with the Spaniards hostage. But instead of gratitude, she calls the hero a pirate and a thief. This led blood to despair. He realizes that he cannot lead an honest life, but the words of the beloved hurt him. In the end, the hero goes on a binge.

In February 1689 Peter blood decides, after much persuasion of friends, to accept the proposal of the French Admiral de Rivarola and to do his service. However, as it turned out, this decision did not save him from the pirate life. Admiral is a captain to make a “pirate” a foray into a rich town of Spain, Cartagena. In March the squadron sailed, but to arrive at the appointed time prevents them from adverse weather. And achieve objectives possible only by April. Thanks to the fury of the pirates, the city surrendered. A reward was waiting for them big booty – 40 million livres. But Rivarol refused to share and ran away with all the loot.

captain blood brief contents Chapter 1


Nearing the end of "captain blood" (summary). Blood goes in pursuit of the robber. During this he manages to save the Governor of the West Indies Lord Ullage, rescue Port Royal and destroy the squadron of Rivarola. Here blood learns that the new king of England was William of orange.

With the arrival of the new Bishop of the reference blood ends and he can return home. However, this is hindered by his appointment as Governor of Jamaica. Taking a new post, the hero finally reveals his feelings to Arabella, the girl reciprocate. So ends "captain blood". Summary (Chapter 1) if you pay attention to it, draws us to one character, but at the end of the book we see a completely different person. This person muchseen in my lifetime and have experienced incredible adventures.

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