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The Film "Pacific rim 2" (2018) and the actors who played in it, has received positive reviews from critics and viewers. It took Director Steven Denit. This picture was a continuation of the film of the same name, released in 2013.

Movie Plot

Among the actors of the film "Pacific rim 2" (2018) many famous names. Is John Boyega, as well as Scott Eastwood, Rinko Kikuchi, Bern Gorman, Charlie day.

The story takes place approximately 10 years after the events in the first part. To Earth again headed monsters kaiju. To resist them is trying already the son of Pentecost Steker, whose name is Jake.

The fact that after the first intrusion attempts, Jake fell out with the father even threw a training pilot the jaegers, becoming a real criminal. Only new threat caused him to forget old grudges and to return. To help him come to Mako Mori, who leads the young generation of pilots, and with it her assistant Lambert. The new improved version of Rangers has more powerful technical capabilities. Only she is able to repulse the enemy.

It is Noteworthy that if the first part of the painting made the famous Director Guillermo del Toro (the mystical drama "the devil's Backbone", fantasy, "pan's Labyrinth", a horror film "Crimson peak"), the second of his less popular colleague Steven Denit, before removing the TV series ("angel", "Smallville", "Dollhouse" and "Daredevil").

John Boyega

In the movie "Pacific rim 2" actor John Boyega plays a major role. He plays Jake Pentecost.

Pacific rim 2 2018 movie actors

Boyega-the British actor. However, his parents-immigrants from Nigeria. Theatrical art, he became interested in the school. In 2010 took the lead role in a production of "Othello" at the National theatre Peckham. On television he debuted in 2011 in the show "Becoming human".


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In 2012, many critics noted his Moses, in the fantastic Comedy Thriller Joe Cornish "attack the block". He even received some film awards.

In 2013, many remember him for the bright, but minor role in the drama of Ugwu Bailly Bandele "Half of a yellow sun".

True fame came to him in 2015 when he played a key role in the space Opera. John. Abrams called "Star wars: the force Awakening". There he played Finn.

For an actor the film "Pacific rim 2" (2018) was an important step in the development of his artistic career.

Scott Eastwood

American actor Scott Eastwood in the film "Pacific rim 2" plays Lambert.

Pacific rim 2 2018 movie actors and roles

Scott – the son of the legendary American actor and Director named Clint Eastwood. Creative career began under the name of the mother, in an effort to bring greater own efforts, not relying on a famous name and merits of his father. His debut role was participation in military-historical drama Clint Eastwood's "Flags of our fathers". Then the father drew him to participate in another two to their projects. Are these movies "Invictus" and "Gran Torino". Everywhere he played small roles.

To Declare itself publicly, Scott was able in 2010. He has got a key role in an exciting action-Packed Thriller with elements of science fiction, "Entrance to nowhere". Played the boy who got lost in a magical forest. Due to this role, he managed to maximize his creative personality.

Following the major success of Scott – a role in the slasher John Lusankya "Texas chainsaw massacre 3D". He played Carl Hartman. The tape was successfully in worldwide box office, bringing dividends not only to producers but to all involved actors. Over time, due to his model looks, he became increasingly to the role of romantic heroes in melodramas. But manifested itself in other genres. In the movie "Pacific rim 2" (2018) the actor and the role, which he inherited, look as smoothly as possible.

Rinko Kikuchi

Among the actors of the film "Pacific rim 2" should be allocated Rinko Kikuchi. Japanese actress received one of the main female roles, her character's name is Mako Mori.

Pacific rim 2 actors

Career Kikuchi is not limited to feature films, she actively acted in television series, plays in the theatre. Fame has brought her role in the drama, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, which was called "Babylon". For her she was even nominated for the award "Oscar" for best actress the second plan, but to win the statuette failed. The victory went to Jennifer Hudson, who played EFFIE white in the musical drama by bill Condon, "Dreamgirls".

Viewers can also remember criminal Comedy by Rian Johnson "the Brothers bloom", the melodrama of Tran Anh hung, "Norwegian wood", the dramatic Thriller Carl RENSA "47 ronin."

Charlie day

In the film "Pacific rim 2" actor, Cardi day plays Dr. Newton Geisler.

the actors of the movie Pacific rim 2

Day – an American who became famous through the TV series "always Sunny In Philadelphia", in which she played the role of Charlie Kelly. He was born in new York in the family of a Professor of English and teacher of piano. His childhood and youth were passed in the state of Rhode island. In his youth, he played baseball and was even thinking about sportscareer.

On television, she debuted in the TV series "Law and order". Among his recent works we should mention the Comedy Sean Anders ' "horrible bosses 2", adventure film, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein "Vacation" Comedy Richie Keenan "battle of the profs".

Bern Gorman

In the movie "Pacific rim 2" (2018) actor Bern Gorman plays Dr. Hermann Geisler.

Pacific rim 2 2018 actors

Gorman – the British, who glorified work in the dramatic sci-Fi series "Torchwood", where he played Owen Harper. By the way, like day, he participated in the TV series "always Sunny In Philadelphia", as well as fantasy romance Guilherme del Toro's "Crimson peak", a sci-Fi Thriller "the Man in the high castle".

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