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The apartment building Management may be the management company or HOA – by the Association of owners. After entering the facility into operation it was assigned to the territorial UK.

the duties of Chairman TSZH

The Management company concludes contracts with the suppliers of public services, addressed issues relating to the current and major repairs. HOA performs a similar function, but with the participation of owners of premises of apartment houses management. The partnership – a non-profit organization which is formed by General meeting of tenants.

The Essence of creation TSZH

The Association of owners formed to provide the most effective management of MCD. The owners of the premises that made the decision on creation TSZH, have the opportunity to participate directly in the life of the home. They are responsible for the condition of the building. Funds collected for the repair and maintenance of the ICM lists the not some third party company and distributed according to needs and are directed to the solution of specific problems.

Of Course, all owners of apartments can't leave its core activities and to engage in social issues. Therefore, simultaneously with the establishment of a TSZH is formed by the Executive body-the Board. It includes the most active owners, willing to donate their time in the interests of the house.

Features of creation TSZH

For the formation of the partnership organises a General meeting of tenants. The decision on the formation of the HOA shall be considered adopted if voted for by more than 50% of the assembled owners. After that, the state registration of legal entities in the manner prescribed by law.


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The Main advantage of creating a condominium partnership is that the owners choose their own Board members, Chairman.

The Whole process can be divided into the following stages:

  • The Formation of the initiative group. It usually has 5-6 people. They shall inform the other owners about the meeting, participate in the conduct explanatory conversations with residents, pasting ads, and so on.
  • Generate notices about the meeting. The wording should interest more owners. The announcement stated agenda.
  • Organization and holding of the meeting. It discusses the possibility and expediency of creation of the HOA, its benefits. During the meeting, a vote was taken. It can be open or closed. As a rule, the results shall be announced immediately.
  • Registration of the HOA and the opening of R/s in the Bank.

the duties of the Chairman of the Hoa

Main functions of the partnership

Homeowners in the face of the Board should:

  • To enter into contracts with utility providers, and repair organizations.
  • To Hire citizens to maintain cleanliness in the MKD and the local area.
  • To Hold a General meeting for solution of urgent problems.
  • Monitor the progress of the repair, to check the status of community property.
  • Maintain records of expenditure.

The tasks of the members of the Board also include informing owners about the upcoming works, raising funds for these or other purposes.

Chairman of the HOA

His duties and rights are determined by the General meeting. This person is the head of the management bodies of the MCD.

The duties of the Chairman of the HOA can perform a person with leadership qualities, able to make decisions quickly.

The candidate should meet the following basic requirements:

  • He must be the owner of the apartment, living in MKD constantly. It makes no sense to entrust the duties of Chairman TSZH per person, though owning the room, but the dealer. Such a subject does not know the pressing problems at home, accordingly, its activities will be ineffective.
  • It needs to have a higher education.

It is Desirable that the person will assume the duties of the Chairman of the HOA, had experience in leadership positions. This will help him when dealing with service providers and contractors, the organization of meetings, distribution of functions between the members of the Board.

According To the 149th article of the housing code, the duties and rights of Chairman TSZH, his term of office determined by the Assembly and are fixed in the articles of incorporation. The head of the Board is chosen from among the tenants, ready:

  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Listen to the claims and complaints of owners.
  • Resist the pressure.
  • Quickly to solve urgent problems.

if Chairman TSZH does not fulfill its obligations

Normally, the initial appointment shall be for the year. If at the end of the period, the chair will receive a positive assessment, the authority shall be extended for a longer period.

The decision on the appointment of the Board recorded in the minutes of the meeting. The choice of Chairman shall be members of the governing body. The head of Department may be appointed by the General meeting.

What is included in the duties of the Chairman of the HOA?

The authority of the person are determined in accordance with the needs of the DSL. Rights and duties of the Chairman of the HOA in the housing code are outlined. The Code is not assigned to a specific list of powers of the head of the Board. They are determined by the residents themselves based on the needs of the house.

The Rights and obligations of the Chairman of the HOA, its liability may be recorded in a special job description or other local document.Such an act is subject to approval by Board members. In the Charter of the MCD may provide for a different procedure for the approval of the document.

Duties of Chairman of the HOA in apartment houses are usually similar. This is due to the fact that in most MCD solved the same problem.

Let us Consider briefly what the duties of the President of the HOA can gain a foothold in the Charter.

The first head of the Board must be familiar with and understand the standards of the housing code. The duties of the Chairman of the HOA involve communication with various institutions, including the state. To defend the General interests must be legally competent person.

The duties of the Chairman of the HOA in apartment buildings includes monitoring the execution of contracts by contractors and service companies. Director of the Board verifies the correct equipment operation, monitors the timeliness of repairs and other works. In some cases, the duties of the Chairman of the HOA can include a recalculation of payment of utilities.

The duties of the Chairman of the HOA in the apartment building include the consideration of complaints from residents. He is responsible for the preservation of communal property, identifies any unauthorized alterations.

Efficient performance of the duties of Chairman of the HOA in multi-apartment buildings is provided by the almost constant presence within the house territory. It needs to accurately plan the daily work. On the results of its activities the Chairman informed the owners at the planning meetings.

The Right of the head of the Board

For the performance of their duties, the Chairman of the HOA is endowed with a number of powers. In particular, he may, without a power of attorney to act on behalf of the HOA in court and other instances.

In the Charter of the MCD can also be installed on the following rights:

  • Conclusion of contracts with service companies.
  • Provide control over the use of the tenants personal and its internal areas as directed.
  • Stay in the apartment of the owner to eliminate the accident, if there is a threat to property and lives of other citizens.
  • Recruitment of staff.
  • The Distribution of responsibilities among Board members.
  • Voluntary resign.
  • Reward. Payment activities of the President at the expense of funds collected from tenants. The amount of remuneration being discussed at the meeting. The established amount shall be laid down in the Charter MKD.


If Chairman TSZH does not fulfill its obligations, it may apply the sanctions provided by the Charter and law. In particular, the citizen may be prematurely dismissed. the duties of the Chairman of the Board TSZH

Penalties are applied depending on the materiality and nature of the violation. For example, if the President had spent the money collected from the tenants, for their own needs, they can be recovered from him in court. If it turns out that the subject has committed fraud, he can be punished under the criminal code.

The Chair is responsible for:

  • Maintaining records.
  • Preservation of the documents.
  • Transactions with the service companies.
  • Compliance with the LCD.
  • Timely receipt of payment from tenants.

Chairman of the Board shall provide all necessary information to property owners at their request.


The duties of the Chairman of the Board TSZH part of the annual notice to tenants MKD on committed expenses.

The apartment Owners to make periodic payments on account of the partnership or transmit money to the governing body. All costs must be confirmed with payment documents.

Reporting is essential not only for owners but also for the IRS.

The Particular importance of cost accounting has in cases where funds for repairs or other needs is not enough. In such situations, the report substantiates the need to increase the size of contributions. This eliminates the discontent of the proprietors.

Report Structure

The document must contain the following information:

  • Board Composition, name of members and Chairman.
  • Events, for which the funds are collected.
  • Work Performed and the amount of payment for them.
  • A List of the contracts concluded/renewed during the year.
  • Checks and their results.

The Report must be signed by the Chairman and the members of the governing body. The document is kept for at least 5 years.

The Test report carries out the audit Committee. This body is formed at the first meeting of the owners. Members of the Commission check expenses, identify illegal/unreasonable costs.

Abuse of power by the President

Unfortunately, in practice there are cases when the head of the Board uses his status for personal gain. As a result of exceeding authority accepts unreasonable decisions which are detrimental to the interests of the owners. How to deal with such actions? the duties of the Chairman of the Hoa in an apartment

Complaints against the Chairman could Express one owner or group of tenants. I must say that a greater effect will bring a collective complaint. As a rule, applications from groups of individuals are considered faster.

Report of the Chairman, at:

  • Housing inspection.
  • BoardHOA.
  • Court.

First it is advisable to seek the authority of the HOA. Board members should take measures aimed at elimination of violations. If the governing body is idle, you need to complain to the domestic Inspectorate. It should attach copies of the claims to the Board. If the problem is still not solved, it will have to go to court. The lawsuit filed in the court of General jurisdiction. The application can be collective.

The Charter should enshrine the procedure in case of default or inadequate execution by the President of his duties. In particular it should fix the rules of contract cancellation, early dismissal, deprivation of reward, and so on.

Early termination of powers of the Chairman may in the following cases:

  • Systematic violations of the provisions of the Charter of HOA of the legislation.
  • Embezzlement-the misappropriation of contributions by owners, materials purchased for repair and so on.
  • The adoption of unreasonable decisions without coordination with the Board and tenants.

The Issue of early withdrawal of a person from office is decided at the General meeting by voting. Until the appointment of another person can be chosen acting President of the HOA. They can become a member of the Board or another owner.

The President can resign, if you realize that will not cope with its responsibilities. However, he has the right to propose another candidate to the post. In case of replacement of the head of the management Board in the Charter should be amended accordingly. With the new Chairman is a contract.

Hiring Manager

Not always among the tenants is a person willing to become the acting President of the HOA. In such cases it is advisable to engage a competent person from the outside, i.e. non-resident MKD. With him is a contract, which spells out all the essential terms of activities.

The Subject assigned to the Trustee, shall have almost the same powers as the Chairman. It also addresses issues related to repair and maintenance of MCD develops a plan of measures to improve housing conditions. The Manager performs the selection of organizations and citizens to carry out repairs. In the framework of its powers, the Governor could charge the owners of the outstanding contributions and payment of utilities. As Chairman, he also reports and provides information on the costs of the Board and owners.

the duties of Chairman TSZH Zhk of the Russian Federation


It Should be noted that the functions of the Manager and the President, despite the obvious similarities, have some differences. Director of the Board, elected from among the owners performs mainly representative tasks. It provides the organization and conduct of meetings, record the decisions taken at them, supervises the work of the Board.

The Manager, in turn, communicates mostly with contractors, service providers, local authorities and tenants. In MKD can work and the Chairman and managing at the same time. The latter will then be placed in a subordinate position.

Registration of contracts with managers

Chairman and managing actually are salaried workers in the management bodies of the HOA. For their activities they receive a certain reward. Of course, the relationship between the Board and the Chairman is not similar to labor. However, with the person acting as leader must be an agreement.

It spells out the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Chairman, dispute resolution, rules of re-election, renewal and early termination, the amount of the compensation. Specific responsibilities can be attached in the job description. Information about the Chairman of the Board should be reflected in the Charter. Note that HOA – a legal entity, therefore all changes in the Charter should be registered.


The Chairman of the HOA – citizen responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Charter. In this case, he should perform their duties in strict accordance with the contract and job description.

To Manage the partnership's management is quite difficult. The subject, occupying the position of Chairman, should have strong nerves, because in the course of his activities he will have to meet different people and hear many complaints and complaints. You also need to understand the technical issues. After all, it is the responsibility ensure proper operation of engineering systems. The Chairman must be able to troubleshoot quickly and to connect to their removal specialists. Remodeling, installing equipment in the apartments, replacement of devices more powerful and other work must be consistent not only with neighbors but also with the Chairman. He is responsible for the preservation of communal property, the residents ' security.

Most of the decisions the President takes on their own. However, it is possible a situation when for the solution of a problem may require the consent of all owners. For example, the question of increasing the amount of the payment for the repair must be addressed by all tenants together. The feasibility of increasing the amount of must be economically justified. If the owners agreed to increase the value of deductions, they should see the realthe result from their investments. To this end, the Charter of the HOA provides for the duty of President to report annually on the expenditure of money. This means that the head of the Board should know the basics of accounting, able to work with primary documents, process and convey information.

what are the duties of the Chairman of the Hoa

Reports of the President must be accurate and complete. We should not forget that the tax authorities may at any time request them to check.

Equally Important is the level of legal literacy of the chair. If necessary, he should be able to defend the interests of tenants in court and other instances. Conflicts may arise with service providers, contractors and other agencies. The head should be ready for them.

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