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Saifullovich Movladi Baisarov-Chechen military leader, commander of the “Hillbilly”, a former bodyguard of Akhmad Kadyrov. According to some, in the early 90's was an FSB agent and was working undercover in the Islamic regiment of special purpose of CRI. Had to do with the kidnapping of citizens of the Russian Federation and European countries. As he himself said, led an armed group that was created for the protection of the Kadyrov family. Lived many years in the Russian capital.Movladi Baisarov

Ruslan Baysarov

Before you can go directly to the biography of Movladi Baysarov, a bit deviate from the topic and try to answer the question of interest to many Russians. What does Ruslan Baisarov, Movladi and are they brothers?

A Few words about Ruslana

The Businessman of Chechen origin, is widely known thanks to a civil marriage with Christina Orbakaite. Ruslan was born in the South of Chechnya, in the village of Veduchi. Father – Sulima Baysarov, the mother – Kairat Baysarov. Ruslan in the beginning of 90-ies moved to Moscow and was engaged in entrepreneurship, which brought him his first millions. At the moment he is considered one of the richest Chechens.

Despite the fact that both have one homeland, Movladi Baisarov and Ruslan Baisarov not brothers, but simply namesakes. Well, now to direct the hero of this article.Movladi Baisarov and Ruslan Baysarov

Free nineties

Movladi Baisarov was born in 1966 in the village of Pobedinskoye (North-West suburb of Grozny). In 1998, he went to Kazakhstan, where he lived until 1998, Then guarded the family of Akhmad Kadyrov in Moscow.


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According to others, in the early ' 90s, consisted in the detachment of the famous Chechen criminal Ruslan Labazanov (abolished in 1996 in the village of Tolstoy-Yurt). There is a perception that Movladi participated in the first Chechen war, and then claimed the rank of Brigadier General Republic of Ichkeria and the awarding of the order «For his services”. Was in friendly relations with the Vice President of Chechnya by V. Arsanov (they were both born in the Shatoi district).

After the first Chechen war in 1996, Baisarov's detachment was part of the so-called Islamic regiment of special purpose (IPON). He commanded them to Arbi Barayev, a well-known in Chechnya by radical Islamist and a kidnapper. However, some believed that he works for the FSB. People Baysarov was guarded by Vakha Arsanov and Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev.

According to some reports, at the beginning of the second Chechen campaign Movladi Baisarov, a photo of which you can see in this article, participated in fighting against Federal troops. According to one version, he fought at the village of Dolinsky, on the other – in the first months moved to the side of the government.Movladi Baisarov saifullovich

The Squad “Hillbilly”

In 1999 Movladi Baisarov was involved in a clash with the Wahhabis. In the battle killed two of his relatives. At the same time he joined the party of the mufti of Chechnya, Akhmad Kadyrov, who has led the fight against the Islamists. After Kadyrov was appointed head of the Chechen administration, was organized by the special forces “Hillbilly”. He was a personal guard of the mufti and was seconded to the coordinating Agency, the FSB.


Twenty-fifth day of July 2004, Movladi Baisarov, whose biography is set out in this article in the attempt on Kadyrov was seriously wounded. After the latter died, the security service was disbanded. However, his people Baisarov was transformed into a private military group known in Chechnya as “death squads”. Officially, they continued to be called detachment “Hillbilly”. Human rights activists said that the group was engaged in murders and kidnappings. For example, from the third to the fourth of January 2004, Movladi was kidnapped and dismantled family Musaevich (about thirty people). This was done out of revenge for the brutal murder of Baisarov's brother, Shirvani, who was a police major.

Other “exploits” squad “Hillbilly”

Movladi was considered guilty in the abduction of Nina Davidovich (the head of the organization «Friendship») in 2002, FSB Colonel Ushakov in 2003, the representative of «Rosneft» in Chechnya I. Magomedov in 2005, But no formal charges were ever filed.

In Addition, the unit “Hillbilly” have controlled illegal mining, processing and marketing of petroleum products, which were mined in the Grozny district of the Chechen Republic. The locals claimed that on the background of the redistribution of spheres of influence between Bajsarova and GRU battalion «East», which was ordered by Sayd-Magomed said there was a regular armed clashes. On both sides there were casualties.

After the death of Kadyrov, Baysarov group moved to a semi-legal position. Nominally she was listed in the security Service anti-terrorist centre, but was outside the power structures of the Republic. After some time, the band “Hillbilly” came under the control of the FSB.Movladi Baisarov death

What happened before the presidential election

The Twenty-first of August 2004, a week before the election of the President of the Chechen Republic, Baisarov's detachment held in Grozny, a well-planned operation. On this day in the capitalthe Republic contains about 150 fighters divided into several small groups. They are disguised as special forces and put the posts on the roadway. Slowed the car, looking at the documents the drivers and killed the officials. Moreover, they attacked several police departments and the commandant's office.

After a while most of the militants were surrounded and destroyed. It turned out that Baisarov was able to introduce to them their agents, which significantly helped to carry out anti-terrorist operation. Unfortunately, there were many casualties among the civilian population, but the FSB of the Chechen Republic has considered the operation successful.

In the course of its existence, the squad “Hillbilly” have lost more than 50 personnel, and the total number of units for 2006 was equal to one hundred.

Conflict with Ramzan Kadyrov

In the Spring of 2006 Movladi Baisarov had a fight with the Prime Minister of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. The squad “Hillbilly” detained relatives last tried to take in Ingushetia stolen pipes for oil pipeline and there to implement them. Kadyrov personally intervened in the case and tried to hush up, but Movladi publicly insulted him. A few days passed, and the Federal troops blockaded the squad “Hillbilly” based in Pabedinsko.

Immediately stood up old cases from the archives of the Staropromyslovsky Prosecutor's office, which began to investigate “forgotten” the murder of a family Musaevich. Previously Saifullovich Movladi Baysarov appeared in this case as a witness. But then he hinted that he might get in jail.Movladi Baisarov's death

Trip to Moscow

Movladi went to the capital to attempt to use connections with the FSB. In Moscow, he gave several interviews to the press where he accused Ramzan Kadyrov of multiple murders and kidnappings. He also tried to offer the then President of Chechnya Alu Alhanov incriminating evidence against Kadyrov. The thirteenth of November, he said that the Prime Minister of Chechnya in Moscow sent a task force armed with machine guns and grenade launchers, with the purpose to detain him by any means and to take out the Republic.

Also in the newspaper «news» he said that the Prosecutor General's office is interested in him in connection with the death of A. Politkovskaya. He expressed his willingness to give answers to all questions. And on the eighth of November was already looking for the Moscow police, but this did not prevent Baisarov openly live in the capital.Movladi Baysarov family

End of the squad “Hillbilly”

The Fourteenth of the squad “Hillbilly” finally disarmed, and November fifteenth of the interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic declared its head missing. Some media claimed that a team in the Russian capital were sent these days, and the murder of Baisarov was in charge of the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Chechen Republic Adam Demilkhanov.

At the same time, the FSB has ceased all activities for the protection of this man. According to journalists, Movladi Baisarov, the loss of which was to be held soon, was actively in contact with your former supervisors in the FSB. He clearly understood that to cover it can no longer, and volunteered to testify about the crimes of Kadyrov. It was “the last card” that the mayor and tried to play.


Movladi Baisarov was killed on the eighteenth of November in Moscow. This event occurred on Leninsky Prospekt. According to the official version, it wanted to bring together members of the capital law enforcement bodies and the interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic. During the arrest he pulled out a grenade and threatened to blow everyone up. this is the reason why him and decided to shoot on the spot.

Acuitty told that the operation took place: Movladi Baisarov, whose death was predicted by many, came by car to the place where he set up a meeting. Got out of the car and headed to the Chechens standing nearby, next to his vehicle. They have something to shout not in Russian, they pulled out guns and started shooting.

Almost all the bullets hit the head of L. Baysarov. The killer calmly got into his car and drove away. Employees of the Moscow groups of special forces, and riot police standing on the other side of the Avenue, silently watching the scene.Movladi Baisarov biography

Before death

A few days before the death of Movladi in an interview with the newspaper «New time» shared the script of his murder. He suggested that it would be shot by the Chechen militia “while attempting to escape”. Some data argue that he had promoted to the rank of major, others say that he was a Colonel in the FSB.

The Simonovskaya Prosecutor's office opened a criminal case on this fact. It was rather quickly closed. Supporters Baysarov said that the murder was well-planned. According to them, some people were not profitable to investigate the murder Musaevich in Grozny.

What killed Movladi Baysarov? A lot of versions from official (attempted resisting arrest) to the deliberate murder for political reasons.

Supporters of Movladi say that he could be killed at any time, as it was not hidden. But no one do not trying, therefore, killed him on orders. Why he did not try to take him alive – is unclear. It is assumed that he was offered a deal to which he agreed, and decided to liquidate.

It is likely that if the then PresidentOf Chechnya Alu Alkhanov tried to hush up this conflict between his charges, Baisarov not have been shot. Even the police would not intervene in this matter. The Federal government does not care about the fate of the Chechens. It is important that within the country there was silence, and her well-controlled local authorities.

Family Baysarov

Movladi Baisarov, whose family is rather small, was married but without children. In the village of Pobedinskoye (Grozny district), home to his mother and brother – Ortsa. Close relatives claim that the children he never would for the reason that he killed a lot of Chechens (a great sin). Movladi was not willing that his children were responsible for the blood he shed.

However, the absence of offspring in the Caucasus does not remove the problem of blood revenge.On the Caucasian laws, if krovniki missing children, revenge is transferred to the above. But it Baysarov influence could not.

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