A bouquet of flowers out of paper. How to make a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers


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So you want to have flowers graced our home all year round! But this is not always possible. Alternative to be the bouquets of flowers from paper. They are elegant, but are in a vase for months without losing their appearance. Another advantage of these colors – they are easy to make yourself.

What is the paper better?

To Start is with the material selection. The industry produces different brands of paper. Each of them has its own characteristics and application.a bouquet of flowers out of paper

Made of fine corrugated paper out light and airy flowers. They best resemble their living prototypes. And the color schemes of paper of such a plan simple and understandable to everyone who wants to try themselves in this creative field.

Thick office paper great for color-origami. It holds its shape well. And the curves on the paper clear, which is very important for this art.

Thick paper and cardboard more reliable in the external decor. They give and a rougher texture that is visible at a great distance.

Below is a look at some examples of how to make paper flowers step by step. After this master-class will cope with a task any novice craftsman.

Simple colors

To create beauty, there is no need to use complex equipment. Paper flowers large and small are approximately the same template. Here is one of the easiest.

Cut long and narrow strip of paper. Fold it like an accordion. Exactly in the middle of the strip make the bend and fold it in half. The open edge cut a half circle or teeth. At the point of bending bind tightly with a thread and straighten the loose ends.paper flowers bouquets


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The resulting generated voluminous pompom flower, which makes a great decoration for any Banquet hall.

This billet can be put on a strong, rigid stem, then get a bouquet of flowers out of paper. Alternatively, you can associate multiple floral POM-poms and get nice volumetric lights. The main thing to remember is that these templates flowers from the paper original in its simplicity.


That's What is conventionally called the second group, which combines simple color schemes of paper. They are so called because of the way Assembly. At the base of the flower is the same long narrow strip. But now it does not fold like an accordion and fold into a tube around the stem. Design options the upper edge of the mass.

Just a little stretch of territory, if we use corrugated paper. Get lush carnation. If you turn the upper edge into a tube, will something like roses. Edges also can be cut into thin and thick stripes. It gives the flowers a different textures.templates flowers from the paper

To make a bouquet of flowers out of paper, enough to make a certain number of such brushes on a stable stem. Collect them in a beautiful beam on the problem, if you choose the right color. This is not just an ordinary bouquet. It will be a real festive table decoration and Banquet hall.

Simple roses

No matter How they say that any flowers are beautiful, roses always come first. It seems that so perfect a work of nature it is difficult to recreate artificially. But to stylize this form and create a bouquet of flowers out of paper, reminiscent of roses, is very simple.

The First version of this flower is made of the dense colored paper. For this you will need a pencil, scissors, glue and a round form. First cut out a circle of relatively large diameter. More elaborate than the desired flower, the bigger the circle is cut. We find its reference center and draw a spiral so that the distance between the lines was about the same. Cut the circle and turn a spiral from the edge to the center. The end clips with glue. Here and ready simple rose. Her head can be used as an independent decorative element or to attach to the stem and create a beautiful bouquet.diagrams of flowers out of paper

The rose principle tassels

An Even more elegant flower do you get if you pay a little more attention to the creation and formation of petals. One option is to recall the patterns of colors of paper, where the principle of a brush.

The Top edge of the working strip is folded like an accordion, cut a semi-circular petals. This is best done on corrugated paper. Then the strip is straightened, and each individual petal is formed, rolled edges, middle, and stretched. The strip is rolled into a tassel, and it turns the simplest rose. Her to have a more natural look, worth every petal spread and lay as if he was laying in the living flower.

If this DIY is thick colored paper, the technique of working with it is a little different. Each petal is cut separately by a template, and further shall be in accordance with the natural form. The top edge is twisted with scissors: if you RUB a few times on the wrong side of the cutting part, the paper itself will twist in that direction.origami flower bouquet out of paper

The Inner part of doing convex with a special ball-shaped tools that cut through the paper.Gather each petal individually. At the same time see that they lay in the natural order, slightly overlapping each other. So it is possible to obtain a particularly large bouquets.

Unusual master class

As you can see from the above, it is not difficult to make flowers out of paper. Bouquets of such a plan will become a gift and holiday decoration. There are several original techniques that are guaranteed to surprise the people who saw this beauty.

Twisted curly flowers very beautiful and festive look to any table. And they are made extremely simple.

For work prepare: glue, scissors, thick stalk, colored heavy paper. Cut long and wide paper strips. Cut them crosswise into thin strips, not dorezaya to the end about 1 see It will be the base. Further, each narrow strip spin with a sharp hand shears. Don't overdo it: 1-2 passes across the paper enough to get a nice even curl.paper flowers large

Twisted billet begin to wrap around the stem. While retreating from the previous coil to about 0.7 cm, So we get a curly wand that looks like a spring flower complex inflorescences. Complement it with a brush of long green leaves, and the first element of the bouquet is ready.

Flower – almost snowflake

Many of us in childhood before the New year cut snowflakes. Folding them is easy. First leaf in half, then in half again. Further - 2 times in the area, we get the triangle piece. Cut the bottom in a semicircle. You can make several longitudinal incisions. Reveal the product – we did a simple flower. For a bouquet but this is not enough.

Let's Complicate the task is the fact that at the same time, take a few layered paper or other thin paper. Doing all the same. After the workpiece is straightened, her heart fastened with staples and straighten the petals. It turns out unilateral lush pompon. Garland of such preparations will perfectly complement the bouquet of flowers out of paper. Especially if it lacks the colorful airiness and splendor.

Colors without scissors and glue

You Can make origami bouquet of flowers out of paper. At school in the classroom work of the teacher showed you how to make three-dimensional tulips. These bouquets everyone at least once in your life gave my mom or sister.

Tulip origami folds in the following way. A square sheet of paper folded twice diagonally and ironed properly place bends. When harvesting takes place, you need to add a diagonal between the curves, while the part of the paper, which between them sent inside the workpiece. We will get double the triangle.

His loose ends lifted up and smoothed in the same situation. Further, the side part is a little bend towards the middle and inserted into each other, fixing the product. The last step is to inflate the Tulip and make it voluminous. That's the whole flower out of paper.paper flowers gradually

Special durability

In the house people often put flowers out of paper. Bouquets such plan do not require special care and the relatively long standing in any room. It's so nice every day to see the real beauty!

Fresh flowers are able to delight aroma. But at the same time they tend to fade, not just saddened by their owners. Moreover, paper flowers – is the concern about the wildlife that remains in a natural state and can develop without further human intervention.

Paper flowers – it's a great substitute for the living, who are practically not inferior to their natural counterparts, but have a number of advantages over them.

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