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Railway hospital in Yaroslavl Suzdal highway, 21 – large multidisciplinary health care facility. The clinic belongs to the health system of the Northern railway. Today the hospital is one of the most visited in the Yaroslavl region.


The History of Railway hospital (Yaroslavl) began in the late 19th century, when the Volga river was opened the point of admission outpatients. Emergency room on the city station was founded in 1875, the main objectives of the item was: first aid to the injured and moving them to the place of treatment, storage of medicines and medical supplies.

The station hospital with 15 places was opened in 1914. Enlargement of the clinic occurred in 1927, when several branches have been opened in the premises of the former cadet corps. The hospital could accept patients in surgical, therapeutic departments. In 1934 was built the two-story building, fully adapted to medical needs. It was located near the Moscow station, there is the Railway hospital of Yaroslavl.

railway hospital Yaroslavl

Continuous development

A New hospital with a capacity of 240 beds sees patients in surgical, therapeutic, traumatological, neurological and other wards. The clinic carried on the outstanding specialists in the field of surgery, it developed most fruitfully, which expanded the Department to 105 beds. After the war, in Yaroslavl was opened the medical College and hospital became the clinical base for training of young professionals.


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In 1957, the hospital Fund has added a new clinic, and in 1960 the Railway hospital in Yaroslavl has grown a new body, due to which the number of beds increased to 640. In the future there was continuous modernization, expansion and improvement of the quality of care. To date, the structure of the hospital includes several clinics, there are specialized centers are high-tech operations.

endocrinology centre in Yaroslavl railway hospital


The Railway hospital in Yaroslavl applies to major medical institutions with a wide range of services. The staff of the clinic consists of 1143 employees, most of whom are of the highest professional category.

The structure of the institution includes:

  • Three clinics.
  • Seven specialized centers.
  • Fourteen offices narrow profile.
  • Day hospital.
  • Medical and paramedical health centers.
  • Seven paraclinical services.
  • Outpatient Department on the station Rostov.
  • Four health points.

All departments of the hospital is equipped with modern equipment and technology, allowing to carry out complex, high-tech and traditional surgical intervention. When the diagnosis and treatment using the latest methods and technologies that significantly improve the accuracy of diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment of the most complicated diseases.

railway hospital Yaroslavl Suzdal highway, 21

One of the main directions of development is the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases. For patient care was established endocrinology center of Yaroslavl in the Railway hospital, where the treatment occurs by means of minimally invasive techniques using ultrasound equipment to navigate. The hospital is one of the centers of medical innovation in Russia. In recent years we have developed and implemented over ten effective methods of diagnosis, surgery, treatment of complex diseases.

Outpatient services

The Railway hospital in Yaroslavl has developed an outpatient service, which includes:

  • Clinic №1. On the basis of institutions operate the medical ward, day hospital, dispensary, surgical Department, psychophysiological laboratory, mobile center “the Surgeon Nikolai Pirogov”. Also in the clinic are receiving specialists in the main areas: cardiology, otolaryngology, rheumatology, Allergology, mammalogy, pulmonology, etc. Are clinical laboratory and classrooms of functional diagnostics.
  • Hospital No. 2. In the institution are receiving specialists: a surgeon, dermatologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, therapist and others. The polyclinic offers a wide range of outpatient surgical procedures.
  • Advisory center. Patients take the leading specialists of the outpatient departments and hospital. Preliminary record is conducted by telephone registries, which can be found on the website of the hospital.
  • Dental clinic provides services in diagnostics, therapy, surgery and orthopedics. A set of procedures allows the patient to obtain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

respiratory center


The hospital includes departments:

  • Gastroenterology, cardiology.
  • Medical, neurological.
  • Rheumatology, ENT.
  • Total and cardiovascularsurgery.
  • Anesthesiology and resuscitation.
  • Intensive care unit.

Department of the hospital performing all medical procedures and surgical operations. Technical equipment allows to carry out intervention with the help of high-tech modern equipment. Diagnosis of diseases and conditions in each Department implemented modern methods and technical means of the world level.

How to travel by public transport to the main hospital building? Bus number 8, 16, or 13 or a minibus № 37, 96, 61 or 81 to reach to a stop "Railway hospital".

Medical centre

Medical center – one of the largest departments of the hospital. The accepted treatment of patients with common diseases of the respiratory system – asthma, pneumonia, pleuritis, obstructive lung disease in the chronic form, etc. In the Department for diagnosis and treatment apply advanced methods, high-tech equipment.

The Center consists of offices:

  • Consultative-diagnostic.
  • Two in-patient wards (hour and day of stay).
  • Physical Therapy.

The medical center continues monitoring of patients after treatment and gives recommendations for further behavior in the home. Also working in the clinic education programmes, where the patient receives additional information and can consult on some issues. Doctors recommend to attend programmes:

  • The‘Asthma-school”.
  • “Struggle with nicotine addiction”.
  • “School COPD”.

Center of pulmonology is located on Chekhov street in building No. 34, works on the basis of polyclinic No. 1 of Railway hospital. How to go public transport to pulmotsentr:

  • Buses of routes № 8, 78, 18, 44 to the stop “Hospital”.
  • Route taxi № 38 to the stop “Clinic WCD”.

how to travel by public transport


For full patient care in Railway hospital specialized centres have been established:

  • Endocrinology centre Established for the treatment of patients with these disorders: diabetes mellitus, disorders of reproductive functions, neurological disorders, thyroid disease, ulcers, hyperkeratosis, fungal infections and many more. The structure of the Department includes: daily and round-the-clock hospitals, diagnostic and Advisory office, the offices of specialized help.
  • Center of radiology conducts research on innovative methods ultrasound equipment and x-rays.
  • Centre of the “Head and neck” has ophthalmic and ENT offices. A detailed diagnosis, treatment, prevention. Services of plastic surgery.
  • Center of traumatology and orthopedics. will be accepted For the treatment of patients according to indications: diseases of joints, broken bones, fractures, and spinal trauma, deformity, degenerative disease of the spine etc., are conservative or surgical treatment is minimally invasive or traditional methods.
  • The Center for urology and lithotripsy. The Department is focused on the treatment of patients with diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, BPH, tumors of the urethra, etc.). A detailed diagnosis, including tumour markers.
  • The Center for reproductive health. the Main target audience of the center are women of childbearing age with disorders in reproductive functions. Patients are thoroughly examined and are treated with gentle methods and subsequently to carry and give birth to children.

Suzdal, Yaroslavl highway


Positive reviews of the work of the hospitals and offices have written the patients who took the full course of treatment or operated on in the clinic. The most talked about well-trained, nice and attentive patient care. The vast majority of reviews addressed to the surgical Department and some surgeons.

The Negative reviews talk about the bad organization of the administrative services – it is difficult to dial into the registry for a long time have to wait for an appointment, even if the appointment and the signed contract for commercial service.

railway hospital of Yaroslavl paid services

Helpful information

Addresses of the units of the hospital.

  • Clinic No. 1 – Chekhov street, building 34. The center operates a therapeutic hospital.
  • POLIKLINIKA №2-the Suzdal highway (Yaroslavl), structure No. 21. The polyclinic employs surgical hospital, endocrinology and pulmonology center.
  • Dental clinic is located on Chekhov street, building 39B.

Many patients helped to regain health Railway hospital in Yaroslavl. Paid services of some experts estimated as follows:

  • Initial reception pulmonologist – 1100 RUB, repeat – 750 RUB.
  • Primary of a gastroenterologist – 1100 RUB, a repeat visit – 750 RUB.
  • Initial consultation endocrinologist – from 1500 to2200 RUB. (depending on qualification and scientific degree of the doctor), repeat – 600 RUB
  • Reception in the gynecological Department of primary – 990 RUB., re – 495 RUB.
  • A surgeon, the initial reception – from 550 to 800 RUB. (depending on qualification), secondary reception – 440 RUB.
  • Mammography – 600 RUB, CBC – 125 RUB.

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