Wages in Poland on average. The minimum and maximum wage by industry


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The Economic situation in Russia is not the best. And many people who want to somehow normalize their well-being, decide to go to work abroad. The most common solution – Poland. It's not far, and the language was more or less clear. But wages in Poland, on average, to be honest, not much different from the Russian indicators. And in most cases the decision to go is unjustified. However, everything in order.

salaries in Poland average


Before we talk about the average salary in Poland, I would like to mention the attention and minimum. In 2015, it was decided that it will be 1 750 PLN. At the current exchange rate is approximately 27 000. And that's without taxes. If you take into consideration all the costs that would amount to PLN 1 286. That is, 20 000 in Poland to live – so says the law. Maybe. But if you try the sum on the prices, we get the same thing in Russia. 10 zlotys (155 rubles) per kilogram of chicken, 3 PLN (46 rubles) – a litre of milk, 2.5 PLN (39 rubles) – 1 kg of sugar, 4 – for a small packet of corn flakes, 8 – for a jar of coffee and 3 – 1 liter of juice. Plus travel, pay rent, utilities, etc.

Many are interested what is the minimum and average salary in Poland for Ukrainians, immigrants from nearby countries. Same as for all. No privileges no. But if translated into the hryvnia, the minimum wage per hour is 80 UAH (13 zlotys). If you consider that minimum wage in Ukraine is UAH 1 378 (3 400 rubles), it is not surprising why most of the visitors in Poland – it was its citizens.

average salary in Poland


To Go to Poland to work except that IT professionals. However, good programmers everywhere in price. And wages in Poland, the average for IT professionals is not the high if to take into account other European countries. They pay 1 600 euros per month (about 110 000). This is the data for 2015.


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A lot of money and get the employees of telecommunication enterprises. They have roughly the same salary as the workers in the sphere of IT-technologies. And Bank employees, as employees of insurance companies, get about 1300-1500 Euro (90-105 thousand, respectively). Also well paid work Energetikov and gazovikov. That's all.

The average salary of IT specialists in Russia is 80 000 rubles (Magadan oblast – the best indicator). Therefore you should consider – and whether to change jobs in the home country for a job in Poland? It will have to pay for housing, to cope with the adaptation period to get used to everything new. It is unlikely that all this will pay off.

Option for all

It is Worth noting that in this country you can find a paid occupation that does not require knowledge of the language and special skills. Wages in Poland, the average for these workers is 1 Euro per hour. Max - 2€. It 69-138 rubles, respectively. As previously mentioned 13 PLN per hour, which is minimum – 200 p Usually offer for the money work does not imply standardized labor day weekend. Activity is connected generally with agriculture, construction and businesses that need labor.

what is the average salary in Poland

Who's in demand?

The highest average salary in Poland people have such specialties that are popular now not in use. Namely – drivers, welders and plasterers. If you want to get serious money, then you need to know the language. Then there is the probability that a person will be in Polish-Norwegian company. And there conditions are better, and the attitude. What is the average salary in Poland in such enterprises? About 6 euros per hour (415 rubles). And normalized with the output schedule in a month you can get more than 110 000 rubles.

There are in Poland and gold veins. But, like all good things, we need to look. However, sitting in a solid firm, you can count not only on a good salary, but also insurance. Particularly valuable to foreign experts even provide housing. Some allow you to arrive with your family. And help to issue all the necessary documents (visa, permits, etc.).

What positions there are prestigious? This top - and HR-managers, business analysts, translators, economists, and sales agents related to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tourism, food and technical industries.

the average salary in Poland for Ukrainians


It has been Above told about that, what is the salary in Poland on average. Finally I would like to tell you about the maximum, which is marked in the official statistics (without taxes).

Previously mentioned IT-experts receive a maximum of 150 000 rubles. Real estate agent – about 165 000 p. a Bricklayer can expect to 195 000 rubles per month. Insurers get 235 000 Business intelligence – 185 000 RUB., the Architect of IT systems – about 260, 000 as an engineer, testing software. Consultant working with clients gets 250,000 p. the Maximum income of the head of the company reaches 545 000 p.

With a modest maximum make-up artists – only 24 000 rubles a month. On the background of the above salaries looks really sad. Some more getnutritionists, hair stylists, merchandisers, kitchen assistants and kindergarten teachers. The rest of the indicators salaries range from 55 to 140 thousand rubles (depending on profession).

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