"Marriage consumerout": as it was in ancient times and the significance of this fact


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As you know, marriage is a specifically formed relationship between a man and a woman. It can be as legal registration in the registry office and civil Union, which is also recognized as a modern law.

Tradition of recognition of marriage in ancient times

Probably few people have heard the expression "marriage consumerout" What this means in the traditions of many ancient peoples? In the past century, according to historians, was the important role of the wedding night between a man and a woman. Why? Because the term "consummation" in Latin translates to "top it off". Under this time usually meant the first sexual intercourse between husband and wife.

marriage consumerout

What does it mean to consummate the marriage?

The Process of marriage was formerly divided into several different stages. In aristocratic circles were common wedding alliances between niepelnoletnie. Of course, we're not talking about that kind of vulgarity of the people in this circle, because even at the conclusion of such a marriage speech about sexual relations between minors was not. It was thought that these alliances will ensure the strengthening of the political or economic influence birth pachucas in certain areas.

In the tradition and legislation of the first sexual intercourse could officially only take place after the coming of age of both spouses. The fact of sexual intercourse had to be fixed.

The complexity of the moment was that intimate relationship, few people likes to demonstrirovat on people. The couple knew that their marriage tomorrow consumerout, so had to this sacred moment mentally prepare. The process of fixing took place. Usually near the bed stood the witnesses who actually observed this action. According to the Eastern tradition was organized is generally a sacred ritual with candles and the protection that was covering the window of the room, fighting the forces of "evil". The spiritual essence of the ceremony consisted in the fact that this husband and wife were in the status of the family only to the state, the law, and now their status is approved by God, because they finally are physically combined into one. In Ancient Greece didn't have the presence of the witnesses during the marriage consumerout. Newlyweds on the morning after the wedding night just shows those who recorded the consummation bloodstained sheets. The fact of presence of blood on the sheets and talked about what brides and tonight was deprived of virginity of his spouse.


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what does it mean to consummate the marriage

Significance of consummation of marriage for family

For the strength of family relationships the physical side of marital relations is of fundamental importance. Wedding night, the unity of husband and wife into one - is an event that gives hope that the marriage will be durable and strong. The task of the family is that the spouse needs to live a long and happy family life, while raising decent children. Weak family will not be able to fulfill a social mission, so the absence of regular sexual relations between husband and wife even now in many countries is considered an important reason for divorce. There is a perception that in such a family there is spiritual unity, then the unit of society is not viable, i.e., can not achieve the important social and quality of education is really decent and morally strong children.

what does conservany marriage


So, we are with you in this article reviewed the historical perspective and the meaning of "marriage consumerout". Many readers probably never even heard this phrase. Do we understand what it means conservany marriage. This Union is the marriage couples, among members of which was already sex.

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