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Today's mobile phones based on Windows Phone operating system (update every machine depends on its technical characteristics) occupy a considerable segment of the market of mobile phones. I would like to note that they are positioned as the device is designed primarily for business people. Although in recent years Microsoft equips their good technical equipment, which automatically gives you the chance to turn a “business-device" in modern smartphone games, photos and movies. Apps for Windows Phone available to users of the platform in the official store games, and we meanwhile, let us study the following question. This applies partly software mobile variations of the legendary operating system.

“My family”, Windows Phone. Configure? Easily!

my family windows phone to configure

This section has recently been included in the overall composition of functionality for families, specially developed by the company “Microsoft”. Probably to start is to talk about what were the reasons for creating this section. What prompted software engineers to create it and what semantic (or functional) load carries it?

General provisions

windows phone apps

Why the need For the section “My family" (Windows Phone)? Customize it no problem, but by doing this, you will feel at least a little, but calmer. Why? The fact that this section allows you to adjust the internal politics within the selected group. Section “My Family" (Windows Phone) can be configured using the engineering menu. It includes the account of your child's device, and accounts of his parents. Thus, you can affect the functional capabilities of a child profile. More specifically, you can specify which applications and games can be downloaded from the store. It can be the programs section “free”. If you wish, you can even disable the downloading of third-party software and games for the child account. Needless to say that you can customize and domestic preferences in the search programs according to their rating?


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Configuring for operating system version 8.1

install the windows phone

In that case, if your phone has software version 8.0, section “My family" of Windows Phone, which can be set by the exit to the main menu can have a different icon. In addition, certain functions in connection with the defect may not be available for activation. If you have the opportunity, update your device using the appropriate app for Windows Phone. Before you start customizing the section entitled “My family”, you can check the version of software installed on the machine, and the fact that the presence or absence of the newly added update packages.

The connection between the Xbox and setup

windows phone update

As mentioned earlier, functional features, which formed the basis of the existence of the item “family” developed by “Microsoft” for users of stationary and mobile versions of the corresponding operating system, inextricably linked to the control actions which are carried out in the child's account. Controls the actions of not only the computer but also the Internet. Perhaps if your child has an Xbox, you have already faced this problem, as setting the parameters of the family. To view and manage opportunities and limitations you can using not only hardware, but also the official online “Microsoft”.

The Differences in access rights

install windows phone on computer

Windows Phone update which you can check with a standard helper, "laid" in the software of the device, provides the ability to create and edit the priorities and opportunities of each account, attached to your smartphone. It is clear that in adults and children management will have different rights. Add in a single space, new users can only an adult. In fact, his account and held control and regulation settings on a child account. At the same time, one adult can not change the settings for the other with your profile. Users often ask the question about how to install the Windows Phone. It should be understood that the respective mobile OS and primary software is delivered immediately, not as in the case of, for example, with some laptops. In this case, the question of how to set Windows Phone on the computer, acquires the connotation of irrationality. This version of the operating system was designed specifically for portable devices, but for stationary computers or laptops provided by the full version. It is at the moment Windows 8.1 without the addition of “Phone”.

Sequence settings

phones for windows phone

To start configuring settings for a child account, the user needs to activate your profile. It will come inin it, utilizing the e-mail address. Account “Microsoft” you will also need to specify a valid password to confirm access rights to change some factory parameters. What we need to do to start configuring the application settings? First you need to use the official resource of the company “Microsoft”. If the settings under “Family”, you configure the first time, please click on the item called “add child”.

If you have already acted in menu

best windows phone

In this case, you must go to the section titled “child”. It allows you to view settings for this account and change them if necessary. There click on the “Add”. Will have to fill in the appropriate fields. They are responsible for remembering your email address. It is, in fact, the child will be subsequently use to log in to your account. It may be that the child has no pre-established email address. Then you have to spend a few minutes on its activation. To do this, in principle, not difficult. I just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen of the mobile phone to complete the process successfully. Phones on Windows Phone allow you to create emails quickly, almost in a few steps. Once the address is added, you can continue configuring the settings for this account.

If you want to add to the adult group

To do this, again the same go to the “Family”. There select the submenu called “Adult”. Then follow the extremely straightforward logic: click on the “add”, and then complete the process with the introduction of the e-mail addresses. Once again we remind you that such an account can change the settings only children's profile, but not others.

Change download settings games

The Best Windows Phone to date is still not defined, because a variety of different apparatus product line “Cake” do they continue to fight fiercely for this title. The battle is mainly due to variation in the characteristics. Often you may notice that one device gets the superiority over others, for example, due to more powerful CPU, but with less quality photo and video camera. However, this is not the topic of our article. We know how to set or change the priorities in customizing for item “Family”. This again will require an official resource of the company “Microsoft”. It go into your account and select the profile required of the child. To deal with the settings will help a page named “Purchase & expenses."


Now, what allows us, section "My family", set in the software capabilities of the phones running the operating system Windows Phone and the computers under control Windows 8.1? First of all, configure access settings for a child account (or multiple accounts). A very useful thing, actually, that might limit the child to access the "incorrect application" or save you money in some cases. The configuration is done through the use of official resource of the company "Microsoft".

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