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Teaching AIDS significantly simplify the task of the modern teacher. With their help, selection, transfer, transformation, and display of information.

The Use of technical means of education in the modern school allows you to automate many intellectual processes.


After the introduction of the national school of the new Federal educational standards have become increasingly complex objects of study. Teaching AIDS help the teacher to go beyond the classroom to explain and demonstrate to the children the processes and phenomena that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Rational use of teacher transformerait training time, models the space that is positively reflected on the increase of cognitive interest in different academic disciplines among the younger generation.

Technical training allow you to demonstrate complex processes that are difficult to understand using chalk and Board.

ICTs provide an opportunity to expand the artwork to create the problem situation, to carry out search activities with students not only in the classroom but also in extracurricular work.

the controller of the technical condition of motor vehicles training

Inclusive education

Technical training designed not only to talented students, but also for children who have restrictions on physical health. These guys may not attend school with healthy children, but they have the right to obtain knowledge and skills. Currently, they created original technical training.


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The Program is made individually for each child takes into account his physical condition, interests, and intellectual capabilities. Among surdotechnika means emit sound-amplifying equipment for individual and collective use, thanks to which you can work on improvement of disturbed auditory perception in deaf and hearing impaired children.

Such technical training school – devices that transmit information about sound phenomena that is converted into light, tactile-vibratory signals that are felt by the body surface.

technical training school

Key aspects of TSO

The Efficiency of their application is characterized by three interrelated aspects: methodological, technical and organizational.

Technical means in the learning process involve the adaptation, improvement, development that is used for feedback between teacher and students. They help to process, document, information, organize the self-study.

In the case when visual and technical training are used clumsily, they will not give the desired effect. Among educators and teachers, the vast majority – women who do not understand the technology.

A Serious psychological barrier is fear of malfunction of the equipment used. In order to cope with it, it is necessary to acquaint the workers of kindergartens and schools with TSO, rules of their application, the nature of service.

visual and technical training


All modern technical means of education according to the degree of application, the level of preparedness of students is divided into three levels of use:

  • Episodic;
  • Synchronous;
  • Systematic.

In the first case, the teacher only sometimes uses of TSO. Simultaneous application due to their regular inclusion in the educational process.

The Systematic use of technology allows the teacher to expand the volume of learning of the discipline.

Modern TSO

At the stage of formation of personality in the child laid the foundations of ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills. Increasing the amount of information assimilated by the students in a meaningful way, involves the use of technical training, improvement of methods of education and training.

TSO help the teacher to improve learning and educational processes, to improve the skills and abilities of the pupils.

Technical equipment with the didactic software used for processing and optimization of information. They combine two concepts:

  • Didactic;
  • Technical.


Special technical training are implemented in the educational process to improve its quality and efficiency.

Visual types include transparencies, filmstrips, a variety of overhead projection equipment.

I think TSO Audio recording and reproducing apparatus, the recording.

To the handling options, identify various machines.

Automatic learning tools called various computer equipment and supplies.

Currently, it is difficult to find in Russia a school where it was not a computer class. This type of TSO is the most promising option for the quality assurance of the educational process.

Allocateseveral options of computer equipment suitable for kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums:

  • Provide information (sound, screen, screen-sound);
  • In functionality (multimedia equipment, accessories, technical classroom complexes).
special technical training


Is currently used by three routes:

  • Modernisation of educational work, aimed at deepening the emotional perception of the students of software knowledge, provide insight into the culture and traditions of his native land, information about the environment;
  • Scientific organization of pedagogical work in educational institutions, increasing the professionalism, experience exchange, improvement of techniques and working methods;
  • Educating the public.


There are special simulators, allowing to assess the level of custody transfer metering units. For example, to assess the status of computer equipment in the vehicle uses the controller of the technical condition of motor vehicles.

The Training involves practicing skills and identify and resolve issues in the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Computers used in modern schools with special programs that allow teachers to control educational activity of pupils in the formation of arithmetic calculation skills in the physical and chemical problems.

The editors provide the opportunity for the lessons of sketching and drawing to create charts.

All programs used in domestic high schools, schools, high schools, tailored to the individual's age peculiarities of children and adolescents.

Depending on the specifics of teaching the discipline the teacher can systematically or periodically to use in educational process various types of technical training.

technology training


Modern PCs are created with LCD screen, can be powered by batteries, mains, rechargeable battery (up to 5). They consume little power, can be installed in any classroom.

This PC is equipped with many extra devices, so you can combine text with animation, voice and music. Multimedia – a great assistant teachers of preschool educational institutions. In the classroom, aimed at the development of language skills, development of aesthetic perception of the world, kids with TSO learn to recognize animals by the sounds, appearance, and habits.

If in preschool educational institutions teaching AIDS are used intermittently in schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, they are indispensable for each lesson. For each learning object developed by the training programs. For example, interactive course on the physics allows us to consider the phenomena and processes that a teacher can't demonstrate.

A Huge amount of information can be placed on a small removable media using disks (floppy disk) as needed.

Among the innovations that entered the Russian school, the introduction of electronic diaries and magazines. Without TSO completing such documentation would be impossible. Multimedia allows the teacher to draw up a comparative table to analyze individual achievements of each child, to build trajectories of development for each pupil.

modern teaching AIDS

Important facts

What is the controller of the technical condition of motor vehicles? Training SDA involves not only traffic rules, but also consider the devices of the car. Driving schools are becoming TSO, equipped with special equipment. Training is built so that future drivers worked the theoretical knowledge gained in the lectures. This greatly simplifies the preparation for the exams is a guarantee of issue of a driving school qualified drivers.

To TSO was the maximum extent effective, you need to first learn how to use such gadgets.

At First the teacher gives instructions, explains the specifics of the equipment, the rules of work with him. Only after that students begin to work independently.


It is directly connected with the stages of the lesson. For example, if TSO is used in the classroom more than 20 minutes, this leads to the fact that students no longer understand, process, conceptualize the information, lose interest in the lesson.

Psychologists believe that the best option would be the use of technical means at the beginning of class. Simply 5-10 minutes in order to concentrate the attention of the class on the problem to be addressed during training sessions.

You Can use TSO in the middle of a lesson to maintain a steady focus of the class. Monotonous to use the same method of training leads to a significant inhibition of the Central nervous system, the loss of perception of the presentedinformation.

How to avoid such problems? Psychologists recommend school teachers to alternate emotional stress with unloading, for example, the theoretical material is accompanied by a viewing of the fragment, with slides, cartoons.

the use of technical means of education


Technical means of training, which include personal computers, multimedia have become an integral part of the educational process. Considering the functionality and importance of TSO, currently they are classified according to various criteria.

Given the functional purpose they are divided into means to convey training information, control universal learning skills and carry out self-study. There are devices that combine multiple functionalities.

A Distinctive feature of tape recorders, epiprocta, graph projector, video tape recorders is the ability to transform information into a form that is easy to understand.

Currently, in the educational organizations use a variety of technical systems and devices that allow for the necessary criteria and programs to evaluate the option of learning. They differ in the type of training programs, methods of input response of students.

It is Difficult to imagine an educational institution in Russia, which would not have applied any technical training. And in kindergartens, in schools and in higher educational institutions of TSO allow to introduce in educational process of innovative achievements in modern science and technology.

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