The labor aristocracy is a concept from history or modern layer? The labor aristocracy: definition


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Labor aristocracy – a special layer, which the bourgeoisie sought to bribe. This process has become possible thanks to windfall profits from the export of capital in the colony. That, in essence, is the labor aristocracy? The concept is quite controversial. Let us examine it in more detail later.

labor aristocracy is a

General information

So, the labor aristocracy – a special category of people, whom the bourgeoisie bribed at the expense of the profits obtained in the process of exploitation of the liberated countries and the redistribution of national income. In particular, it became relevant after the collapsed colonial system. In order to understand what the working aristocracy, you need to take into account the conditions of the scientific-technical revolution, which began in the 2nd half of the XX century. Extra surplus value has become a major source of bribery. It was removed with the introduction of advanced technology in the preservation of monopoly prices.


The labor aristocracy (the definition given by F. Engels and K. Marx) originated in the XIX century in the UK. It included bourgeoisified, privileged strata, consisting of high-paying skilled factory workers. They, in turn, consisted of closed shop unions. The class were involved in the reformist conciliatory policy. Labor aristocracy bribing colonial and commercial and industrial monopoly in the UK. Thanks to her, a huge part of profits allocated for the top of the class. This was done in order to slow down the labor movement and split it.


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labor aristocracy

The Era of imperialism and the further development

Her attack about what is the labor aristocracy, learned in several other States. We are talking about France, USA, Germany and others. The social base of opportunism have become a labor aristocracy. It turned into a bulwark of social-chauvinism. Lenin wrote a lot about current events. He considered new for quite a bourgeois way of life, as well as the size of the earnings and Outlook in General. Furthermore, Lenin said that the working aristocracy – this is an important social prop of the bourgeoisie.

Features influencing the formation of a layer

In a separate capitalist countries it varies. In this case a major role is played by the correlation of class forces and the political maturity of the labor movement and its character. With regard to the top bribery in Russia, it was much smaller and weaker than, for example, in Western Europe and the United States. This does not affect the working masses, and talked about what the leader of the proletariat.what is the labor aristocracy

Development after the 1st world war

During this period, the position of the labor aristocracy weakened significantly. This was due to the new ideological, political and socio-economic factors. Was the narrowing of the traditional layers. This was due to the changes in the structure of capitalist production the working class. The role of skilled labor decreased. This was due to the widespread production method and the Assembly line. The global economic crisis was a major blow to the labor aristocracy. There was a significant undermining of the. Was the weakening of the Guild unions. It was also noted the growing influence of professional production companies.

Development after the 2nd world war

During this period the power of social systems are increasingly influenced by the policies and internal processes of imperialism. Marks the onset of the labor movement and the elimination of colonial regimes. The monopoly bourgeoisie is engaged in the spread of its ideology. It uses new methods and tools, which also include "human relations". We are talking about the demagogic propaganda of the equality of all workers. Thanks to this "cooperation of labor and capital" has drawn more layers of this class. The labor aristocracy declined sharply. This was due to the over technical and scientific revolutionary processes. Thanks to them, in the structure of the working class has undergone profound changes. Observed extension. This was mainly due to new troops, who had more training and education.

labor aristocracy definition of

Further development

So, the labor aristocracy is significantly narrowed. Despite this, some part of this class was preserved reformist illusions. It is also evident from intellectuals and ordinary employees. However, the whole picture includes the process of forming a large-scale front antiimperialistic forces and "restoration" of socio-political consciousness. It testifies to the end of this class and the crisis of the bourgeoisie. Thus, the concept of "labor aristocracy" is no longer used in political literature.


For his conduct in a particular country must take into account the historical specificity. It also requires the calculation of numerous factors that can determine the size of the labor aristocracy, its political importance, economicposition and so on. All of this is a certain complexity to the universal sociological planning. From a political point of view it is necessary to define the General features of this layer. This also applies to its prospects, historical development, the General outline and political expression. The problem of the labor aristocracy can be viewed from the perspective of specific social forces and theoretical abstraction, and in different imperialist countries. In the works of Lenin these materials are constantly repeated. However, he did not attempt to systematically define the subject in detail. As for Vladimir Ilyich, it is paramount for were the political motives of opportunism. labor aristocracy concept Thus, a detailed sociological analysis of the aristocratic layer of the departed on the second plan. In the socialist movement there were many subjects for debate. First of all, discussed the role of the labor aristocracy in the class struggle in the imperialist countries, and not its existence in General. Then, as quickly developed a privileged upper layer, was observed everywhere. In particular, this applies to the developed capitalist countries. In fact, the Marxists there was no need for the discovery of this phenomenon.

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