How do you clean blood?


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Manipulation of the blood are conducted with different goals: philanthropy and income (donation), the improvement of the body, a necessity of life (transfusion). In that case, if the man decided to bring the body in order to feel better, doctors recommend to clear the internal environment of the body, which is formed of liquid connective tissue. The procedure should take into account all contraindications and be sure to consult a doctor.

How safe is the purification of the blood?

If there is a hardware effect, then such problems as transfusion does not arise. This is due to the fact that a person does not put someone else's blood, and his own passed through a sterile system. Therefore, the probability of “catch” by any virus or bacteria is quite low. Therefore, the main task of the patient – to check that all the tools were from new packages, and the doctor in the work comply with relevant health standards. It is also recommended to check the license of the medical center, which offers the procedure: it can be issued exclusively by the Ministry of the blood

What the purpose is purification of blood?

In the body with air, substandard food and water gets a lot of unnecessary, sometimes even toxic substances. In his youth, thanks to the good work of organs and systems, they are safely removed. However, with age, there are disruptions in the body, which are expressed in slagging and high cholesterol. Therefore, cleaning the blood helps support the work of organs and systems at the appropriate level and to deduce from them all unnecessary.

cleaning the blood of cholesterol

What are the methods to carry out this procedure?

Sometimes people resort to traditional means: diet and herbal medicine. The choice of herbs which clean the blood of cholesterol and other harmful substances, is quite broad. These include: dandelion, burdock, rose hips. Useful mixture: celery and parsley, yarrow and calendula. Usually these ingredients make the tea, prepare the infusion or decoction.


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The medical institutions used very different methods. For example, cleaning the blood with a laser. This procedure consists of exposure through an optical waveguide of the laser photons, which are sent to any available vein. Therefore, the main influences on the vasculature. The procedure provides effective treatment for: cardiovascular system, the expansion of blood vessels, eliminates spasms, dissolve microthrombuses; is a tonic effect on the ovaries and thyroid. Also after the procedure improves respiratory function and bronchodilation is observed.blood Purification laser

Sometimes being gemosorbece. This blood purification enables you to remove unnecessary substances, such as cholesterol. This procedure gives a positive effect in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, eczema, allergic reactions. However, in acute infections, in injuries of the brain and malignant tumors of gemosorbece not carried out. Usually six short sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Another method – hemoxygenase. In this case, the blood is injected ozonated saline through the IV. Due to the neutralization of toxins and microorganisms. The blood oxygen saturation will be useful when toxicosis, infections and poisoning, in addition to this, SARS. This method is good because it is not absolute contraindications.

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