Interrupted intercourse and pregnancy. The probability of getting pregnant when interrupted act


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Currently, manufacturers of contraceptives offer partners a variety of ways to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy. Such methods are divided into two types: male and female. In the first case, the most popular are condoms. With the help of them, the man protects the woman from getting to her genitals sperm. Women use a hormonal (oral contraceptive pills, spiral), vaginal tablets and candles, caps (made according to the type of condoms) and so on.

Pairs are Often used for protection interrupted the act. How safe is it? This will tell you in this article. You will learn about the opinion of doctors on this issue. Will also be able to find out what are the chances of getting pregnant when interrupted act in a particular case.

interrupted intercourse

What is it?

Interrupted intercourse – this kind of method of preventing unwanted pregnancy. They often use young people who do not have funds for more expensive contraceptives. However, this practice can result in a much higher cost.

The Interrupted act provides for the extraction of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. In other words, sperm does not fall to the bodies of women. A partner can have all the time to control and to remember that to conceive you need only one sperm.

Medical point

Gynecologists say that the probability of getting pregnant when interrupted act is quite high. They explain this by the fact that male gametes intended for fertilization, have found their way into the lubricant, which is released before and during intercourse. It is therefore often interrupted the act ends with the conception.



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Doctors also remind that the absence of barrier methods of contraception leads to pregnancy. Such negligence may cause consequences in the form of infections, sexually transmitted method. If you soon plan to have children, it is not necessary to use the described method. Doctors say that about 60% of all abortions occur after an interrupted contact.

the probability of getting pregnant when interrupted act

Oproverjenie the opinion of scholars

Great minds of modern medicine talking about the fact that if you practice coitus interruptus, it is possible to get pregnant. However, conception does not occur due to the fact that in pre-cum-the fluid contains sperm. Such cells in lubrication sexual partner not. This came to light after the last head studies.

Scientists say that the pregnancy with this method of protection comes because it's not always a man can not stop in time. In such a situation as described above, everything is decided by fractions of a second. If the woman's vagina got a little bit of ejaculate, the probability of conception increases several times.

Contact during menstruation

What say those who practiced interrupted intercourse? Reviews report that conception absolutely will not come during menstruation. Indeed, the probability of getting pregnant at this time is reduced several times. Even when getting sperm into the vagina all the sperm come out later along with the bleeding. Also during menstruation is no favourable microflora, which would allow the cells to persist for some time.

Experts remind that the interrupted contact during menstruation can trigger the development of such pathologies as endometriosis, endometritis, inflammation of the uterus and its appendages. At least for this reason, doctors urge partners to refrain from sexual intercourse during the period of monthly bleeding.

interrupted intercourse and pregnancy

Mid-cycle fertile days

If occurs during ovulation coitus interruptus, it is possible to get pregnant with a high probability. Approximately mid-cycle a woman's body is drastically changing hormones. While the Mature follicle ruptures, releasing itself from the egg. The microflora of the vagina also undergoes changes. Developing a favorable environment for the presence and movement of sperm. All that is necessary for conception.

If at this point there will be sexual contact and drop of the semen will enter the vagina, then there is a high probability that the pregnancy will come. The woman and the man may not even notice the fact that the semen was in the body of the fairer sex.

coitus interruptus to get pregnant

The Probability of pregnancy: the end and beginning of the cycle

As you can see, interrupted intercourse and pregnancy are closely interrelated. The probability of conception decreases at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and after ovulation. If judged by a scale, then on the fertile days a woman can “fly” with the possibility of 9. In the beginning of the cycle, this probability is equal to 7. After ovulation it is about 5. In the period of bleeding (menstruation), the probability of pregnancy is reduced to 3. You should pay your attention that in any case it is not equal to 0.

To visually and clearly represent the possibility of pregnancy at the beginning and end of the cycle, istalk a little bit about the sperm. Male gametes – cells that fertilize a woman. This process requires just a single sperm. Under good conditions (which occur in the middle of the cycle), these cells can remain in the vagina for 10 days. They are waiting in the wings to produce fertilization. During sexual contact, which occurs immediately after menstruation (at the beginning of the cycle), gametes can live in the body of your partner to one week. If it so happened that the sperm got into the vagina, and a week later came the ovulation, the probability of pregnancy is very high.

The situation is Somewhat different at the end of the cycle. The viability of male germ cells remains the same. However, before the onset of the fertile days usually stays over three weeks. It is expected and even menstruation. The probability of pregnancy in this case is low, but it is.

the interrupted act reviews


As you already know, when interrupted sexual intercourse pregnancy can occur. Tips of gynaecologists say that you should use other means of protection. However, if you are determined to stick to their habits, it is necessary to follow some additional rules. They will help you get the maximum protection from unwanted conception.

  • Do Not practice more than one contact per day. In the urethra of men may remain gametes, that the intercourse will get into the vagina.
  • Use ovulation test. This method will help you keep track of the fertile days, the probability of pregnancy which increases.
  • Refrain from alcoholic beverages before intercourse. Under the influence of intoxicants harder to control yourself.
  • Calculate dangerous days using the calendar method.
  • If you delay menstruation, contact your doctor immediately to avoid pregnancy.

coitus interruptus you can get pregnant


You know what the relationship is interrupted intercourse and pregnancy. If you use this method of protection, be sure to visit the gynecologist. Maybe the doctor will select the most suitable, reliable and budget option of contraception. Bless you!

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