How to grow celery in the garden


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Celery – an incredibly useful crop. It is used for salads, soups and as a flavor enhancer for stewing meat or vegetables. Celery is rich in vitamins, and it is used for making the famous onion soup that guarantees weight loss. However, the market this product is quite expensive-so isn't it time to learn how to grow celery independently?


The Optimal method of growing celery-seed germination to further transplanting into the ground. The best time to start germination & ndash; end of March-beginning of April. Before transplanting must pass a little over a month. Some sources that tell about how to grow celery, start date of seed germination is called and the end of March. So the first question: "When to sow celery?" receives the following answer: "the month of March, six weeks before planting seedlings in the ground". As in different regions of the spring comes at different times, it is possible to determine the onset of seed germination.


Celery Seeds are planted in the box of compost, the temperature must initially be of the order of 20 degrees, only three weeks after the first germs it reduces to 15 degrees. Accordingly, the question of "When to plant celery?" closely connected with the temperature of the spring months in a particular region. To plant seedlings need, when average daily temperature exceeds 15 degrees.


Need to know how to grow celery with succulent fleshy leaves. To do this, from the first leaves should be pinched – this will allow the remaining young greens to get stronger. It is important to ensure that the soil is prepared for celery, was rich in phosphorus and potassium. Celery likes the light and moisture, but, on the other hand, is not very good to the scorching sun and moisture – he needs all measure. Manuals on how to grow celery, describes that the best precursors for this vegetable are squash, beets or cabbage. Celery leaves harvested in July. Culture allows us to cut the crop two or three times.


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But all the charm of the cultivation of this useful plant are not over. So, there are rules how to grow celery under greenhouse conditions. In October, it is possible to produce planting plants and enjoy the greenery until March. The soil should be sprinkled with sand. In the greenhouse you can also get two or three crops. Recall that the celery greens in a cool place can be stored up to three days. Very good to use and another useful part of the plant-root. At the last harvest "inches" plants remove from the soil completely and separate the root from the leaves. Recall that the root of the celery is also very useful and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. There is also an option to leave the celery in the second year – in this case, you can get the stems of the plants, which are also successfully used in cooking and folk medicine.


Let us Dwell on the question of how to grow celery stemmed. By and large, we used to buy stalks of this plant-but they often have a bitter taste, so not all use them for food. But the undoubted benefits of celery taught gardeners to give useful culture is more attractive taste. For this purpose we developed a technique of whitening the stems – 2-3 weeks before harvest, the plants Spud. This procedure allows to get rid of bitterness and then the plants are kept much longer.


Well, one last thing. If you have no desire to mess with the seeds – you can come much easier, leaving the roots until the following spring. Then they are planted like potatoes, and again enjoyed a tasty and healthy greens.

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