Ulcer on the penis. How to treat sores on the penis?


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Rather unpleasant symptom that may indicate the emergence of a number of diseases in men, considered the ulcers on the penis. And most importantly, what they should do, in the manifestation of this symptom, immediately contact with appropriate person for assistance. Otherwise, you can start a serious illness, the consequences of which can dramatically alter the usual man's life.

purulent ulcer on the penis

Basic information

In medicine ulcer on the penis is called balanoposthitis. The main cause of this disease are hidden infections that fall within the male body during sexual relations. This becomes a nuisance for the patient in serious physical and psychological problem.

Without treatment the ulcers will increase in size and cause a lot of inconvenience, so, when the manifestation of the smallest entities, it is better to ask for help.

Causes and main symptoms of the disease

Sores on the penis men can be of different shape and size. It depends only on the disease manifestation which can be called a symptom. Solely by their appearance is very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis and to start treatment, so after visual inspection, the doctor prescribes a number of special tests. This content ulcers is sent to the laboratory for testing, which will be precisely to say what continue to fight.

According to the practical analysis, the appearance of ulcers on the penis, usually indicates the presence of the following diseases:

  • Syphilis;
  • Herpes of the penis:
  • Chancroid and others.

small ulcers on the penis

Main symptoms of the disease

The Main signs of occurrence of sores on the penis, the cause of which is infection, are:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Fever;
  • Weakness;
  • Malaise;
  • Fatigue;
  • Pain in joints and muscles;
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin area;
  • A sense of apathy;
  • Decreased performance.

If, in the presence of ulcers on the penis, it additionally detected and several of these symptoms should immediately contact a doctor.


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The causative agent of genital herpes is the herpes simplex virus (HSV). All varieties of the disease observed not more than 8, but those that provoke its manifestation in the genital area, refer to the first and second type.

Named the disease can be transmitted from one person to another by airborne droplets, contact-household (rare), and sexually. Thus, regardless of the transmission path on the genitals can appear rash. Most often it is the little ulcers on the penis, which over time dissolve on their own. It is worth noting that the man has herpes can pass virtually asymptomatic. And to confirm its presence, is simply to take the content analysis of the lesions and wait a bit.

Unfortunately, to get rid of this disease completely impossible - once you enter the body, HSV remains there forever. But therapeutic measures will help to increase the interval between relapses of the disease. Most often, the treatment is carried out such drugs as "Famciclovir", "Valacyclovir or Acyclovir".

If the herpes in men will manifest too often, should think about strengthening the immune system and course of antiviral drugs. The duration of relapse depends not only on properly sized treatment, but also on adherence to certain General rules, including a minimum of physical exercise and stress and proper nutrition. While the most effective treatment for herpes is recognized as "Acyclovir" or "Zovirax", which is sold in the form of ampoules, tablets and ointments.

ulcer on the penis in men


An Ulcer on the penis may be the first sign of syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that is transmitted sexually. It has four periods. While incubation is the time from infection to the first appearance of the chancre. And the primary period is characterized by increase of lymph nodes and the appearance on the skin and mucous specific rash.

After a week in this place there are ulcers that are located on hard bottom. Most often these lesions are covered by serous and composition occur together with a specific rash. To diagnose the ulcers of syphilis must be serodiagnostic, pass PCR analysis and to conduct a macroscopic study of the dark-field. As a Supplement may need treponemal tests.

To understand how to treat ulcers on the penis, initially will have to figure out how exactly the disease they caused. The treatment of syphilis depending on the stage of neglect can be a complex or strictly individual. At its core are the antibiotics of penicillin group, which replaced, in cases vozmozhnoi allergic reactions to other drugs.

In severe disease, ulcers, syphilis can remain a member even after comprehensive treatment. Then it is necessary to Supplement a course of antibiotics and restorative drugs, immuno - and physiotherapy.

how to treat ulcers on the penis

Gangrenous balanitis

Another cause of ulcers on the surface of the male sexual organ is considered such a disease as balanitis. The appearance of such unpleasant disease can cause infection of the genitourinary system, poor personal hygiene, tight underwear and phimosis. While initially appearing ulcer on the skin member, and more precisely-on its head. From the side it looks like a small shallow depression covered with pus.

Most Often, balanitis is accompanied by high fever, General malaise and dry mouth. When not treated can begin necrosis of the head of the penis. Therapy gangrenous balanta is complex.

Initially the patient will have to withdraw from sexual contact during treatment. Next, you will drink a course of sulfa drugs and antibiotics. Be sure all the time you need to make lotions with antiseptic, which are ulcers with purulent contents. Most often it is normal potassium permanganate or "Chlorhexidine". By the way, if the causative agent is infection, the affected areas of the penis will have 3-4 times a day to treat with ointment "Levomekol".

Soft chancre

ulcer on the penis

Purulent ulcer on the penis can occur as a result of chancroid – another sexually transmitted disease, sexually transmitted diseases. Most often, this pathology is diagnosed in residents of Africa, Latin America and Asia. From unprotected intercourse to the time when the first redness on the penis is not less than 10 days. Over time, in place of the red spots arise ulcers, and then formed a fetid ulcer. The soft chancre, the edges of the wound are rather flexible, light pus, while the wound is very sore.

Treatment of this disease is quite simple, if it's not running. This is assigned to antibiotics or sulfa drugs. The course is not less than 2 weeks, after which the patient will have about 6 months to go for regular checkups at the doctor to prevent recurrence.

As additional products for a deeper treatment you can use topical antibiotics as lotions and ointments. In a more advanced stage possible surgical intervention.

ulcer on the skin of a member


To the described problem no longer bothered the men, should be a number of simple preventive measures:

  1. Refusal of active intercourse, which can occur when damage to the penis.
  2. The Use of condoms.
  3. Personal hygiene.
  4. Avoidance of casual sex.

Paying attention to the listed items and keeping them in the future, you should not worry that there will be ulcers on the penis.

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