What is gymnastics for pregnant women ?


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The fact that exercises are important for everyone, has long been known. A healthy lifestyle is actively promoted in the media, in schools - everywhere. But about whether gymnastics for pregnant women and if you need, what, know a few.

For starters, let's define the concepts. What is gymnastics for pregnant women? This is a special set of exercises that will help the pregnant woman's body to prepare for childbirth. But that's not all. If you are in a group under the guidance of the instructor, using, for example, large rubber balls, such "complex therapy" and not just gymnastics for pregnant women, has a huge psychological effect. Studying in a group, you will get rid of melancholy and depression, become more confident and gain support.

And now a little more about what should be the ideal exercises for pregnant women.
first, if the term of your pregnancy is not as big, say, the first or second trimester, it is possible not to interrupt your usual sport or learn new. Why not? For example, running, swimming, tennis. But just remember that you don't have to deal with them, that is, "to wear". Acceptable light jog in the morning or a tennis set, but before the appearance of light pleasant feelings of fatigue.

But in the second half of pregnancy from such loads, even if they seem minimal, it is better to refuse. Instead of these sports will help positional exercises for pregnant women. Probably you have not heard about this, but nevertheless, this kind of gymnastics is gaining momentum.


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Positional gymnastics and a good that has an impact not only on muscles, but most importantly, it teaches to control your body with breathing and it will come in handy when it's the most important day in your life.

Here are some examples, how is gymnastics during pregnancy and what exercises must go into it.

For Example, useful for this exercise, raise up your shoulder in a semicircle, that is, forward and upward, simultaneously breathe. Then continue the circle with the shoulder and draw breath. Do the same thing and the other shoulder. Feel how the air enters and fills your lungs, how it is distributed throughout the body and gives you the ease and cheerfulness.

Sit on a big rubber ball (as we said above, this is best done together in a group in order to obtain moral and recharge). Rotate hips, sitting on the ball: right-left, forward-backward and so on. Can make slow circular movements.

Another good exercise. Stand against the wall and lean on hand. Do pushups standing up, but make sure that your heels do not move. Inhale-exhale and repeat the process until the first signs of fatigue.

And the last thing you need to pay attention to. This is the room in which you spend the exercises for pregnant women. Of course, it must be well ventilated, but do not engage in the draft, razvorachivat otherwise, you run the risk of catching a cold, and in such a delicate state as pregnancy, it's extremely unlikely. Ventilate the room for 15 minutes before beginning your workout. And then close the vent or window. Craze the room and after the exercise. Open the window and leave the room for a few minutes. During this time, you can take a nice warm shower.

Pick some nice clothes for class. It is necessary that each cell of your body breathing, so get rid of all unnatural. No synthetics and other artificial materials, only cotton or flax as the most affordable and eco-friendly materials.
Turn on some soft music, it will help you to set the desired mood. Ideally, this should be a classic, with a modern twist. Scientists have proved that a classic like no other music will help to get rid of stress.

Exercises for pregnant women is not just exercise - it's a conversation with yourself and with your baby.

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