How to sign clothes in kindergarten? Embroidery, stickers


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Often collecting in kindergarten become for parents a real challenge. Many rules, regulations, and recommendations, this all you need to follow. One of the main conditions – marking personal belongings of the baby. And then the parents have a logical question: how to sign clothes in kindergarten, while not damaging its structure and quality? We will try to deal with this in the article. how to sign clothes in kindergarten

What you need to sign clothes in kindergarten

And Here came the crucial period in a child's life-going to kindergarten. Preschool institution is well chosen, was the first acquaintance with the teachers, things neatly hung on the trempel in the closet and waiting for their publication. There is one important point – labeling personal items.

Parents quite a popular question, how to sign clothes in kindergarten? Information pretty much inexperienced moms and dads who have experienced this for the first time, you can get lost, before you choose to do the right and necessary way.

And why do we need labeling? The answer is quite simple. Is a kind of hint for educators. It is worth considering the fact that in groups many children, can meet exactly the same pair of clothes and shoes. A child, especially in the nursery, is very jealous own clothes. So for him to see his jacket on another kid – a real tragedy, which could end in a hour hysteria and a flood of tears.

A Different situation – the relatives who came to pick up the child. As practice shows, moms and dads know closet little mod, but grandparents, older brothers and sisters are not distinguished in these matters. Hence, there are situations when children are taken away in other people's boots and hats.


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To a similar situation did not arise, was invented by the labelling of clothes in kindergarten.

Advice from experienced grandparents

After Hearing from educators about what clothes should be identified, mothers often seek the advice of a grandmother who had had personal experience with this procedure. To use modern technology they will not recommend, but to come up with a logo and embroider it on clothing – the answer is in the spirit of your favorite grandmother. Often they offer help and part of the work to take on.stickers on clothes for kindergarten

Of Course, this method is widely known and popular, but very time consuming. Just imagine how many berries and cars you will have to embroider on clothes. This work will last not even for one week. To embroider the same picture-not very interesting, can quickly get bored.

A grandmother's offer to make thing personal. But how to embroider the child's name on clothing? Make it pretty easy - you will need embroidery floss, chart, lot of free time and patience.

Popular ways of marking

To answer the question how to sign clothes in kindergarten, you need to see a list of the main methods and materials that can be used for these purposes:

  • Special sets to create the tags;
  • Pen, marker, crayon;
  • Embroidery logo with embroidery floss;
  • A custom (personal) tags through the online shop;
  • Decal.

All these methods are the most popular. Try to figure out their positive qualities and flaws. the tags on the clothes for kindergarten

Tag – a reliable and proven method labels

First of all, you need to figure out what is a tag? This piece of fabric, which contains individual information about the child. Make them pretty simple. As the basis for a suitable satin ribbon, it's worth pristroit to personal belongings, and after to put all the necessary information about the child. As a rule, the name. Often such tags are sewn manufacturers to outerwear. In this case, the designated special field that just need to fill in. In addition to General data, there is a column of a mobile phone parents. It is very convenient if the baby will get lost or will be lost.

how to sign clothes, child

Tags on the clothes for kindergarten is quite popular among parents. First, they look carefully at the clothes, and secondly, the process of sewing does not take much time. Not necessary to specify the information about the baby, it can be a kind of logo, emblem, an interesting pattern of fabric and so on.

Stay on the miracle of the office

Now the question arises, what to sign, clothes to kindergarten? With your hands make it pretty easy, you must only buy special markers. They come in several types:

  1. A Normal pen (ball point, gel).
  2. Permanent marker. Its advantage lies in the fact that he is not afraid of water.
  3. Ink.

how to embroider a child's name on clothing

Would a normal pen?

Now we proceed to consider the question of how to sign clothes child using these stationery items. Each apartment has a ballpoint pen, but everyone knows quality ink to fade after the first wash and dry to wear. It turns out that parents need to constantly monitor things and monitor the status of the label. Agree, this is notthere is always time. There is a way that will help extend the operation time of ink – after writing the initials of the child on the inside of clothing should be immediately ironed the lettering with a hot iron for a few minutes.

It is Worth noting that to do this kind of procedure is best for dark things, as after washing the ink can leave stains. To avoid this, many use the following method. Take a regular band-aid, point to it baby and stick it on the clothes. Before the first wash, this tag will last.

Everyone has probably heard of permanent markers. They are used to sign CD-ROM drive. They cost pennies, while the effect is stunning. The entry made by them on clothes, doesn't fade, lasts a long time.

In addition to the usual pens, many people prefer to sign clothes with ink, which are still sold in stores to the office in glass jars. This can be done by using toothpicks or thin sticks. After ink is deposited on the inner part personal belongings, they must be ironed with a hot iron through a damp cheesecloth. To use such means conveniently, the process does not take much time and effort.

Embrace change

“is it Possible to use stickers on clothes for kindergarten?” they ask many parents and educators. The answer is obvious-Yes. In the apparel stores showcases full of such photos. Among them you can find interesting logos, vivid characters from famous cartoons and much more. Using them is easy, just attach to clothes and through a gauze with a hot iron to transfer the material. The only caveat - the negative attitude of pediatricians such a method. They claim that the stickers on the clothes for kindergarten can cause severe allergic reactions on the skin of babies.sign clothes in kindergarten with their hands

Another way – the use of special kits to create tags. This set consists of satin adhesive ribbon marker. Attaches to clothing very easily. The only thing you need to consider the inscription of such a marker would be vague and not very clear, no matter how you tried.

You can Also use the service that is offered by many online stores: the creation of custom tags. You can offer you like the layout, font size, choose color. This service cost is not very expensive, and the clothing looks original and beautiful.

Again to summarize

In conclusion, once again I would like to highlight the main ways of marking personal belongings of the child:

  1. Embroidery. The method is very time consuming, but the result is stunning. A bold pattern or initials will last a long time on clothes.
  2. Markers, pens. The process is not complicated, not costly, while the label may fade or completely disappear after the first wash.
  3. Special tag, bought in the clothing store or ordered on an individual markets on the Internet resources.

marking clothes to kindergarten

Every parent should decide for themselves how to sign clothes in kindergarten. All of the above methods are very popular. Be sure to mark personal belongings of the baby - and then you'll save time carers and good mood to your child.

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