USB-tokens. What makes this a useful device?


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Now increasingly used tokens. But despite this, many people do not understand what this device. Next we will talk about what it's used for tokens that this type of application gives. It will be considered a USB device connected to PC.

Store information on the token

tokens what

I Want to immediately explain that this device is not a flash drive. Undoubtedly, it can store small amounts of information, but it is limited, for example 64 kilobytes. There are also tokens that contain a memory of several gigabytes. But the data in this memory are stored on the same technology as a regular memory card. For this reason, the function of data storage can be considered incidental or secondary. For what need tokens? What is the device doing?

The Initial purpose – unrecoverable storing some key information. Immediately noticeable that there is little to do with the memory card. Unrecoverable storage – when a token code will not get anywhere from the device. It can't be extracted, for example, in the computer memory. It is possible that this is happening, but in encrypted form. There is the option of exporting the key and plaintext, but even that is much safer than storing it on a flash drive. Why it's safer to store the key? The token requires knowledge of the PIN code to export a flash drive – not.

Besides, even if you save the key on a removable storage device and encrypt it, the attacker will be able to take countless attempts of deciphering. The authorization token after three failed attempts of entering the code blocks.


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This suggests that even with the simplest security settings it is better to store the keys on the token.

Other options


Store the key – most importantly, what is tokens. What is the device in addition? Here other functions:

  1. Self-encrypting and decrypting.
  2. Generate the encryption key.
  3. Generating and verifying the digital signature.
  4. Hashing data.

A Token is a kind of black box in the time when the cryptographic operations are carried out. Thus, the data are input using the key converted and sent to the output. You can compare the token with a microcomputer: input and output of information is performed via USB, has its own processor, RAM and long term memory.

Comparison with the password

token code

For most has become a standard that passwords are used everywhere. This is a modern classic. The person wants to go in the social network or buy something – uses a password. Their main advantage is the simplicity of use. But at the same time there are aspects, which put some operations that are important from the standpoint of security, into question. It can be forgetfulness, the transmission of the password over an insecure channel, typing, predictability.

The Tokens are quite capable to solve absolutely all of those tasks for which use passwords. And to solve them more safely and efficiently.

Data Encryption

key token

Data is typically encrypted by a cryptographic key, which, in turn, is encrypted on the password. And security of this scheme depends only on the password, which is not in all cases is complex, can be typed on the keyboard or forgotten. When using a token there are two solutions:

  • The Key is on the token and it never leaves. This method is suitable only for small amounts of information, as the recovery speed with the help of the token is low. The offender will not be able to retrieve the key.
  • Key is on the token but is in the process of encryption gets in the computer memory. This method is used, for example, to encrypt and decrypt the volume completely. The key is to extract a possible but not very easy. Password steal is much easier.


It's safe to say that will be able to avoid various unpleasant situations when you use and prevalence of decisions based on the tokens. Stealing passwords will be deleted and the security level will increase in a global sense. It is for the security and use the tokens. What's the use gives? Only advantages and reliability. Even if you completely abandon passwords in favor token, the benefits are obvious. Because if you lose the key no they are not.

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