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Problems in the functioning of the heart and vessels thoroughly is one of the main places in the list of diseases of the modern world, which can lead to death. Artery disease, various forms of heart failure, defeat muscular middle layer of the heart – all of this can develop in every second inhabitant of the big city.

If the problem is to leave and not to decide the patient's condition will only get worse, the result may end in acute cerebrovascular disease or other serious illnesses.

“only two” — a synthetic drug, improves metabolism and energy supply of tissues. The main purpose of treatment for patients with diseases of the heart – reduce the need heart of oxygen and increase tolerance to mental and physical stress. What has an effect “only two”? Angioprotective, antihypoxic and cardioprotective effect.

Release Form

The Medication comes in the form of gelatin tablets on a milky color, which contain hygroscopic white powder with a weak odor, packaged in blisters, and then placed in a cardboard box. The drug is also available in the form of a transparent liquid (ampoules of 5 ml). One milliliter of the drug contains 100 milligrams of the active substance.


The Main active trace mineral that is part of the “only two”, which is Meldonium dihydrate in two doses - 250 and 500 milligrams. Additional substances are:

  • Calcium stearate;
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • Potato starch;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • Gelatin.

Pharmacological action

Meldonium dihydrate improves metabolism, increasing the excretion of accumulated toxins from the tissues, exerting a tonic effect and protect tissues from damage.


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After taking “only two” increased susceptibility to physical and mental stress and the ability to instantly recover from them. Thanks to this medication used to improve blood supply to the brain and therapy of various disorders of the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, as well as to improve performance.

The presence of heart failure, according to the instructions for use, "inflammation" thick enhances contractility of the heart muscle, reduces the frequency of angina attacks, thus increasing susceptibility to physical stress.

During cerebral ischemia, the product is recommended for the normalization of blood microcirculation at the source of the disease, which contributes to a faithful distribution.

Based on the reviews on the drug, it can be concluded that the drug works effectively when lesions of the Central nervous system, the abstinence syndrome, as well as in the pathology of the ocular fundus. Are there some “only two” contraindications and side effects? Of course, like every drug.

Mildronate contraindications and side

“only two”: contraindications and indications

A Drug used in the treatment of:

  1. Pathological disease which is characterized by complete or partial failure of circulation to the myocardium.
  2. Myocardial Infarction (one of the clinical forms of ischemia that occur with development of ischemic necrosis of myocardium caused by absolute or relative deficiency of its blood supply).
  3. Angina (a clinical syndrome characterized by the sensation or discomfort behind the breastbone).
  4. Inflammatory disease that develops as a result of sharply formed or with a prolonged decrease in contractile activity of the myocardium, with stagnation in the circulation.
  5. Inflammation of the myocardium, which is formed as a result of a lack of sex hormones the body.
  6. Stroke (sudden decrease of blood flow to the brain, which leads to permanent focal inflammation.
  7. Cerebrovascular insufficiency (disease causing pathological changes in the cerebral vessels).
  8. Health Reduced.
  9. Retinopathy (damage of the retina of the eyeball of any origin).
  10. Hemophthalmus (penetration of blood into the vitreous body or into one of the formed spaces around it).
  11. Bleeding into the retina (bleeding in the tissue of the retina caused by damage to the walls of eye blood vessels).
  12. Vascular diseases manifested by ischemia, enlargement and tortuosity of veins of the area of the eye, mostly intraretinal hemorrhages and macular edema.
  13. Chronic alcoholism (mental illness, which is caused by prolonged intoxication with alcohol).

In addition, the drug is used to restore health and reduce symptoms of mental and physical exhaustion.

Mildronate effects and contraindications


According to the instructions for "Inflammation" contraindications to the use of the drug still has:

  • Children under 18 years of age;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Increased intracranial pressure;
  • Intracranial tumors;
  • Blood circulation (impaired venous drainage).

It is Not recommended to take the drug during pregnancy and lactation, as no information on the research conducted in these States.

Mildronate contraindications and side effects

Usage instructions

In ischemic heart disease, or prolonged congestive heart failure the drug should be consumed as part of complex therapy 1 or 2 times a day for 6 weeks. Maximum daily dosage varies from 0.5 to 1 gram.

Persons who suffer from climacteric disease of the myocardium, the drug is administered as a drug together with a comprehensive treatment. For 12 days you should take 500 milligrams per day.

When a sudden lose of cerebral circulation "inflammation" is assigned to 1 gram 1 or 2 times a day for six weeks.

In chronic lesions of the microcirculation of the brain, the drug is applied two or three times a year as part of a combined treatment (at 0.5 milligrams for six weeks).

Mental and physical overload and reduced performance, it is recommended to use two tablets (500 milligrams) daily for fourteen days. If necessary, the course can be repeated after three weeks.

Athletes pre-workout appoint “inflammation of” two times a day 0.5 to 1 gram for three weeks before the competition.

People suffering from alcoholism, the presence of delirium tremens recommended to take 0.5 grams four times a day for two weeks.

According to the contraindications to the use of, “only two” should be taken in the morning. Such a condition is required to comply, as the drug has a stimulating effect (it is advisable to take the medicine about 12 hours).

“only two”: the side effects

Contraindications indicate that an incorrectly calculated dose of the drug may cause some negative reactions:

  1. Hyperemia (excessive overflow of blood vessels of any organ or body part with blood).
  2. Rash.
  3. Utricaria (skin disease, dermatitis mainly of allergic origin, characterized by the rapid appearance of severely itchy blisters).
  4. Itchy Skin.
  5. Angioedema (severe disease, characterized by immediate swelling of the mucous membrane).
  6. Neuralgia (disruption of the normal activities of the stomach, difficult and painful digestion. The syndrome of dyspepsia is defined as pain or inconvenience).
  7. Low or high blood pressure.
  8. Tachycardia (rapid contraction of the heart from ninety beats per minute).
  9. Increased nervous excitability.
  10. Weakness.
  11. Eosinophilia (a condition in which the diagnosed relative or absolute increase in the number of eosinophils in the blood).


“only two” improves the therapeutic effect of cardiac glycosides, antihypertensive drugs, coronary dilator and funds. The drug can be combined with extended forms of nitrates and anticoagulants, bronchodilators, and arrhythmic drugs.

The Use of “only two” in combination with nitroglycerin and drugs that reduce blood pressure, may contribute to the development of arterial hypotension and tachycardia.


The Intake of excessively elevated dosages can cause adverse reactions:

  • Decrease blood pressure;
  • Uchenomu pulse;
  • Dizziness;
  • Migraine headaches;
  • General weakness.


As already mentioned, during pregnancy, in breastfeeding should not take the drug, because they were not clinical studies and no information about the safety of the drug.

Persons suffering from renal and hepatic insufficiency, contraindicated "inflammation".

In the reviews people who were treated with this medicine, indicate increased efficiency, improved emotional state, the normalization of the functioning of the heart muscle.


To Keep the "spray" should be in a dark place at a temperature of not more than twenty-five degrees. Shelf life is four years. The cost of the drug varies from 230 to 750 rubles.


Like any other medication, “only two” has products-substitutes:

  1. ‘Melhor”.
  2. “Meldonium”.
  3. “Idrinol”.
  4. “Cardinal”.
  5. “Angiocarpy”.
  6. “Vazonat”.
  7. “Mataiden”.
  8. ‘Presiding”.

“Meldonium” produced in form of suspension, capsule, solution for injection. The drug has anti-ischemic and cardioprotectiveaction. Effective in the pathology of the retinal vessels. Relieves disorders of the Central nervous system. “Meldonium” is contraindicated for use by persons under the age of eighteen years. The cost of the medication is 150-250 rubles.

“Idrinol” refers to drugs that improve metabolism and energy. Dispensed in pharmacies in the form of solution for injection. One milliliter “Einola” contains 100 mg of Meldonium dihydrate (active substance). The medication should be taken early in the day, as it has a stimulating effect. In the treatment of withdrawal symptoms, as a rule, appoint intravenous injection of 500 milligrams twice a day. The duration of treatment is fourteen days. “Idrinol” do not accept persons under the age of eighteen years. The cost of the drug varies from 240 to 310 rubles.

“Cardinal” improves energy processes in the body, prevents the formation in the body long-chain fatty acids and reduces the generation of l-carnitine, enhances immunity. In permanent employment increases the transport of oxygen to the myocardium. “Cardinal” the most effective in disorders of metabolism in the tissues. The drug is available in form of solution for injections and capsules.

Receive “Cardionet” increases pharmacological action of cardiac glycosides, hypotensive medicines. The drug is not recommended during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. The cost of the medication is 180-250 rubles.

The review was described in detail a preparation "Mildronat": actions, contraindications and indications for its use. Counterparts funds are also mentioned in the article.

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