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Obninsk-the city is quiet and small. By taxi it costs nothing to avoid it all 20-30 minutes and it will open the visitor at a glance. Long ago there were three or four hotels, mainly departmental. Not now.

Overview of places to stay visitor cities

Always ready to take visitors to the hotels of Obninsk. Phones by which to contact them, we also provide:

  • The Complex is “Jubilee”: +7 (484) 396-37-65.
  • Hotel, “Triumph Hotel”: +7 (910) 911-33-46.
  • The Hotel CATI: +7 (484) 392-91-20.
  • The Hotel "Versailles": +7 (484) 392-32-23.
  • Greenway Park Hotel: +7 (484) 395-95-10.
  • Like Hostel: +7 (953) 461-61-11.
  • Hostel “night and Day”: +7 (953) 333-36-56.

A List of all establishments made on the basis of proximity to the station and to the Central part (descending).

For those who come on business trips in certain institutions, there is a departmental hotel in Obninsk. Two of them:

  • At NIFHI: +7 (484) 396-43-44.
  • The Hotel, which belongs to FEI: +7 (484) 399-56-22.

These small hotels are subject to availability of places that will take and people who arrived in the city on personal or other matters.

What is not included in General list

Not in the list of those institutions that put the city of Obninsk, but really are on the Kiev highway. Out without personal transport quite troublesome to get to the city. By the way, those who arrive in cars, prefer to find accommodation in Obninsk, close to the place.

Hotel Description

Currently, hotels in Obninsk are competing on quality of services and comfort. This trend of the time.

The Hotel “jubilee” among its advantages include a location in three minutes from the station, and indeed it is, and rooms at different prices and in Obninsk in addition, there are gym, summer – Bicycle rental, sauna, beauty salon, restaurant and pizzeria, a business center, where you can lease a PC or laptop. Special offers are discounts for groups over 10 people, lower rates on weekends, 20%. Rooms in it single, double or higher category. They provide TV, refrigerator in Deluxe, air - conditioned.


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Town centre

Hotels in Obninsk, which are located in busy places where lots of shops and entertainment centres – «Triumph Hotel” and the Like Hostel. A little away from them is "Versailles".

Triumph Hotel – one of the most modern institutions in which the staff speaks English. It is located on the upper floors of a large shopping complex “Triumph Plaza”. Soundproofing ensures peace, relaxation and a peaceful sleep after the day.Obninsk hotels phone you Can visit many popular among residents, shops and boutiques, a beauty salon, a great coffee shop with excellent coffee, the restaurant on the 6th floor with a gorgeous kitchen and panoramic views of the city. The main body meets the requirements of 4 stars. The first case-it is a budget hotel with 3 star level. It has all the classic rooms, including suites.

Likehostels also centrally located and designed for those who need cheap to spend only a night in the city. It definitely has a shower and towels, in addition, a home appliances and kitchen, where guest feed or he may wish to prepare their own food. The rooms are large. Two-story beds. There is also a family room with a double bed and a sofa.

“Versailles” – a modern enterprise which offers free Wi-Fi Internet, room service, free Breakfast, taxi and Shuttle service, paid secure Parking, and services “Alarm”, Laundry and dry cleaning, faxing and document near Obninsk radiological center the Staff is fluent in English. Rooms perfectly equipped, a plasma screen, suitable for one or two or three people. The Suite additionally has a safety Deposit box.

Quiet green location

Obninsk hotels is far from noise, in its green parts. First of all, it is necessary to mention “Greenway Park Hotel”. He will have the worthy reception of any dignitaries who come to science city. This hotel has its own face: non-standard romance and comfort. "Greenway" offers three types of rooms.Obninsk hotels In them through the use of natural silk, satin, wood easy to work and enjoyable rest. Breakfast – tradition with the opening. The surprising restaurant of Mediterranean and Russian cuisine. Its interior – the author's work.

In a private three-storey house in the village of Peace located hotel with 25 rooms. Rooms of different categories cosy, elegant, refined.

Located next to the RAS Institute of medical radiology

Only two hotels in the near Obninsk radiological center: the already mentioned "Versailles", which is more suited to business people and hotel featuring a sauna and gym. That's what we consider. Previously it was intended for people coming from across the country to improve their skills. Now the former connection ina lot lost, and businesses EN masse do not direct staff in Obninsk. Hotel near radiology centre, willing to fill the people who came to their sick relatives or close in near Obninsk radiological center It is in a 12-20-minute walk from the station and five minutes from the Institute of medical radiology. Rooms there are different quality class: from economy to luxury. Even in the simplest room there is Wi-Fi, fridge, TV, WC, shower, hygienic kit, towels. For your car there is a guarded Parking lot.

This Is a short description of the hotels of Obninsk, which have different level of service.

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