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Sense and intelligence has made man the highest stage of evolution. Love and friendship bring people together, encourage creativity, inspire on feats. True love and true friendship – state, to feel that everyone seeks for. Important to feelings were real and mutual. Many wonder about what true love is. As not to confuse it with a passion, love or friendship? The answers to these and other questions in this article.

True love and its imitators

what true love

Distinguish love from love! The latter may be grasped in two types – passion and romantic love. In the first case, the pair plunges into the maelstrom of irresistible physical attraction, often to frankness, sincerity and mutual trust is not reached. In the second case, the balance of carnal desires and emotional unity is observed. Escalate the love in true love, can only answer a man and a woman, ready to compromise for each other to overcome problems, maintain physical and spiritual faithfulness.

Distinguish love from passion! Partners attracts only the physical form, appearance. Such relationships do not come to the level of feelings.

Distinguish love from friendship. Sympathy, understanding, trust, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness without carnal desire. The arguments of true love in this case is compelling, but the visual appeal is extremely important at the initial stage of relations.

true love and true friendship

Feature love the habit! Intimacy between partners is not real. No sincerity, trust, understanding. The situation occurs when the passion or love out.

Feature of love addiction! Love is caused by hormones, lasts from 6 to 18 months. Dependence able lasts for years, characterized by an uncontrollable passion and panic by the desire to be with the man of desire.


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Signs of true love

Emotional fascination, the satisfaction of bodily needs, fear of loneliness – our feelings and emotions masquerading as love and can befuddle people. All because a clear answer to the question of what true love is, no one has.

In 2010, scientists from the world health organization has recognized light feeling of illness. Mental illness got the serial number – F 63.9. The symptoms of the disease at least once in my life felt each loss of sleep, obsessive thoughts, mood swings, pressure fluctuations, impulsive behavior.

what is true love essay

However, when the night increases pressure and no sleep, of the approach of the great love we think last. True feeling difficult to be explained, it can detect the list of obvious signs.

No doubt

The Feeling comes to us suddenly, all thoughts in the mind devoted to the object of desire. A man confident in his feelings, ignoring the opinion of relatives and friends, arise, overcome the impressive distance and even natural disasters.

Let friends dozens of times say that you and her are opposites with different views on life, and her mother resentfully declare that not for such a you were raised – no doubt, in search of true love, you have overcome many obstacles and unsure of their feelings.

There was a Puzzle, half of which insist all around the world, reunited. You can set the scenario with a loved one year, two, ten, thirty… are You ready to join with him in marriage and to have children.

Answer the question “why do you like it?» does not exist

Not because love is the mind eclipsed and erased the memory. The specific answer is simply no. You love a person simply for what it is. No doubt, this is your pair. A couple of arguments – a beautiful figure, an expensive car or a promising job. But the causes for these feelings have nothing to do. You can easily draw an analogy with friendship. Going along the fire, water and copper pipes, comrades may even forget where you met, but true and faithful to will until the last day. True love and true friendship – concepts that do not demand explanations.

symptoms of true love

There is only you and he/she

“the autumn came, the leaves fall. I don't need anybody except you” - so in comic form you can describe this sign of love. Man devotes all his thoughts and actions to the object of desire, placing the background everything else. Even if the inhabitants of Olympus a Hollywood like johnny Depp or Brad pitt will offer you to spend an evening on the French Riviera, his home, unknown, Peter you will not throw.

Things are progressing, you're getting better

The Problem of true love in the UPS and downs. Sometimes it takes time for it matured and took shape. If the initial passion subsided, and the desire to care, to care and give affection only increased, you are on the right track.

Bright feeling inspires and gives strength, energy, desire to create. In humans, there is an incentive to develop, to become better, more attractive. If the relationship is real, they will not require unbearable sacrifices andfundamental changes. As one of the psychologists in the essay “What is true love?”, “… there should be no hard labor, recognition, desirable work – Yes, but to sacrifice it to oblige should not”.


Collecting grievances-the occupation useless and ungrateful. Though love is considered a disease is a cure for this harmful hobby. A loving heart knows how to forgive. Easy is not always the case, some it takes years. Resentment greatly and often is a direct competitor to F 63.9. For betrayal should be bloody mental battle. Here lies the answer to the question of what true love is. What conquers resentment, misery and heals wounds.

true love arguments

Friends and partners

The Lovers are played by rules known only to the two of them, and never hammer the ball into his own net. Surrounding will never hear from your lips of complaints about the shortcomings of the second half. You, like Bonnie and Clyde, stick up for each other in the most difficult situations. About true love saying that two people – links in a chain, two equal and equivalent figures.

You have something to shut up

Spending days and nights talking on the phone for hours – the absolute sign of interest and sympathy between man and woman. History of true love often starts with a long night of talking. But only in silence is hid and deep feelings. This silence no longer make an awkward pause, is a silent dialogue of two souls.

Nothing lasts forever, and feelings too

Many believe that true love is one for life. Fell in love with – no more cease to love, lost the second half – the more light you can not feel. In life everything changes, even the strongest relationships can crumble in the blink of an eye. What is true love? It is a skill akin to riding a bike-once learned and will carry this knowledge with them through life. After an unfortunate fall, it is important to find the strength to rise up, spread your wings and go meet a new love.

about true love

Every person has the right to create their own formula for happiness. In his essay “What is true love” French philosopher recommends that you create your recipe inspiration and energy policy.

7 signs of true friendship

The Situation is similar. We all have friends and girlfriends and to understand the real you between the friendship, committed seven of its characteristics.

No competition. If one of the pair succeeds, the second sincerely happy for him. This is the main feature of true friendship. Slightest competition in the future could cause a split in the relationship.

Honesty. It is important not to cross the thin line between honesty and brutality. Friends should tell each other what they think, but the form of presentation of information should be friendly, no rudeness. Like the hair, the pants, the figure of the companion? Generously gifted it with the compliments!

Down with the obsession. Each can support, give advice, to instruct, but to try on the role of annoying mom or dad's categorically not worth it. Presenting many of the requirements for the person trying to command, you can change his feelings exactly the opposite.

Reliability. A true friend is known in trouble. This saying has not lost its relevance decades. In the joyful moments of life, people are surrounded by a lot of friends, but in a pinch, their number is dramatically reduced. A sincere friend will have not only moral but also material support, if circumstances so require.

The Ability to listen. Each of us, there are times when I want to speak out, to throw out resentment and negativity. Friend will listen, a shoulder to lean on, even if the topic of conversation he could understand.

Relations, carried through time. People who were considered best friends in childhood, rarely maintain the same level of communication in adulthood. Our interests change, life throws different cities and continents, but even years later, true friends something to talk about.

How to make friends women and men?

The Women's friendship. Experts in the field of human relations questioned the fact of its existence. The relationship between the two ladies most often have the character of acquaintance. 80 % of girls perceive themselves as similar to their competitors. Friendship between women is possible, when they have nothing to share, which is extremely rare.

finding true love

Friendship. Strong floor, though denies, but competes among themselves not fewer women in career, personal life, machine size, etc. the Success of one can cause is not always adequate reaction of the other.

The Friendship between a man and a woman. Due to various psychological devices sincere and friendly relations between representatives of different sexes is extremely rare. Only high self esteem and a clear understanding of personal freedom will help to move away from stereotypes and to maintain friendly feelings between a man and a woman.

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