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Yana Studilina first attracted the attention of the audience thanks to the TV series "Ranetki". In this rating the TV show she embodied the image of Polina Zelenova. For 32 years, Jan managed to light up about thirty film and TV projects. Often the girl can be seen in the role of the cold and cynical beauties. What is the history of the stars?

Yana Studilina: the beginning

The role of Polina Zelenova was born in Omsk, it happened in August 1985. Yana studilina was born in the family, far from the world of art. Her father engaged in business, and his mother treated people. The actress has a younger brother Gleb, with whom she is very friendly.

Yana studilina

In childhood, Yana attended a musical school, and was engaged in a theatrical Studio. She wanted to link their fate with the creative work, but the parents insisted on receiving an “serious” of the profession. After graduation Studilina continued his education at the Financial University, but the economist did not become.

Early successes

Your way to fame Yana Studilina beginning with work as a model. A contract with modeling Agency “M-the globe” the girl entered into while still a student. Yana participated in the promotion of well-known brands, her photos were published in domestic and foreign publications. Some time later, she was offered the position of presenter on the channel

happy together

A graduate of the Financial University Studilina received in 2009. But does not work with numbers attracted her, so to find a job with a degree, the girl refused. Ian decided to get a second degree, her choice fell on the Shchukin school. To enroll in this school Studilina failed on the first attempt. Talented girl eagerly took to his Studio Markin and Poglazov.


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A Graduate of the Shchukin school Yana Studilina was in 2011. Then she spent some time in new York, trained at the renowned theatre and cinema Institute, Lee Strasberg. Then the girl returned to his native country and focused on finding interesting roles.

First role

From the biography of Jana Studilina it follows that on the set she first came as a student. In 2005, the court audience was presented a series of “gold digger”, in which aspiring actress embodies the image of the secondary heroine Julia. The particular TV show was not a success, and the role of Jana remained without attention, but it was a start.

Yana studilina biography

The First major achievement of Studilina – part in the filming of the show “very Happy together”. In this famous TV show actress got a small role. Her heroine is a friend of Svetlana Bukina. Then the girl played Mila in the show “Who's the boss?”. Also she starred in a short tape “Beginning”.

From obscurity to fame

Due to the albeit small but vivid role in the TV series “very Happy together” by Jan drew the attention of the Directors. Aspiring actress was invited to the TV show “School No. 1”, focused on the youth. In this soap Opera Studilina got the role of Christine. Her character – the first beauty school, the owner of a bitchy character and high self-esteem. Yana was difficult to play Christine, because the actress has absolutely nothing in common with this character. However, its job she did, proof of which was the positive reviews from critics.

Yana studilina personal life

The Taste of real fame Studilina felt thanks to the TV series "Ranetki". In this project the actress has created a vivid image of Polina Zelenova. She coped well with the role of the selfish and cocky Schoolgirls who selflessly poisoning the lives of others.

To Consolidate the success of Yana helped the series “the City of temptation”, presented to the court audience in 2009. The heroine was actress Anastasia Goncharova. This role has not allowed Studilina to move away from the already established role. Again she was forced to portray a calculating and ruthless intriguer.


Of Course, the above mentioned not all movies and TV shows, which for 32 years had to be lighted Yana Studilina. Filmography the young actress also includes film and television projects, a list of which is offered below.

  • “the Contract on love”.
  • “provincial”.
  • “One night lubvi».
  • «Yasnovidyashaya».
  • «Voronina».
  • «Soldaty-16: the Demobilization is inevitable”.
  • “Once at the police station”.
  • “the Last chord”.
  • “Doughnut Lucy”.
  • "White guard".
  • “emergency. Emergency”.
  • «Stalingrad».
  • “Unreal love”.
  • “Turkish transit”.
  • “Alien life”.
  • “angel”.
  • “the Red Queen”.

What else to look at?

In 2016, at the court audience was presented a series of “Island”. In this project Studilina played a Central role. The events unfolding in the mysterious deserted island where the crew arrives to work on a new reality show. The project participants have to demonstrate their survival skills in the wild and fight with each other. However, from the beginning everything goes not as planned.

Yana studilina filmography

As expected, two of a foreign film in which Studilina got striking role. About the further creative plans of the stars.

Personal life

How does the personal life of Yana Studilina? The news about the affair of the actress with Alexander Rodnyansky, the son of the famous producer, appeared in 2009. The lovers came together at the «Sochi». Wedding invitations received only the friends and close relatives, the ceremony was modest.

Yana and Alexander married for several years now, raising a child. Beautiful pair can often be seen at social events, but to talk about his personal life they don't like. We can confidently assert only that their names are not linked to any scandals.

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