On which river is Novosibirsk? What river flows in Novosibirsk?


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What river is Novosibirsk can be seen on the map in Novosibirsk region. This major Siberian city located on the majestic stream that flows to the Arctic ocean. Of course, it is Ob – the largest water artery of Siberia.

General description

On the question what river is Novosibirsk, it is possible to answer a variety of epithets. First, it is the largest watershed (basin area 2990 thousand square kilometers, which exceeds the area of France). Second, the Ob river-the longest river, its length is equal to 5410 km. Powerful water stream cuts through the entire West Siberian plain from the Altai region to the polar region, where it merges with the ocean opening up vast Obskaya lip.

on which river is Novosibirsk

Originates the Ob river from the confluence of two majestic rivers of the Altai mountains. One of them – the Katun river, the mouth of which is located on the glacier, located on the highest mountain of Siberia. Her name – the Beluga, or Uch-Sumer, or Kadyn-Bazhi (top of the Katun). Another river – Beating begins with the deep and mysterious (after lake Baikal), the sacred lake of Altai and the whole Siberia. It is called Teletskoe, or Altyn-Kel. Throughout its course the Ob absorbs the water of large Siberian rivers.

The Path of the Ob river in the upper course

From the confluence of Biya and Katun, the Ob goes to the North, from the East side stretches the Salair ridge, in the West-Ob plateau. On this stretch of the river valley width is 5 kilometers. Passing by the center of Altai Krai, Barnaul, the valley widens to 20 kilometers. In this area the channel meanders, it flows North, then East. Suddenly expands and turns into a huge reservoir. It is the result of the construction of the Novosibirsk hydroelectric power station.


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what river in Novosibirsk

The Reservoir stretches for 215 miles, with a width at 22 km. Here the river meets a large city of Western Siberia. Responding to a question on what the river is Novosibirsk, we can say that on a very wide and majestic. The tributaries of the river in this part: Inya, Carah, Aley, Tom, Chumysh. Further, the Ob flows North in the Vasyugan plain. The river is of considerable width, and this fact is further complicated by its unique feature common to all rivers belong to the Arctic ocean. Melting in the upper reaches occurs early, as the water stream flows to the North where it is colder. Therefore, there are natural ice platinum, and the water level rises.

The Ob river in the middle and lower reaches

On what river is Novosibirsk, can be understood by tracing on the map. In the lower reaches of the Ob river flows through wetlands with many oxbow lakes and lakes, the river valley widens even more - up to 50 kilometers. Track is dissected into numerous branches and channels. Ob width grows even more – up to 3 kilometers. This is not surprising because it falls into a river: Vasyugan, Tym, Anar, Vakh, Yugan, Tea, Chulym, the Parabel and the largest, the Irtysh. As soon as the Ob merges with the Irtysh river, it turns sharply to the North, becomes even wider and deeper. The plain around is occupied by taiga.

what river runs in Novosibirsk

On the question what river flows in Novosibirsk, we can say that it is flat and very quiet, because it flows thousands of kilometers on the flat West Siberian plain. And just downstream on the one hand begin to rise the mountains of the Urals. The endless taiga, which was surrounded by Ob, thins and turns to the forest, then in the moss-lichen tundra in front of and behind the Arctic circle. The Grand river receives tributaries: Kazym, Poluy, Sosva. Below the city of Salekhard river flows into the huge Gulf of Ob.


The River is an important transportation artery, as it passes through many Siberian cities. What river in Novosibirsk, and Biisk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Russia, Salekhard and others. Many cities are ports. In addition, it is a huge source of water for needs of population and industry. On the river to develop tourism, rafting along the river is becoming a popular pastime.

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