Cream for cellulite - one of the components of anti-cellulite program


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Cellulite is not only cosmetic defect. It is a violation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat. These failures lead to compression of the veins and arteries, stagnation of blood and lymph in the affected areas. So getting rid of cellulite – it's not only the beauty but also for their own health.

creme celluliteTo effectively get rid of cellulite, you need to develop a programme of activities. They imply a correction of the diet and regime of physical activity, massage, anti-cellulite wraps and the use of cosmetics. To enhance the metabolic processes in the skin to improve its condition use cream of cellulite. How to apply it? Consider the below.

How to use cream for cellulite

effective cream for cellulite, For greater efficiency it is desirable before applying the funds to carry out a peeling problem areas. You can use any tool to cleanse the skin, but it is advisable to purchase the anti-cellulite scrub. After this procedure the skin will be more susceptible to the effects of the cream.

It is worth a gentle massage of problematic areas. Mash and RUB with your hands the skin until a slight redness, moving from the bottom up. Now on the prepared skin, you can apply the cream for cellulite. Most such funds have a warming effect, improving blood circulation, the affected areas are getting more nutrients, the skin condition improves, reduce cellulite appearance.

In order to combat cellulite was more effective, it is possible to hold the wrap. For this, apply the cream from cellulite, wrap problem areas with foil (you can use food or cellophane), uteplitel and lie down to rest. Duration – from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. The first time you do a wrap for a short time and always make sure the reaction. If you are not allergic or negative feelings, next time slightly increase the exposure time. After completion, remove excess cream with a tissue.


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That should contain the cream of cellulite

cream of cellulite at homeCosmetic industry produces a large number of different anti-cellulite means. They all differ in composition, but there are certain components that simply must have a good cream for cellulite. In its composition should be substances and extracts of herbs that prevents the deposition of fat: caffeine, extracts of cocoa, mint, coffee, tea, and theophylline or theobromine.

Note the presence of vitamins and enzymes that improve the nutrition of the skin, increase its elasticity. Effective cellulite cream also contains plant extracts that enhance blood circulation (ivy, Ginko, tiger grass, algae, horse chestnut). To improve skin tone in a composition is administered extract of red pepper oil, Kava Kava, nicotinic acid and camphor oil.

Anti-Cellulite cream does not necessarily have to have a complete set of these components, is the most commonly used components. Cosmetic companies are conducting research on the basis of which add new ingredients, remove the old one. We are all individual, and a selection of cosmetic products – also an individual matter: what really went one, does not affect the other. Therefore, when choosing such funds be guided by personal experience, only taking into account the advice of strangers.

Proceeds from cellulite quite expensive and some components can cause an allergic reaction. In this case, it is possible to prepare a cream of cellulite at home. Choosing a recipe, note the lack of components that can cause you allergies.

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