Liquid detergent: advantages, disadvantages, peculiarities of use


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On the shelves of modern stores more often instead of all the usual forms of washing powder, you can see the concentrated liquid detergent. For many buyers, this form is much-needed in the home is quite unusual. But most Housewives have already managed to appreciate the concentrate. Is it different gel structure, and due to the concentrated condition, the flow becomes more economical. The gel can be washed as usual, and things of delicate fabrics on any mode.liquid detergent

The Advantages and disadvantages of liquid detergents

The Liquid detergent, unlike powder, foam is not so abundantly. It rarely triggers allergies, which is important when washing clothes of people who are prone to the manifestation of different kinds of reactions. Gel-like solution during the application completely washed out of the tray washing machine. Dry powder often remains in it.

If you are using liquid detergent, you can not additionally apply conditioner. The tool will give things a discreet, delicate flavor. Household chemicals such plan does not leave linen stripes, spots and other traces of white color, which is not the usual powders.liquid Laundry detergent reviews

The composition of the fluid media is better from the point of view of ecology. This explains the fact that they do not cause allergic reactions, irritate the respiratory system, the skin on the hands. The remedy is in liquid form it is convenient to dispense and store. The bottle in which it is hermetically closed and equipped with a special dispenser.

Liquid funds are almost devoid of flaws. But the disadvantages are still there: they can not cope with difficult dirt, grease and oil stains. They also have little shelf life, dry powder stored longer.


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Form liquid funds

The Concentrate is produced in two forms. This files most often is an opaque or a transparent plastic bottle with different volume (from 0.85 to 4 liters). Most of the bottles equipped with a convenient carrying handle.

The Cap of a container is also a dispenser of the substance. Usually the packaging indicates the consumption in milliliters, and the caps are coated with a special mark. Many manufacturers make “competent" cap – double. This cap is characterized by having an internal drain (the neck of the container cap is closed on both sides). This ensures that when tightening the bottle remaining gel gently flows down the inside of the container and not pouring outside.

The Second form – this is a plastic replacement packets to buy that very convenient. They are cheaper and carry them easier. If you already have a plastic bottle, you can pour the gel from the package and thus hermetically to keep it.

How to choose children's liquid concentrate

If Laundry adults will fit almost any product, for children's things fit not all. Why you should know how to choose the right baby liquid Laundry detergent. Buying this concentrate, prefer the version, which includes baby soap that does not contain substances that irritate the skin of babies. Very carefully read the label with the gel before giving the money to the seller.

Make Sure that among the components of the powder was not bleach. It is better if liquid detergent for washing children's clothes will not contain supplements (enzymes) and fragrances of synthetic origin, because they represent the liquid Laundry detergent

Features of the use of liquid funds

During washing, it is recommended to pour the composition in a specially provided in the machine container. But it is more convenient for this purpose use the attached measuring Cup. This is the cap referred to above. Pour the remedy right into it and put in the drum. If for any reason the cap is missing, you can use any plastic lid or pour the gel directly on the linen.

Some companies produce packaged in small capsules liquid concentrate. It's even more convenient to use, as for washing the polyethylene is dissolved and the substance is distributed over things when necessary.concentrated liquid detergent

Liquid concentrate at home

Liquid detergent can be prepared at home, then it will be completely natural. To do this on a grater grate one hundred grams of soap, fill it with one liter of water. Composition put on the heat and warm until then, until the soap shavings are completely dissolved. Periodically, the mixture need to stir.liquid detergent for washing children's clothes

While the soap is boiled in three liters of water should dissolve three tablespoons with a slide of soda ash. Mix this water with a soap solution. When the composition has cooled, you can add a few drops of any essential oil, which will give the means of aroma.

The Prepared mixture is whipped with a mixer to dissolve the clumps, and put in a plastic container.

Reviews about gel

Liquid Laundry detergent gets positive reviews. Housewife, usingthis gel, saying that he is not only great to wash, but also saves the family budget. They also noted the convenience and ease of using a gel means. They say that after washing, things become softer, acquire a light and pleasant smell. Women like the fact that the gel does not leave white residue on clothing, especially that which is sewn from a not very high-quality fabrics.

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