Food grade silicone grease: types, composition. Silicone grease for coffee machines Philips Saeco


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Coffee machines used at home and in catering establishments for the preparation of refreshing drink, have a complex structure. The device consists of various blocks, systems, thus ensuring quality work. The device needs careful handling and proper care. It worked for a long time, the necessary food-grade silicone grease. It ensures reliable operation of the device.

The Necessity of lubrication

If you use the machine it is necessary to implement the recommendations in the manual. Prevention requires that the long-term work many of the elements of the device fail. To avoid this, it is necessary to perform cleaning and lubrication.

food grade silicone grease

It is Important to use proprietary mixtures because their composition includes the necessary components, thanks to which the device will be protected from damage and wear. Because of the content of food grade silicone safe lubricant.

Tool used for friction parts cooktop parts, gaskets, abutting units. The frequency of lubrication depends on the integrity of the internal components, thanks to which the appliance will run for a very long time.


Silicone grease for the machine has a special composition. Because of this, elements of the mechanism need to be processed. When the substance is absolutely harmless to humans. Grease is created from food grade silicone, safe for health.

silicone grease for the machine

Below, the unit worked for a long period without losing quality, you need to process the elements of cooking indoor unit sealing components. And to fulfill that need on a regular basis. Using this procedure preserves the integrity of the device, even if you use them often.


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Food grade silicone grease is applied by hand or a special device. This is a simple process. More information about it can be found from the manual, which is attached to the device.

Many manufacturers provide data on work order to get all the details after that functioned efficiently. The operation of the device will be extended.


Produced many kinds of lubricants, different quality, composition and price. One of the most common is a mix of BOSCH 311368. Remedy created from safe substances. The manufacturer advises to use a mixture of different devices.

philips saeco

High quality silicone grease for coffee machines Philips Saeco. It is used for handling different appliances. The composition is considered to be water-resistant, so it is used for important work items. There is a mixture of OKS 1110, 10, which is not inferior to many other remedies.

Popular and silicone grease for the food industry of the company Delonghi. With it increases the tightness of the parts. The tool is used in the seals of many different components in home appliances. Often used with lubricant Foodlube, thanks to which the items will be protected from rapid wear. Its composition is mineral hydrocarbons, components of animal origin.

Where to buy part?

Food grade silicone grease is sold in specialized stores, where a large range of products. The tools are ordered via the Internet, it is only necessary to determine the manufacturer. Though they have differences, yet they have similar benefits:

  • Protection against rapid wear;
  • No harmful components;
  • Almost not wash off with water.

Philips Saeco

Philips Saeco Grease designed for lubrication of high-quality devices. Popular tool due to the large number of benefits. It has good adhesion, excellent lubricity.

silicone grease for the food industry

Silicon grease for food machinery is non-toxic, has oxidation resistance, thermal stability. The advantages include low evaporation. After lubricating the device will work more efficiently.


Coffee can full and long to work when to observe the rules for its use. You need to follow the simple guidelines:

  • Non-rigid use of treated water;
  • To use the silicone means;
  • Regularly decalzinirute apparatus;
  • Should not attempt to repair the product;
  • Before use it is necessary to read the instructions.

You Need to perform regular cleaning, as this procedure affects the performance. The number of treatments include decalcification, a rinse. Each car has unique characteristics, so before cleaning, you need to read the instructions.

With removable storage, the processing of the driving parts, and is used to this food grade silicone grease. To carry out this work it is necessary after cooking 500 cups of beverage. The instructions indicated what areas need to be processed.

Desirable to use the minimum grind setting. You should not take the old grain, because the device may be damaged. The best would be water obtained from the filter with reverse osmosis. The water in the tank should not be left more than 3 days.

silicone lubricant for food processing equipment

The Container should be regularly cleaned of waste, and in this work, the machine must be switched off. Otherwise, over time, a cake builds up and it can interfere with the operation of the device.

Recommendations for implementation of procedures

Lubrication of the instruments is practically the same. There are rules that must be followed during each procedure:

  • Apply a thin layer;
  • For hard to reach areas use a special tube;
  • If required, it is necessary to apply the tool again;
  • For removal of the mixture used special means;
  • Do not need to use the idle device;
  • The product is safe for rubber and plastic but before use it is advisable to test.

Grease provides protection, blagovesnaya recovery. After the procedure, the device is protected from corrosion. Suitable for plastic parts, has a separation and release properties. If you correctly perform the procedure, then the coffee machine will last uninterrupted for many years.

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