What is a pneumatic spray gun?


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spray gun pneumaticThe Domestic market of building materials and devices presents consumers with a lot of different modifications guns. They differ from each other design, cost, principle of operation and additional functional features. Hereinafter will be briefly examined in the pneumatic gun, its features and characteristics.

In English the Russian word "gun" sounds like the airbrush gun. Literally, parts of this phrase are translated as follows: air (air) + brush (brush), gun (gun). Also, the word "gun" can replace the word "gun" (paint sprayer): paint (paint) + sprayer (atomizer).

So now we've determined that the pneumatic gun is a device designed for uniform spraying of liquid substances under pressure. The spray guns according to their structural characteristics are different between a nozzle and the quality of the torch. Paint sprayers can be divided into the following types of devices:

- spray

- minijet;

- the airbrush is a miniature spray gun for carrying out intricate work.

Domestic terminology explains the term "spray gun": a hand unit, which consists of rods, pump. Designed for realization of works with use of water and chalk solutions.

spray gun pneumatic professionalA gun is a gun that works with compressor. However, foreign terminology claims that the spray gun and spray gun pneumatic one and the same.

Equipment pneumatic spraying is the key component in the field of work related to painting. Pneumatic spray gun is designed and manufactured with high precision. Every kind, size are developed individually for certain types of work. This allows you to purchase pneumatic spray gun to perform specific types of staining that will most effectively solve the tasks set before him. The presence of a properly sized tool ensures a professional result.


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How does a pneumatic spray gun? An airbrush works by using compressed air to break up the grout and apply it on the desired surface. The substance and air are fed to the gun via different inputs, then they managed between them are mixed in a special container. The result is a painting of the torch. Spray gun pneumatic professional may be classified according to different parameters:

1. The location of the container for fill material (bottom, top, at some distance from the spray nozzle).

2. The type of mechanism supply the spraying material. The absorption - liquid is drawn into the atomizer. Drift - fluid flows into the area of the dispenser under the force of gravity and its own weight. Pressure - fluid is supplied to the atomizer under artificially created pressure.

spray gun pneumatic price

3. According to the method of internal and external mixing of the liquid (depends on the type of air head).

Spray gun pneumatic professional requires a careful attitude. In particular, after you have finished, the instrument should be thoroughly washed with a special solution (solvent). It is necessary to pour the solvent into the container, plug in and blow. Spray until until a clean stream of the fluid. The spray gun is pneumatic, the price of which depends on many factors, may have additional functions.

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