How to create a css server, tips for beginners


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The Main purpose of this article is to tell the beginners about how to create a css server. For a start, everyone who wants to accomplish this and continue to play the way you want, you have to decide what it will require. In the first place should be determined by the speed of the Internet. Moreover, an important role is played not so much inbound and how many outbound as first – this is the speed at which the user receives information and it will play a role only for partners in the game. But the second most important player, as he will be the host, and his tasks will include the provision of server services. And is this just for the outbound speed. Therefore, it is important to check, how to create a css server without the need of fail. On the website it is necessary to specify a valid IP address. Below it will be visible the inscription “the speed of the Internet connection”. That's it and must click. If the test result shows the inbound is less than 1,000 kbps, and an outbound – below 500 KB/s, then create a server it makes no sense: nothing will succeed only in vain spent time and nerves.

The Second step in addressing the question of how to create a css server, is to define an external IP address. The fact that you can define in a local network and the global Internet as a whole. Need it for the new server, and get information about it (is there, if not, is it possible to connect, etc.) can apply to the provider.

The Third, also an important role in creating servers is the configuration of your computer. Not necessarily that he was a transcendent power. For comfortable game it is not required. But certain conditions before you can create a css server, it is necessary to take into account. For Windows XP and Linux RAM should be 512 MB. For more modern systems will fit 1-2 GB. The processor will not fit below a dual core. Only when all these conditions will be visible performance, which is easy to determine: whether the computer, launch new items or simply to play in the beautiful game. In fairness it should be noted that in recent years quite a good machine, suitable for gaming, easy to purchase.


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And now to the question of how to create a server in cs source. A careful study of and compliance with this instruction, the problems should arise. All actions are performed step by step.

1. Distribution under Windows. First you need to download a little program from Valve – HLDSUpdatetool. It will help to obtain a reliable distribution of the server you wish to create.

2. Once the utility is downloaded onto the computer, proceed to its installation. It will be successful, if you define a path, for example, D:Server, and of the country to find Europe. Go to the specified folder and run HldsUpdateTool.exe., then open the two Windows and starts the update process. It is necessary to do, as the version is not the latest.

3. Now we start the fix server. The time that will be spent depends on connection speed with the provider and can be from 5-20 minutes to several hours. Click “start” and “Run”. This entry should be changed in a specific way, and in the end instead of C:srcds to specify the folder where the server will be installed. After completing all these steps will start the downloading of the game server. Don't forget before to create a css server, to verify that sufficient hard disk space.

Before you run the configure file that specifies the server path: c:srcdscstrikecfg server.cfg. Instead of the first two records indicates the path and the type of game.

To Run the server starts via the run. bat file. They are ordinary text documents, small in size and uses the simple scripting language. Save all the performed action and forward to the new game achievements! 

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