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People born in the period of time from December 22 to January 19 are born under the zodiac sign Capricorn. This zodiac sign belongs to the earth element. It differs in several important features that you need to know by Caseroom, and those who fell in love with a person born under this sign.

General characteristics

First of all, you should understand the General characteristics of the zodiac sign Capricorn, which tells you what character traits do possess people born under this star. Prompt is the main trait of this sign is its symbol - mountain goat, which climbs up the cliff, which symbolizes his thirst to rise above all its surroundings, to achieve more in your life, regardless of any barriers and obstacles. Capricorns are extremely ambitious and persistent, they from early youth know what they want, and life just do that to achieve the goal, headed the money and their careers.

However, Capricorns don't just desire success, they have everything to achieve it, because they are very capable people who are much given to carry out their plans. They are very organized and always follow my routine, it will be written one day, at least for a year. They are practical, prudent, capable of performing even the most complex work, knowing that this will require patience and endurance, which the people born under this sign of the zodiac, a considerable amount. And most importantly, they strive to achieve their dreams at once, and go to it gradually, step by step, full of perseverance and stubbornness.


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Capricorn compatibility

Year of birth

The character of people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn, also very influenced by the year of their birth. Therefore, to better recognize yourself or a loved one, you should know what sign of the Eastern horoscope born Kozerozhek:

  1. Capricorn-Rat is hard work, deals exclusively with career and sooner or later it reaches the top.
  2. Capricorn-Ox is a special tenacity and never gives up and retreats into achieving the goal, at least in his career, though in his personal life.
  3. Capricorn-Tiger is fearless and independent, he quickly goes to his goal and achieves it, not doubting their correctness.
  4. Capricorn-Rabbit achieves its goal gradually, watching and waiting for the right moment and using to achieve the desired the other people.
  5. Capricorn-Dragon is quite controversial, so sometimes he goes and hides in the shadows, and sometimes asks and comes to the fore.
  6. Capricorn-Snake has great instincts, terse and sexuality, as well as a sharp mind, which is very helpful to get out of the most difficult situations.
  7. Capricorn-Horse - people, who are unknown to laziness, doubt and fear, but generosity and activity of his bulk.
  8. Capricorn-the Goat has high energy, knows his worth and always achieves the goal, but sometimes too arrogant.
  9. Capricorn-Monkey can become a leader of various social groups because of their logical thinking and mental abilities.
  10. Capricorn-Rooster is a flamboyant man who likes to attract the attention of others and always wants to be first to everything around them admired.
  11. Capricorn-Dog has the highest devotion, so choosing a single path, this man never collapses.
  12. Capricorn-Pig are friendly, hospitality and kindness. It can be a great family man.
characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorn man

Man zodiac sign Capricorn is characterized by extreme dedication and seriousness. He has his own set of rules, and he tries not to disturb them under any pretext. These men are often loners, because they are important to all financial independence and career growth, so they can be often seen at work, and the rest they give only a small portion of their free time. And so these free minutes they try to hold only the closest people, so getting them will be very difficult. But the man who will become friend or ally Capricorn will be able to appreciate his reliability and dedication. However, this trust is easy to destroy, and if that happens, the second chance, the man did not give. He'll just turn around and go back home, never to look back.

Capricorn woman

Women of the zodiac sign Capricorn, as well as men, the main purpose of his life think career growth, recognition and success in life. They do not seek to stand out from the crowd, to charm men and make a lot of friends. Instead Mazeroski very conservative in their views, modest dress, have one important goal and work diligently to achieve it without spending your energy on all sorts of nonsense. But, if the lady-Capricorn already converge with people and allow them into my inner circle, arguing that she trusts them and nice to them, then it is. So when she approaches people, they are next to it it becomes easy and comfortable, because they believe in her sincerity and the absence of any pretense.

Capricorn woman

Capricorn man in love

Male, born under the zodiac sign Capricorn in love is very loyal, sensitive, emotional and vulnerable. However, such it will see only the woman he truly love and where you will be able to open, which will have to wait a very long time. Because at first it will produce the impression of a cold and self-sufficient men, who did not need love and intimacy. But if he finds a woman who will share his goals and views on life, he will show himself a true romantic and will be able to fully give himself love, knowing that his partner in life will be his only support on his way to career tops, not a nuisance. Therefore, to get love, men Capricorn, don't have to be a femme fatale and flirt with him recklessly, it is better to dress conservatively, but talking constantly to emphasize their admiration for him. And then he will soon realize that he wants to live with this woman for the rest of his days enjoying a quiet family life.

Capricorn woman in love

Love relationship women of Capricorn are characterized by their utmost simplicity and earthiness. They deny all possibilities of flirtation and coquetry, do not try to fool the heads of men and to manipulate them. Instead, they behave modestly, conservatively and wait for the man who they really need. It must be reliable, confident man who can become the head of the family and that the lady Coservice want to obey. And once such person is found, of impregnable ladies, which all have seemed to be the ice Queen, will not be over. A man she will show her gentle, affectionate nature, and in the future will create a strong family with him, becoming his perfect wife who knows how to keep the house in comfort.

Capricorn characteristic sign

Capricorn in bed

Before you determine the compatibility of the Capricorn zodiac sign with other zodiac signs, let's find out how he gets in bed.

So, man-Capricorn in bed will be the perfect skilled lover who can satisfy even the most demanding partner. And he has a great imagination and loves sex a conservative, but he is a very skilled and tough, so that making love can just endlessly, especially with age, his sexual appetite will only increase.

The Behavior of women Mazeroski in bed is very similar to how it behaves a male Capricorn. It also does not seek to experiments and mind blowing adventures sexually, but the tenderness and affection my partner gives in abundance. And besides, she had too much sexual appetite that can even scare some men, certainly not waiting for external coldness of this lady hiding such a fiery passion.

Compatible men and women of the zodiac sign Capricorn

So, we found, what are men and women born under the sign of Capricorn. Now we can elaborate on their compatibility with all other zodiac signs.

Capricorn love

Let's learn about the compatibility of male Ibex with women of other zodiac signs:

  • With the Rams, they are unlikely to be any relationship other than career and business styles since these characters are too different characters.
  • With Taurus they can get along and create strong and stable relations that will be full of love, however, they have to constantly work to ensure that the spark in their relationship is not extinguished.
  • With the Twins in Capricorn can be serious misunderstanding, as they just do not understand the volatile nature of ladies-Twins. But if they manage to come to an understanding, then one can get a good pair.
  • Cancer Capricorn will be able to build a romantic relationship only in case if each of them knows another better and a little inferior to their life principles.
  • The Lion men of the Capricorn zodiac sign compatibility is almost zero, so this pair will be constantly pursued by quarrels, especially about money.
  • With Virgo it can be a perfect pair, which will create a strong family, perhaps, no passionate romance, but they do not really need.
  • With Libra Capricorn may be a serious misunderstanding, as he would take his girlfriend too capricious and frivolous.
  • With a Scorpion, this sign can be a great relationship, but they need a lot of time.
  • With Sagittarius man with Capricorn very different views on life. So they may be a couple only after long work.
  • Lady with Capricorn men-Capricorn will be a great understanding.
  • Aquarius man will be uncomfortable, as vicious a Capricorn will feel uncomfortable in the society is open and free lady of Aquarius.
  • With Pisces, Capricorn man will be a perfect pair, as these signs will complement each other.

And now let's learn about the compatibility of women born under the zodiac sign Capricorn, with men of other characters:

  • With the Rams it will be the perfect pair in which each will have their own space and can fully implementambition.
  • With Taurus have Kozerozhek a perfect fit, as they have similar views on life, so this pair is almost made in heaven.
  • With Twins it is better not to contact, since here the points of contact is almost there, which means they will never be able to understand each other.
  • Cancer ladies-Capricorns can create not only a great couple with a stable relationship, but a strong family, where, however, will not get a little romance.
  • With Lion compatibility is almost zero, because the relationship in this pair is more like constant warfare.
  • With Virgo female Capricorn compatibility in love is just amazing, it's gonna be a though strange, but very harmonious, in which the partners complement each other.
  • With Weights Capricorns rarely good compatibility characters, so very Libra changeable, simple Kozerozhek very annoying.
  • With Scorpio they would make a perfect striking pair, in which passion will just overflow.
  • With Sagittarius Capricorn lady is too different, that does not lead to misunderstandings, and the fact that both partners are constantly finding in each other something new and never get tired of the relationship.
  • Capricorn couple will be just perfect, and they will not only couple in the romantic sense, but also best friends, allies and partners.
  • Mazeroski Aquarius couple are unlikely to ever will be, the future they simply do not have, because you do not understand she never flighty and inconstant man.
  • With the Fish they may have excellent compatibility, but only if both partners will always have the wisdom and patience to each other.
Capricorn zodiac sign compatibility

What zodiac sign fits the Capricorn man

When we briefly learned about, what is the compatibility of Capricorn men with different zodiac signs, you can detail to consider the three sign of the zodiac that are best suited to him:

  1. Ladies-Taurus - for them is just great partners in life with whom will be able to create good Union, full of family and financial well-being. They both will work hard on the job, and then retire from everybody in your house has become for them a fortress.
  2. Ladies-Gemini Capricorns will be a real support on all occasions, she will always help him and be his support and protection. In a pair of the man will be the breadwinner and the woman would help him mentally, keeping the warmth of the hearth.
  3. Male and female signs of the zodiac Capricorn is compatible just. They both have the same ambitions, they both dream of a strong relationship, both want to achieve a lot in life and both will work on the realization of their dreams in life.

What zodiac sign fits the Capricorn woman

But the woman of the Capricorn zodiac sign compatibility with other zodiac signs is somewhat different. Of course, with a man born under the same constellation, it fits just fine. But the best pair of in addition to its zodiac sign are not Taurus and Gemini, and Pisces and Virgo.

Capricorn sign
  1. Men-Fish will have a positive impact on the conservative Kozerozhek that next to them will be every day to open more and to strive for something new. They complement each other and will never miss a beat, that such romantic relationship can continue to grow into a happy marriage.
  2. Male virgin very fit ladies-Capricorn, and both emotionally and intellectually. They have so similar views on life that the probability of conflict is almost zero. And maybe someone, their relationship will seem mundane and dry, but in fact they are full of genuine affection and a peaceful tenderness.

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