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In today's world, a huge number of fair sexes trying to find as reliable as possible ways to determine whether to expect a stork in the near future, without leaving the house. And the reasons for this can be completely different: the pharmacy is far from home and reluctant to run, there is no extra money for a professional test, full confidence in the ways of the people ... Some of the ladies make attempts to answer this serious question with the help of ordinary, familiar to all soda. Let's try to understand: the pregnancy test with soda (reviews about it is very diverse) reliable, or potential moms are still mistaken?

Impressions of what is happening

Of course, no one ever forces anyone to immediately rush for a packet of soda in the kitchen to determine a possible pregnancy with her help. But if the girls go online or consult with friends about this, then the information outlined in this article will be very useful to them. тест на беременность с содой отзывы

So, how do you run a pregnancy test with soda? Reviews in the question of the definition of the belly is very different. Some mothers, who have already given birth to their child, act with two hands for this method, because for them it turned out to be one hundred percent faithful. Others - doubt, sincerely not understanding how, using one spoon familiar from childhood soda, you can understand whether the baby or not. After all, in their understanding the test is a set of complex chemical components, and only they can give a guarantee of the coming pregnancy. Third moms have a pregnancy test with soda, reviews of which they literally "shoveled" in the world wide web, did not cause delight. Because it turned out to be unreliable and did not help them in any way. In general, how many people, so many opinions. Until you try it yourself, it's impossible to see.


أنواع الأقمشة الاصطناعية وخصائصها

أنواع الأقمشة الاصطناعية وخصائصها

لقد تطرقت التقنيات الحديثة إلى جميع مجالات الحياة البشرية. ولعل صناعة النسيج هي المثال الأكثر لفتا للعلم وضعت في خدمة الحياة اليومية. بفضل التركيب الكيميائي ، تعلم الإنسان الحصول على ألياف ذات الخصائص المطلوبة. من الضروري التمييز بين الأقمشة الاصطناع...

يوم العلم الروسي. سيناريو العطلة

يوم العلم الروسي. سيناريو العطلة

كم عدد العطلات هناك في حياتنا-وأعياد الميلاد ، واحتفالات الذكرى السنوية ، ورأس السنة الجديدة ، وعيد الميلاد ، وغيرها الكثير. ومع ذلك ، هناك يوم واحد في السنة يعتبر موعدا مهما لجميع الروس – إنه يوم علم الاتحاد الروسي. يتم الاحتفال بهذه العطلة سنويا ف...

يوم الدفاع المدني لعموم روسيا (4 أكتوبر): تاريخ وميزات العطلة

يوم الدفاع المدني لعموم روسيا (4 أكتوبر): تاريخ وميزات العطلة

في منتصف الخريف ، تحتفل روسيا بيوم الدفاع المدني. في 4 أكتوبر ، نتذكر جميعا مدى أهمية الحماية والسلامة لشعب البلاد. لماذا هذا التاريخ بالذات? كيف بدأ كل ذلك ؟ كم من الوقت تم الاحتفال بهذا العيد؟ يوم الدفاع المدني الروسي. القليل من التاريخ لذلك ، ما ...

What should I do?

A home pregnancy test with soda (reviews of it, as mentioned a little above, are quite varied) is more than simple. But first we need to determine that this is just a folk method, and it does not apply to reliable diagnosis. Here is more suitable option: believe- do not believe, convinced - not convinced. Of course, in some cases the results are 100%, but this does not mean anything. If someone is interested in trying this method, it can be done without leaving the house. It only takes a few minutes. тест с содой на беременность отзывы

To start by all the rules you need to collect a little morning urine in an ordinary small dish (for the experiment will be enough only half a cup). Then pour in a teaspoon of soda and carefully observe the reaction.

What is the essence of this method?

It is believed that if the soda sews, the pregnancy did not come (and this for every woman can be both a tragedy and a joy). If the soda quietly falls into the sediment, the woman is waiting for the baby (here too - someone is happy, and someone is shocked).  домашний тест на беременность с содой отзывы

A similar test with pregnancy Soda (reviews of this method include stories about how wives check its truthfulness with their husbands) should be conducted strictly in the morning, using only such urine. After all, only at this time of day the lowest values ph. As a result, the test is the most reliable.

How does it all go?

To more accurately understand what is a pregnancy test with soda, reviews of which can be obtained including from girlfriends, you need to focus a little more on the acidity of the urine itself. Probably, everyone knows that urine is a product of human life. It is thanks to it that the body is removed unnecessary water-soluble substances. Numerous factors affect its composition.

Look out for ph

One of the indicators of urine, which is subject to the most careful consideration, is its ph. Urine can be more alkaline, and more acidic. Normal is whether it is weak acidic or neutral urine. The ph level should be no lower than 4.5 and not higher than 8. Since the acidity of urine depends on many causes and different factors, it can change in one side. сода и моча тест на беременность отзывыIf the urine ph increases, it will become more alkaline.

Thus, it can be argued that the acidity of urine is influenced by the ph of blood, the nutrition of the person, the temperature of his body at some point and other factors.

Increase and decrease in ph

The increase in ph level (with urine will be more alkaline) is affected by vomiting or diarrhea; Alkaline therapy; Respiratory alkalosis; significant content in the daily diet of fruits and vegetables (mostly vegetarian food); kidney failure; Urinary tract infection; Hematuria...

Reducing ph (with urine will be more acidic) is affected by eating a significant amount of cranberries; Diabetes; Starvation; Predominance in the daily diet of protein products; Physical exhaustion Kidney tuberculosis... тест на беременность с помощью соды отзывы

You should pay attention tothe fact that any bacterial infections of the urinary system can affect the fact that the level of acidity of urine will change in one direction or another. And in pregnancy it is not uncommon. But specifically the state of pregnancy does not affect the level of ph in the urine.

And here you can doubt a little: whether the pregnancy test with soda is so accurate. Reviews of him express some doubt as to how correct his results are. But it is already clear that at some point the way the urine reacts to soda will depend on its level of acidity. Whether the soda will hiss and form a fluffy cap or fall into the sediment, does not depend on the conception.

Believe it or not?

So, we've learned a lot about how to pass a pregnancy soda test. Reviews about it are very diverse. Some moms claim that in this way it is possible to determine who will be born in a few months - a boy or a girl. They say that if there is a boy, the soda will hiss, but if a little princess, she will fall into the sediment, because the expectant mother, pregnant daughter, in the urine environment alkaline, why this sediment. тест на беременность с помощью соды отзывы

Anyway, there was a lot to be said about such an option as a pregnancy soda test (reviews, photo of the method displayed in our article). Moreover, as about the option of determining the presence of pregnancy, and about the sex of the future baby. All this is quite interesting, especially when you remember that there are a great many other folk recipes about it. Determining whether or not pregnancy can be made, for example, with the help of plain iodine or wine. тест с содой на беременность отзывы фото

Believe or not, how will it help to determine a woman's current condition of soda and urine (pregnancy test)? The feedback of women who have already resorted to this method is very different, and they speak both in favor of faith in this option, and against it. But each should decide for himself what to do on a case-by-case basis. The "for" way medical professionals can only be if its application will be at a time when a woman does not have access to a pharmacy to buy a conventional test, or to doctors. And this can happen if a woman, for example, went on vacation, but she wants to know whether to wait for the arrival of a stork or not.

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