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Most likely, everyone will agree that family happiness is built from small things. Some of them are more significant, others are not so important. But everything in the complex determines the home atmosphere and either promotes friendly family communication, or prevents it. One of these little things, which sometimes unfairly overlooks the attention of the wife, is bed underwear.

Importance for the interior

First of all, bedding plays an important role in the formation of the interior. To give the bedroom a certain mood, you can take advantage of a rich selection of sets of many brands.комплект постельного белья семейный размеры

Exploring the shelves of shops and catalogs of electronic shopping areas, you can find a lot of excellent options for bed linen. At the same time, the buyer is not limited in the choice of color scheme and material. But it should be taken into account that when you choose family underwear, sizes are also very important.

You don't have to be an expert in interior design to say that the perception of the room depends on such a seemingly imperceptible component as bed linen. For example, to create a romantic atmosphere, you can buy a set with a soft pink tinge of fabric with an alluring and mysterious gloss. Options to diversify the interior of the bedroom - a lot.

For a married couple

Surely you have an idea of what a family linen set looks like - its sizes can be different depending on the needs. First it is worth saying how the concept of family kit differs from a double.

постельное белье семейное размеры

You may have seen pictures of a man and a woman lying on a bed and a child between them. In this way, manufacturers want to point out that you have a set for the whole family. In fact, the family linen, the size of which can not be called strictly fixed, differs from the double only by the presence of two duvets. The rest is the same. But that slight difference changes a lot.


أنواع الأقمشة الاصطناعية وخصائصها

أنواع الأقمشة الاصطناعية وخصائصها

لقد تطرقت التقنيات الحديثة إلى جميع مجالات الحياة البشرية. ولعل صناعة النسيج هي المثال الأكثر لفتا للعلم وضعت في خدمة الحياة اليومية. بفضل التركيب الكيميائي ، تعلم الإنسان الحصول على ألياف ذات الخصائص المطلوبة. من الضروري التمييز بين الأقمشة الاصطناع...

يوم العلم الروسي. سيناريو العطلة

يوم العلم الروسي. سيناريو العطلة

كم عدد العطلات هناك في حياتنا-وأعياد الميلاد ، واحتفالات الذكرى السنوية ، ورأس السنة الجديدة ، وعيد الميلاد ، وغيرها الكثير. ومع ذلك ، هناك يوم واحد في السنة يعتبر موعدا مهما لجميع الروس – إنه يوم علم الاتحاد الروسي. يتم الاحتفال بهذه العطلة سنويا ف...

يوم الدفاع المدني لعموم روسيا (4 أكتوبر): تاريخ وميزات العطلة

يوم الدفاع المدني لعموم روسيا (4 أكتوبر): تاريخ وميزات العطلة

في منتصف الخريف ، تحتفل روسيا بيوم الدفاع المدني. في 4 أكتوبر ، نتذكر جميعا مدى أهمية الحماية والسلامة لشعب البلاد. لماذا هذا التاريخ بالذات? كيف بدأ كل ذلك ؟ كم من الوقت تم الاحتفال بهذا العيد؟ يوم الدفاع المدني الروسي. القليل من التاريخ لذلك ، ما ...

How often between spouses unfolds a comic, and sometimes serious struggle for one blanket. Although such a thing to some extent unites the spouses, inconveniences sometimes still outweigh all the advantages. Therefore, bedding (family kit) is very useful for many couples!

How to choose?

When you buy a set of family linen, the sizes should be taken into account necessarily. What are they? The blankets are no more than 1.6 x 2.2 meters. As for the sheet, its format is identical to the same element of any double set. It is 1.8 to 2.6 metres wide and 2.6 metres long. Pillowcases are also standard. Their size is either 50 x 70, or 70 x 70. семейный комплект белья размеры

Naturally, to choose the right option for you, you need to take into account the size of the bed, as well as the size of blankets and pillows. Carefully taking measurements, you can buy a wonderful set for the bedroom, which will be a decoration of the room even when you do not have time to clean your bed.

What else should you pay attention to?

A very important factor on which to choose a set of family linen - size, but this criterion is not the only one. It is important to pay attention to the quality of production of the product and the material from which it is made.семейное белье размеры

Thanks to the developed technology of textile production in Russia and abroad, today the market has a large range of quality goods. Successfully picking up a family set of underwear (sizes, fabric, coloring, etc.), you will sleep peacefully, and well-being in the morning will be excellent.

Types of fabrics for bed linen

1. Satin. This material is made from cotton or synthetic fiber. It looks glossy with a smooth surface. At the heart of the satin is a twisted thin thread of double weaving. It is on how much the thread is twisted that the brilliance of the fabric depends. Here are some of the pros of satin as a material for bed linen:

  • Does not contribute to allergic reactions;
  • It has high strength;
  • He won't rush.
  • Doesn't change shape during washing
  • It has an attractive appearance resembling silk fabric.

2. Linen fabric. More often in our time, the manufacturers of bed linen began to use linen thread mixed with cotton, as 100% of the flax is very much sore. Such material is marked by durability, lightness and strength. To the touch, the linen linen will be a little harsh.

3. Jacquard is a fabric produced with a small cramp, decorated with stripes of thin threads. This material is very soft, thin and sleek. It is based on a complex plexus of threads of different thicknesses. This is the fabric used to create elite bedding kits. The durability of the jacquard is striking: the material remains unchanged for many washes.белье постельное семейный комплект

How to care for bed linen?

  • After purchasing a new kit it must be washed, but first it should be turned inside out
Duvets and pillowcases.
  • Dry the laundry should be immediately after washing, and stroke - while it is still a little wet.
  • To pat colored fabrics and elements of dark shades, it is better to turn them inside out.
  • Natural fabrics can "sit down" after the first wash, which should be indicated on the packaging.
  • If you decide to buy a set of family linen, sizes check with the seller. With all the recommendations in mind, you can choose the right option for your family.

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