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With today's pace of life is very little time the woman has on a good and stylish look. Therefore, the best way for her – it's the hair itself. For medium hair, for which it is most convenient to care for, there are many options for styling. We present you some very simple, but nevertheless very trendy casual hairstyles that you can build in 5 minutes before going to work.

Step-by-Step hairstyles for medium hair. The first option

step by step hairstyles for medium hairFor those who like weaving, but not much, it turns out, you can offer an imitation of weaving with a low node. Please note that instead of KOs you need to make the harnesses on both sides of the head. Then the bundles gather together with the remaining hair in a ponytail. The last step is to create a low node, it can be done in any form. This is a very feminine hairstyle fashionable silhouette. In the event a festive version enough to add decoration to the hair. Fixing lacquer securely fasten your work for the day.

Option twohairstyle on yourself for medium hairhairstyles for medium hairHairstyle on yourself for medium hair-style “instant replay". It can be called thus: “I know I have to wash my hair, but just not enough time”. The hair on the top of the head a little Podesite and braid in a very loose spike. Your task is to make this part more voluminous. Then attach invisible strands on top or connect them to the tail of the remaining hair. Randomly take a node on the occipital area or leave the hair in the form of “tail”.

Option threehairstyles for medium hairRetrobikes yourself for medium hair. Divide the hair with a parting from one ear to the other. Secure with a clip while you do a low knot. Freely gather strands into a ponytail at the nape, wear elastic and thread the hair in the hole above the rubber band. Slightly necesite strands “tail” that the site was more airy. Lift the hair and place the beam with pins. Detach the strands from the face, comb, and alternately secure above the knot on his head. This is a great evening hairstyle on yourself for medium hair.

The fourth Optionhairstyles for medium hair

A Very simple way to look great – to do an imitation of the rim. Hair curl with a Curling iron. At the temples, then separate the two strands and weave each into a braid, using the classical way (of three strands). The ends capture small silicone elastic. Straighten your curls and connect in any convenient way for you both braids at the nape, making sure that the crown and the crown the hair was voluminous. Lay the front strands and bangs. Elegant hairstyle on yourself for medium hair turned out great. Braids can be slightly increased if the fingers gently push the loop of the weave.

Fifth Optionhairstyles for medium hair

Simply this hairstyles for medium hair difficult to imagine, but look better than a Hollywood star. Comb the hair and sling them on one shoulder with the opposite side of the parting. Secure with small hairpins in the region behind the ear of the lower strand to a well kept hair. Wrap the curls with a Curling iron. Then gently comb through the curls to become one wave. Fix the paint.

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