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Not everyone knows that cleaning – it is a whole system, and established the algorithm and not the chaotic set of actions. Conducting General cleaning in the rooms - the creative process though, but still amenable to some laws. And if you had to deal with the question of how to properly clean the premises, then this article should help.

spring cleaning

“Revizorro”, or company “white glove”

Yes, it is the same transmission we owe what we know - in our country to carefully clean the public spaces are not able or willing.

Of Course, at home we can do whatever we want, but the officials leading the cleanliness in the premises of enterprises, must be familiar with the regulations on conducting General cleaning that is called “painting”, and to follow it strictly.

To make it easier to control the sanitary condition of classrooms, to the employer it is advisable to have a log of the General cleanups. Additionally, the order of the enterprise it is necessary to create a Commission that will test the purity of, for example, once a month.

Based on the test results and to draw conclusions about who of the staff responsible for cleaning, gets the award for nothing, and who has time to open his own office "cleanliness and order". The Commission may identify as minor violations, and a complete mismatch of the cleaner position.

"Generalism" classrooms

First define what is necessary to conduct General cleaning. It is organised with the aim of:

  • Remove all contaminants;
  • Eliminate a nutrient medium for development of microbes and harmful microorganisms.

The Attainment of targets is:

  • Detergents
  • Disinfectants;
  • With means to disinfect the air.

A Selection of auxiliary tools for cleaning is determined based on the profile of a particular room. Spring cleaning at the doctor's office and the office of the accountant will be implemented in different ways, the multiplicity of manipulations will also be totally different.


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the journal of the General cleanups

Objects under the gun rags and mops

Furniture, surface, equipment, equipment, Windows, plumbing, flooring, walls, lighting - all this should not be neglected by the janitor. On this basis, spring cleaning is as follows:

  1. Preparation for harvest.
  2. Wash surfaces immediately disinfection.
  3. Removing from the surfaces of the detergent residue.
  4. The Disinfection of air/ventilation.
  5. Tidying, cleaning equipment.
  6. Noted in the log.

What to demand from detergents

Most companies first look for a cheap detergent, but it should be not only affordable, but also quality. So, in hospitals, children's organizations and areas where food is prepared and stored must be used those that have a special ‘certificate of conformity”. This document confirms the absence of toxicity, and hence, the safety of the substance. It usually require supervisors during planned and unplanned inspections. In addition, you should pay attention:

  • For the duration of antibiotic properties;
  • Resistance to contamination;
  • Security for ecosystems;
  • High degree of cleaning products, detergents, refreshing properties of the product of the chemical industry.

The Product must also be easy to store and prepare solutions.

spring cleaning in the office

The Algorithm for the General cleaning

Remember that during the harvest attention is paid to hard to reach places without fail! And all actions are directed strictly from top to bottom and the only way.

For each of the harvesting operations must be allocated a separate rag/sponge. Dust from the surfaces swept strictly before wet cleaning the floor. Remove the smallest dry particles need to give almost ritual significance. Dust can hurt even the most healthy person, causing allergies, and in severe cases, asphyxiation.

From the employee responsible for the General “cleaning” of space, require the execution of a set of rules:

  1. Before cleaning: wear a clean uniform, rubber gloves.
  2. Take a clean, prepared after previous cleaning equipment (rags, sponges, washcloths, mops) and all the necessary cleaning agents.
  3. The presence of sinks, bathrooms, shower trays, toilets they must be first wetted with water and then apply detergent, after which the composition remains for some time on the surface, yet does not come with contaminants in a chemical reaction. The brush should be lowered at some time in unitatea knee with water, previously dropping to special disinfectant agent. Thus, this essential device will always remain clean.
  4. Empty all trash baskets and then wash them with a disinfectant solution.
  5. In the bathroom should not remain a trace harmful fungi.
  6. From the walls recede all items of furniture: cabinets, beds, sofas, chairs and tables.
  7. The Walls are treated moistened with a rag. The height of mopping - up to two meters.
  8. Wipe with a damp cloth the dust from the cabinets, chandeliers, sconces, lamps, frames, window sills, tables, moving below.
  9. If necessary, go through the glossy surface of the sponge with Polish.
  10. Space for the batteries and the radiators are cleaned with special brushes using disinfecting solution. Rinse with water.
  11. If the room has a balcony, it should be a separate wash cloth. The reason for that – bird droppings, which should not be posted at the place of human habitation.
  12. Front wet cleaning of flooring you need to collect floor debris with a broom or a vacuum cleaner to clean them and all the carpet.
  13. Floor to wash using 2 buckets. In the first in water, add detergent/disinfectant solution, wash them floor. The second pour clean tap water and once again go through the floor.
  14. Proceed to the wet cleaning of the floor, paying special attention to all corners and baseboards.
  15. Wash all furniture items, to complete the manipulation a damp clean cloth, then dry.
  16. The Premises must be ventilated in some cases, the offices Quartet the special tool, install the ionizers and air purifiers.
  17. To wash, disinfect and rinse all rags, which must then be hung for drying in the street/special dry room. Leave a wet rag folded is strictly prohibited, due to the fact that they will start to breed bacteria with a peculiar putrid odor.
  18. To Make a mark in the journal of accounting and General cleanups.
  19. Pass a uniform to the Laundry.

the algorithm for the General cleaning

Purity of therapeutic and prophylactic institutions

Carrying out General cleaning in hospitals should be under special control. Medical institutions – the high-risk areas. If purity is not paid to the special value, then the spread of any infections simply cannot be avoided.

Especially know nurses and hospitals, infectious, and operating profile. Then you won't miss Shoe covers, outer clothing remove the cause, and all surfaces, which often touch patients and visitors, handled daily ‘Benicasim” or chloride solution. The walls in the chambers and operating to clean from floor to ceiling. Crowns spring cleaning kvartsevanie offices. In this way and kill the harmful pathogens to humans.

spring cleaning in hospitals

No one needs to explain what might happen if any office becomes a hotbed of infections and diseases. In case of default of the obligations by the leadership of the organization, the CPS would have every right to stop activity of medical institutions, and unscrupulous individuals to lead to punishment.


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