Active resistance in AC circuit


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An Electrical circuit involves the presence in its composition of a number of different components. Capacitors and inductance elements included in the circuit to obtain the different effect. The resistance present in the form of separate elements-resistors and resistance wires connection. Physics the influence of the circuit component on the laws of flow of electrical phenomena have been studied fairly thoroughly, and is little different from the nature of electrical current flow, whether under the influence of AC or DC voltage.

Resistance in an AC circuit works the same way as in the mode of constant flow stress. It is quite another matter – elements of capacitance and inductance. If the subcircuit in which the capacitor is connected, there is no DC component of current, the inductor it does not have any impact. The flow of DC current in the inductance affects only the active resistance of the coil.

Very different is the situation in the description of the electric processes in the circuit AC. Capacitors become conductors and inductors (choke, transformer, etc.) find the inductive reactance, and it in turn plays a much more important role, and the resistance is often simply not taken into account.

But, nevertheless, the need for accurate calculations require to take into account this component. To begin to understand how the active resistance of the coil is combined with an inductive, one should in General consider the device a standard inductor.

As a component of an electric circuit this device is not that other, as a bipolar element of a variety of electrical, Electromechanical and electronic systems and devices. As the main parameter, it uses the value of self-inductance. That, in turn, depends only on the geometric dimensions and materials of manufacture. On the value of the inductance does not affect neither the current nor the voltage. The use of inductors find in filters for interference suppression, their use allows to achieve a smoothing, also the coil can store energy, which is widely used in designing resonant circuits.

To analyse what impact it has resistance to work the throttle, you should consider an AC circuit with a single item, which is an inductor. Calculating of active and inductive resistance, it would seem that the easiest way to calculate the total values is the sum of their module.

But with these quantities, the situation is not as easy as it would seem. Omitting theoretical justification, describe the use in practice of the method of summation of active and inductive resistance.

To find the total score construct a right triangle. One side is the resistance, and others – inductive. The hypotenuse will be equal to the impedance of the circuit, which according to definition is equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the active and inductive resistances.

The Calculations carried out in this way are more accurate information about the processes occurring in the AC circuit whose elements are inductors. In the formula of Ohm's Law we have the opportunity to use the magnitude of the impedance. In the future, it should be noted that a significant resistance when compared to inductive can influence the phase shift between current and voltage. Therefore, the manufacture of inductors widely used design core, which offers significant benefits inductive resistance.


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