The machine gun RP-46: technical characteristics


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Mobile company machine gun RP-46 produced in the Soviet Union. He is an intermediate, small arms intended to support working capital levels. This unit has become one of the most important infantry variations can maintain firing positions of infantry, and change positions as necessary. Consider its features and specifications below.

RP-46 machine gun


The machine Gun RP-46, is created on the basis of the infantry counterpart of the system Degtyareva (7.62 mm). Upgrading weapons was produced in 1944 with the aim of increasing its reliability, security and ease of use. Attempts at modernization continued, while disk store, compared to analogue tape, has increased the overall weight of the gun. Band supply of charges was given the opportunity to achieve more power when firing in short bursts. This allowed us to fill the niche between a standard manual and a heavy weapon. Considering military actions, the importance of anti-personnel fire out to the fore.


In General, for the machine gun RP-46, was constructed seven types of belt receivers. Despite this, the introduction of innovations was delayed, work was also carried out in the direction of use the clip in the rifle cartridges. In the end, there was the option of who designed the designers Shilin, Dubinin, Poles (plant # 2, city of Kovrov). After the next upgrade came into service company machine gun of 1946 – RP-46.

The name Itself indicates the need to fill a certain niche support weapons. Existing armed with heavy analogues of its parameters is not consistent with the increasing agility and mobility of the infantry. They were mainly used on the flanks or second line of the front. In connection with this tangible support from them, the infantry experienced. Machine guns of RP-46 is allowed to change the location if necessary, which gave the opportunity to provide the required capacity at a particular sector of the front. Actually replaced a single machine gun in an advanced, mobile version with sufficient stopping power.


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the regimental guns of 1946 RP 46


The barrel of the weapon weighted for a stable firing continuous bursts. In conjunction with this change and the characteristics of feed of the ribbon there is a need of transformation of the vapor node. The rest of the design almost everything corresponded to the modification of the PDM (the machine gun Degtyarev).

Automatic machine gun RP-46, a photo of which is presented below, constituted by the exhaust through the side slot drilled in the stem wall. The developers have provided a gas regulator and a long working chamber open type with tube. Rod end of the piston to the bolt carrier-equipped fighting spring return type, which is located at the rear of the receiver. The main gas piston is put on the front part of the stock.

To apply this mechanism at the tail part of the projectile fits over the tubular rod, the butt pad is inserted into the guide tube, which stands on the neck butt. The stem channel is locked by using a pair of lugs, as well as fortifications of the hinged type on the sides of the shutter. They can get divorced in the widened rear of the firing pin, in the socket of the shutter is provided with a screw ejector spring.

gun RP 46 photo


The machine Gun RP-46, a photo of which is presented above, are equipped with a trigger mechanism, which is mounted in the trigger frame. Activation of the trigger the trigger is made via a lever with a sear and mechanical lever type fuse. The check box is selected in the right side above the trigger guard. In the rear position became active mode time, with the beveled axle checks prevented discovery of the trigger lever. In principle, the projectile is designed to conduct continuous fire. Further movement of the bolt contributes to the extendable lugs included in the design of the receiver box.

Continue the description of the machine gun RP-46 and its capabilities in terms of the intensity and fatigue. Like most analogues, the weapon focused on firing intense bursts. It is planned significant heating of the barrel, the salvo is carried out from the rear sear with his doylom in the chamber with the pushes in the trunk stump.

After the sealing part of the frame with the drummer moving forward 8 millimeters, the firing pin reaches the primer of the cartridge, breaks it, and then made the shot. When the bullet passes the gas outlet, the powder gases pass into the working chamber, strikes a piston that covers her bell, causing the tilting of the frame back.

It Turns out that podemnye stops free combat niche, which is used to send charge back. In this process is the weakening of the lugs, the bolt extracts the fired cartridge case, accompanied by wings and tap the shutter.

gun RP-46 features

The extractor withdraws the fired shell casing that hits the bump and ejected through the bottom slot of the receiver box. The bolt carrier hits the trigger part, which is followed by activation of a back and forth battle spring. Incase of leaving the trigger depressed, reclusive elevated to the firing position and the sear returns to its rear position. The weapon is still ready for the subsequent operation in the combat mode.

Feeder ammunition

The machine Gun RP-46, the characteristics of which will be discussed further, is to combat the movement through the handles of the bolt. The reaction is transmitted to the receiver via an oscillating lever, which aggregates with a special sliding bracket.

Charger ribbon is a chain of closed links, which with a special tray serves flow during operation. The lid latch also serves as a secondary sight with ears. Tape – metal, links, equipped with a closed link, flow direction – to the right, to adjust tape is a special tray.

Performance parameters

The machine Gun RP-46, specifications for which are given below, include sector sight with a high block and strap. Cut feature with dimensions up to 150 mm every 100 mm. The wooden stock is made in the standard pistol design. This detail, and fitted with a safety catch, borrowed from the Panzer equivalent of type DT. The design is a metal slope on the trigger frame with cheeks of wood. Bipod foldable fixed type is fixed at the top of the clamp. In the end, the attachment point was higher than the axis of the barrel channel. Also the weapon got a folding shoulder support and a handle for carrying.

gun RP-46 features a photo

The machine Gun RP-46: features

  • Cartridge Type – 7.62 mm*53 mm.
  • Weight – 13 kg with loaded tape.
  • Overall Length – 1, 27 m.
  • Barrel – the threaded element with four right-hand turns.
  • Initial charge rate – 825 meters per second.
  • The Estimated sighting – 1500 meters.
  • The firing Range in a straight trajectory – 500m
  • Rate – 600 rounds in a minute.
  • Stock holder in the ribbon – up to 250 rounds of ammunition.
  • Weight tape – 9.6 kg.
  • Crew – 2.

gun RP-46 specifications

Partial disassembly

This operation is as follows:

  • Turn on the fuse.
  • Delayed latch receiver back, then open the cover.
  • Removed the charging strip.
  • Fuse is turned off.
  • The handle is moved back the bolt, then looks around the chamber and sending socket.
  • You pull the trigger, return the handle of the bolt in a frontal position.
  • Closed the lid of the receiver and is switched on the fuse.
  • Removed the ribbon, if installed. Switch off the fuse. Retract the handle of a recluse and inspect the chamber with the guide groove.
  • Pull the trigger and return the handle of the bolt in the front position.


The machine Gun RP-46 (specifications, photos shown above) has a rate of fire comparable to the analogues of the easel type. Design features a combination of forged elements and standard receivers are allowed to obtain effective weapon that has good fighting qualities and can be transported manually. The main problem when operating the gun under consideration is the complexity of using a separate box with the tape, although its mass is 10 kilograms less than the ‘Degtyarev” for the same number of volleys.

gun RP-46 description

The machine Gun RP-46 remained in service for 15 years not only on the arms of the Soviet Union, but also exported to the countries of Africa and Asia. Still it is used by armies of these countries, despite the fact that he was replaced by a single instance.

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