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World of Warcraft is an iconic MMORPG, uniting millions of players around the world. There are many locations and puzzles, secret trails and larger, but rather dangerous paths. Sooner or later, every player chose the side of the Alliance, we have to think how to get from Stormwind to Tanaris.

Possible way

Currently, there are several options for how to get from Stormwind to Tanaris relatively quickly:

  • Via port in booty Bay;
  • Menethil Harbor across the Bay;
  • Using the airship to Stranglethorn.

Each of this ways has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to get from Stormwind to Tanaris

The Way through the port in booty Bay

This path is the most used. At the same time beginners can be quite serious problems with movement around him.

On how to get to Tanaris from Stormwind via the Pirate Bay, to tell the quests that will need to gradually take place. First you will need to go from Stormwind to the Twilight forest. In the southern part there is a way. In the future will have to move permanently to the South. At the very bottom of the map and will be the so-called Pirate Bay. This settlement is neutral, so in any character can attack players from the opposite faction. In the Western part of the Bay there is a pier to which every 5-7 minutes suitable ship that goes in Kalimdor.

After a trip on the ship you need to go with him and head West on the only road to the place of its infusion in the main path that crosses the whole of the Northern steppe. In the future you should turn left and move along the main path. It will lead directly to the gorge separating the steppes on the Northern and southern part. Then you need to be sent to the southern steppes all on the same path to the location of "Thousand needles". It is almost completely filled with water. Cross it to the East. It can be done, both in the water and rope bridges stretched between the mountains. The waterway will be safer, but slightly longer. Run along the bridges for players with a high level simply. Trapping monsters will not be able to cause significant damage. As for low level characters, they will have to Wade through crowds quite dangerous for their opponents.

WoW how to get to Tanaris from Stormwind

The Entrance to Tanaris will be located in the South-Eastern part of the location "Thousand needles".

The Way through the Bay of Menethil Harbor

Before from Stormwind to get to Tanaris by the way, you must first decide how to reach Ironforge. There are 2 options:

  • Train from Dwarven quarter;
  • Using a Gryphon from Stormwind.

After arriving in Stellhorn will need to be overcome DOON Morag in the direction of the East. There will be a passage in Modan. Once the character is in this location, you must head North along the Western side of loc Modan. In the northernmost part of the location will be the passage in bolotino. After that you must go through the main road to the West in the Bay of Menethil Harbor. From there, every 5-7 minutes the ship is in teramor are located in Kalimdor. This city is the location of "swamp Dust". If you walk along the main road to the West, you can go to the Southern Barrens. In the future, the path will match the previous.

How to get to Tanaris from Stormwind

Path using the airship of Stranglethorn

This path is the least often used by players of WoW. How to get to Tanaris from Stormwind with his help, knows a much smaller number of gamers. After the player passes the path specified in the first embodiment, through the Twilight forest, and head back out to Stranglethorn, he should immediately after arena Gurubashi turn right and go to the Orc settlement through the jungle. There will be a landing pad. With a frequency of approximately 10 minutes to her flies the airship. He takes the character directly in Durotar, located on Kalimdor. In the future will need to get on the Western road in the Northern steppe and move to the South, as described in the first embodiment.

Currently, the only acceptable options for how to get from Stormwind to Tanaris.

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