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The Currency of Tajikistan is called somoni. It is named in honor of I. Samani. He founded the first Tajik state. Currency consists of notes and coin somoni diram.


On the territory of Tajikistan archaeologists found a lot of coins. The most ancient were the Golden darice. Earlier, the currency of Tajikistan is called diram. Modern coins have retained this name. In 1924, Tajikistan was in the course of the ruble. In 1991, the country gained independence and introduced its own currency. Until 1995, while the state's financial system was rebuilt in a new way, in the course of it was still the Soviet ruble.

the currency of Tajikistan

Modern is the national currency of Tajikistan

The government Resolution of 6 may this year, introduced the Tajik ruble. In 1999 there were more modern state currency, which was printed in Germany. To replace the previous title's new banknotes - TJS. In 2000, in everyday life there are 4 types of banknotes – 1 to 50 dirams. And 6 kinds of TJS – from 1 to 100.

In 2010 was released a new series of the old notes and new banknotes of 3, 200 and 500 somoni. And 25.12.2012, was released a modification of banknotes in denominations of 5 and 10, with additional holographic security elements. March 5, 2013 in Tajikistan, there are new banknotes of 20, 50 and 100 somoni. The new currency of Tajikistan was equipped with a new protection. The last 3 numbers in the serial number became more relief and engraved by laser on cinegamma.what is the currency in Tajikistan

Description currency

The new state Tajikistani depict portraits of prominent figures of the country, architectural and historical monuments. As well as household items and crafts. In 2010, the currency is released. Was changed color scheme.


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What is the currency in Tajikistan in the form of coins? As TJS and dirhams can be not only paper, but also metal. For the purpose of storage or donation of currency of Tajikistan were issued commemorative coins. They are made of precious metals: gold and silver. But there are of bimetal, Nickel silver and Nickel silver. Since 2004 was released four collector's coins to mark the 80th anniversary of Dushanbe and the 10th anniversary of the Constitution.

Protective measures

All paper dirhams are printed on paper with the colorless fibers luminescent three colors. Watermark – the emblem of the National Bank. On the metallic security thread repeats the text “BMT”. Paper currency of Tajikistan has micro text and image denomination notes in two languages. All printed money is equipped with a serial number that has magnetic properties. On TJS watermark – the portrait depicted on the banknote. And, in addition to the above protection, there are additional.

currency in Tajikistan ruble

This print-embossed element in the form of a Tulip with a few numbers to prevent copying. The pattern is aligned on both sides, forming the emblem of the NBT. It is missing a protective holographic strip, which is additionally embossed text. For people with low vision there are special tags.

Exchange rates

In 2000, the national currency in Tajikistan ruble stood at the rate of 1 somoni to 1,000 Russian rubles. But in terms of the dollar 3:1. But it has changed over the last fifteen years. And the dollar against the somoni was equal to 1:9. Updated information can be found on the website of the Central Bank of Tajikistan.

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