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Are you wondering what the name of the grey cat breed is? Photos of its representatives have sunk into your soul? Then this article is for you. Today we will talk about what breeds of gray cats are. There are not many of them, but they are.

порода серой кошки

Grey color is very often called blue. There is such a color as dark and light. Well, let's start. So, what are the breeds of gray cats?

The first name is a Siberian cat

These purrs are very loyal and loving creatures. They have a strong muscular body, a thick soft coat. The colors are different, including gray cats.

They love to play. They are interested in everything new, because they are very inquisitive. Siberian cats are smart and cunning. Normally, don't make any noise. It's easy to get used to the name. Usually these cats make good pets.

These purrs are very flexible and strong. They can jump long distances and heights. It is easy to jump from one closet to another. Siberians like water. They like to play with toys in liquid bowls. They also like to watch the water in the bathroom subside.

Children and other animals are friendly. Almost all cats of this breed do not like when they are taken in their arms or hugged. Such purrs more like to sleep with the owner in the same bed, and the closer to him, the better.

Are you wondering what other grey cats are? The breed next - interesting, it many know. But not everyone knows that its representatives are with a gray color of wool.

Persian cat

кошки серого цвета порода

This purr has a snub-nosed wide nose. The body is squat, medium length. The head is massive, round. The colors are different. You can meet and gray cat of this breed.

The appearance is very attractive, but their character is no less good. Persians are steppe, they like to play, to spend time with the owners. Their voices are soft, pleasant. They rarely use it. They need love, but they will not demand it frankly. Betrayed, fully trusted by the hosts.


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British shorthair

Another breed of grey cat is the British shorthair. Its representatives have round large eyes of copper hue. A full-cheeked muzzle and a round head are the hallmarks of a rock. The British shorthaired cat has a strong, rounded, plush tail, broad breasts. Her paws are short, her pads are round.

порода серой кошки фото

The character of the Brits

This breed of gray cat, according to its lovers, is the best for home maintenance. Its representatives are smart and not too demanding. In addition, this cat is a wonderful companion.

This breed of gray cat differs quite calm, not dirty temper. Its representatives are playful, devoted, not attached, not hyperactive. The family is friends with everyone, no one is singled out.

These cats are contacts, but they need space for privacy. This is the only way they can feel happy.

Such a purr is not tame at all. She likes to curl up next to the owner, waiting to be patted.

Such cats do not like when they are singed, taken in their arms. They begin to break out, push their feet, turn their heads away. Also, these cats do not tolerate kissing. The British shorthair is very angry with too much mishe made attention. Therefore, noticing this, she can disappear for a while, hiding in a secluded place.

породы серой кошки название

New family members of these purrs tend to take well, peacefully, without fights and jealousy.

British cats are not skittish, confident. They can easily live in the same apartment with the dog. That's what they are, British grey cats.

Breed: Turkish angora

This cat has a wedge-shaped snout, a small body. The coat is quite long, usually without a undercoat. You can meet not only the white Angor cat, but also the gray one.

Representatives of the breed are active, most of their lives spend in motion. By grace this cat can be compared to a dancing ballerina.

The angos are affectionate, loyal. They tend to have a close relationship with only one family member, not everyone. That's why they're great for single people as a companion.

The Angorams don't like to sit on their hands. Such a cat can sit for a couple of minutes, after which she will jump to the floor and run around the house.

Angora cat likes to have fun with toys, hide them and pounce on top. Such a pet can easily make a mess in the house. If you value order, you probably shouldn't have a pet like that.

It is very interesting to watch how the Angor cat plays. This is a very graceful "performance." Representatives of the breed like height, so they often sit on cupboards or refrigerators.

These cats are very smart, resolute, have a strong will, especially when they need it. If you, for example, hide on the closet favorite toy purr, it will not calm down until it pulls out. If she does not have enough strength or opportunities to do so, she will torment her owners with requests that her mouse be returned.

The Turkish angora has the ability to swim. As you know, not all cats love water. But this one loves to swim. AlthoughOf course, a lot depends on parenting. If kittens were born to a floating mother, they take this habit from her.

The representative of this breed needs a lot of attention and communication. If you leave her alone for a long time, she will be very lonely and bored.

Those owners of angora, who often have to leave a pet one, you can advise the following - to buy another cat, preferably also the same active.

Russian Blue

породы кошек серых название

What are the breeds of grey cats? The name of some speaks for itself. For example, hearing the "Russian blue cat" you can roughly imagine what kind of purr. If you don't know her, we'll talk about this moustache. It is a smart, gentle, attentive and devoted cat, with a beautiful quiet voice. She has a long tail, a neck, an elongated body. The color is blue (uniform) with a silvery tinge. At first, incredulous to new acquaintances. Such a cat does not like to change the place of its habitat, prefers routine. With the owners affectionate, playful, unfortunately, not very quickly establishes a close relationship with the owners. Over time, he becomes a devoted friend.

серая кошка какой породы

Did you like this breed of grey cat? Photo The representative you see in our article. You can get a closer look at its appearance.

A small conclusion

Now you know what a grey cat is. What breed can be such a purr, we also told you. We hope that the information was useful to you. If you are interested in some breed of gray cat, then be sure to learn more about it, so that there were no future surprises. For example, the character is not suitable or diet. Good luck choosing a pet!

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