What kind of dog is the German Yak - Terrier?


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It would be better to say hunting. This breed is originally from Germany. German breeders have done everything in order to bring a perfect hunter. But excellent work quality deliver a lot of trouble to those who have no intention to wander with a gun and a dog on forests. But if these people live in apartment houses, where the yards run cats, it seems that problems can not be avoided. Not to spoil relations with its neighbors, the pet must always be walked on a leash. As a hunting Terrier will never be a lap dog. As, incidentally, a member of the family. He is too independent, and human attention is not needed.

Yak Terrier

Origins and ancestors

The Breed of the Yak-Terrier (Deutscher Jagdterrier) is quite young. It was taken in the 20-30-ies of XX century for hunting Norns. But the Terrier showed their superior quality not only for the extraction of foxes, raccoons and badgers. With it you can also go for rabbits, small ungulates (ROE deer, wild goat), and even wild boar. It's hard to say what kind of hunting is better manifests itself this Terrier – the range of its use is very wide. The dog runs great, follows the trail of blood, flushes, and takes water from a wounded bird. In order to bring the perfect killer with excellent instincts, quick reactions, malice to the beast, and endurance, German breeders crossed the old English Terrier, bright and black Fox. The honour of developing a new breed belongs to Herbert Lackner.


Hunting Terrier

Despite the fact that the breed was developed before the Second world war, its standard was approved only half a century later-in 1981. But even before that, in the 70-ies of the last century, the Yak-Terrier became widespread and popular among hunters in our country. It's a small dog. The breed is referred to the small, but complicated nature and evil disposition of representatives does not allow it to rank as “lady”. Height at withers: 32-40 gentlemen, ladies – 30-38 centimeters. The format is a bit stretched, the core is very dense, but the Dachshund is a dog not like. Long lean head and body type give her grace. However, hunting – the lump of muscle that the rapid reaction always sends in pursuit of game.


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As for the suit, the accepted standard recognizes black, dark gray, and spotted colors. Permissible markings. As usual, purebred dogs, the standard recognizes several types of Terrier: smooth and wire-haired. The subspecies differ only in the nature of hair. In addition, the wire-haired acturer needs to have a beard. Muzzle the dogs a little shorter cranial-parietal, jaw strong, well-defined. The tail should be docked by a third, to sit high on the rump with a backward tilt. Ears are small, placed high on the head, the fracture down to the cheeks. A strong chest, sinking to the level of the elbows, wide-set hind legs that are shorter than the front, Yes a little evil eyes complement the appearance of this dwarf killer.

Breed Yak Terrier

Yak-Terrier as a pet

In Vain the citizens think that the affection and love will calm unruly dog. It's no wonder breeders worked to bring first-class hunter. Everything that runs or flies, brings the hunting Terrier to the excitement of the chase. This dog is and security as. However, it is an evil not only to strangers but also to animals from your yard – poultry, cats and larger “game”. Yak-Terrier is very often a one-person dog (usually more stringent), to other family members refers to disregard and even aggressive. Without hunting withers, and its difficult nature is even more vicious. Working with a dog handler and hard training is simply necessary for socialization. But dogs have excellent health, easy to carry Russian frosts. Hereditary diseases in this breed are not available.

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