How to remove password from Excel file: a few simple methods


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Situation where users are creating documents spreadsheets, protect them with a password, are fairly common. It is necessary to ensure that the formula has not changed or simply was not visible. Many are beginning to think about how to remove password from Excel file or remove the protection. The following are some of the simplest methods that allow such operations just a couple of minutes.

How to remove protection from Excel file knowing the password?

First, consider the normal situation where the sheet or group of sheets is protected, but the user knows the password to change the contents.

how to remove password from excel file

The Algorithm of removing the protection is as follows. First, use the main panel where you select the section of the review with the subsequent transition to the line protection removal. Action confirmation will be prompted to enter the current password, then the sheet or file becomes available for editing.

This all is simple. But how to remove password from Excel file, if the user whom you want to make the file changes, the desired combination does not know or remember? Here you can use several methods.

How to remove password from Excel file via this program?

Method of deleting the password is fairly simple. To do this open the document using the file menu, where the selected line of information about it.

remove password from excel file

After this button is pressed, the security settings on the workbook, and then use password encryption. In the resulting window, the previously set combination. How to remove password from Excel file? Yes, just delete all characters from the password string and re-save the document. When you reopen the workbook, the password requirement will not appear.

Using the change of format of the file

There is another equally effective way to solve the issue of how to remove password from Excel file. We are talking about how to change the format of the source document.

First, open the file you want to save directly in the program, as the format by selecting the XML. A new document then opens in the usual “Notepad” using the right-click menu and commands "Open with…”, and there should find the tag password (usually it looks like a Password), then delete the contents and just click save a document (quick save you can use Ctrl+S).

But if you have a large number of sheets, this method may not work, so initially you should re-save the document in XLSX format, then open with any archiver (WinRAR, 7-Zip) and extract the contents to any convenient location.

unprotect excel file with the password

Next you need to unpacked directories to locate the folder Worksheets, which will contain all the sheet files in XML format (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.). Then for each such object it is necessary to repeat the editing operation in a text app. But first, you specify the search tag sheetProtection, and then removes everything that is between the combinations "<sheetprtotection” and “="">”. This is followed by a standard save, you will then need to drag the saved files into the archiver window, and to accept the replacement content. At the end of all these actions in the tabular editor you can save the files in their native format.

Third Party programs

Finally, the question of how to remove password from Excel file, can be solved using special scripting programs like Password Remover.

how to remove password from excel file

After installation, the application integrates its own command in office applications (not only in Excel but also in all others). To remove the password at first start with a built-in VBA script first you need to accept running the macro, then open the file and in the main toolbar of the editor to use Straxx. Here you need to understand that the application the cracker is not working on the principle of random selection of the required combination. It disables the file lock from the inside, so it is easy to use and secure. The user reviews who have used this script in practice, suggests that the whole process of removing the protection takes about two minutes.

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