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Car DVR – it is an essential and useful device which enables the driver of the vehicle to record the situation on the road in front of the windshield. And if you use two cameras, you can also see what is happening behind the car. Almost none of these drivers who got into a traffic accident, and the controversial and complex situations arise on the road a lot. In dealing with such unpleasant issues will be able to help from no one dependent witness – car DVR.

Gadget quite recently but use it very obvious. So, let us consider what is the DVR.

This is a simple surveillance camera, which saves footage tied to the time of their creation. The gadget is installed directly in the car to record what is happening around. With the help of it the driver is able to prove his innocence. The device allows you to look at the situation on the road, the driver's eyes. Such as the facts to challenge is simply unrealistic.

If you decide to buy the instrument, here are a few tips on how to make the right choice according to your budget.

Speaking of what a DVR, I should say that these devices are divided into three classes. Thus, there are following types:

1. Budget – digital video recorders that have no display, they simply perform the function of record. Such devices make photography in low quality with small resolution and no sound. The main advantage-relatively low price.

2. To the average price category are devices having a display as well as functionality for recording and playback of information. Have a standard recording resolution 640x480. Compared to budget, here the quality of the recorded video, of course, better and with sound. The advantage of the devices related to the average price category, is the combination of reasonable price and good quality.

3. Premium-class the most functional and progressive DVRs from all of the above. Video resolution – high quality (from 960 × 720 to 1280×720). The footage can be stored on the memory card. DVR, the choice of which you will not disappoint – this device is of premium class, which knows how to move that expands the horizon of his inspection. The device is embedded GPS/GPRS module that determines location of a vehicle, sending a message of a warning nature on the cell phone if there is an unplanned situation.

It is also Worth noting a useful device functions when talking about what the DVR:

- with the appearance of the lens moving subjects activated auto video recording;

- recording function "circle" allows to automatically delete older material, instead, by recording a new;

- the variation of the quality of the shot – is the ability to determine the size of the video files;

- set the date and time;

- support different removable media;

- search for the desired points in the recording.

Mount DVRs are of such types:

A) adhesive – great if you use the device in the same car;

B) mount-suction Cup – a great option for people who are changing the location of the device on the glass.

Any driver will easily be able to set the DVR in the car itself, as the power to the device is supplied from the cigarette lighter. Although it is worth noting that there are some models that are included when you start the ignition and is connected to the wiring of the car, but they must set a master in the service station.

The Most popular brands right now are: Palmann, Gazer, Vision Drive, Pioneer, Globex, Atlas, Tenex, DOD, Shuttle and others.

I Hope, on the basis of the foregoing, you understand what a DVR is, and how not to err in his choice.


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