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The Cinema on Nevsky prospect began to appear long before the revolution, when the country was gripped by a passion for the new entertainment - the cinema. Today on Nevsky, there are three, each of which was opened back in the days of the Empire.

cinema hall

Cinema "Art"

It is located at the address: Nevskiy Prospekt, house 67. The history of this theatre begins in 1842, when the building was built for the wife of the famous St. Petersburg merchant Strom. Later the house belonged to high officials and merchants. It was the restaurants were leased out of the room, and in one of them lived a famous writer Kuprin.

However, the first movie theater in this building was opened in 1911 under the name of "Biofon-Aucation" and later renamed "Saturn". After the revolution and the nationalization of cinema called "Cinema of the masses", and in 1935 it was given its present name.

Today, in the immediate vicinity is the metro station "Mayakovskaya" and a large shopping centre and numerous cafes and shops. In the cinema you can not only watch modern films, but also to drink coffee and even a snack.

The Colosseum Cinema on Nevsky

At the site where it is today, was originally located apartment house, and later built a separate round building, which housed the artistic panorama "the passion of the Christ", and then a roller skating rink.

It is Obvious that the owners of land in such a prestigious place trying to extract as much profit as possible, and soon the cinema on Nevsky became commonplace.

Another temple of cinema, is well known not only to citizens but also to tourists, called "Aurora". This theater is located on Nevsky prospect, the house №60. The building is known thanks to the semi-rotunda on the facade in the neoclassical style.

Coliseum cinema

The benefits of Nevsky Prospekt

The Repertoire of the Coliseum consists of both contemporary films and classic retrospectives. Often it is possible to watch movies in their original voice with subtitles. All cinema on Nevsky are very popular with viewers thanks to its Central location and surrounding infrastructure.

Historically, all first cinematography Petersburg appeared at this prospect, as it was the main thoroughfare, where you walked by thousands of tourists.

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